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The Marxist Myth of "Melting Glaciers"


by Mike King

February 11, 2020

 NY Times: In Peru’s Deserts, Melting Glaciers Are a Godsend (Until They’re Gone)

 Accelerating glacial melt in the Andes caused by climate change has set off a gold rush downstream, letting the desert bloom. But when the ice vanishes, the vast farms below may do the same.


Oh how badly and boldly these Globalist ghouls lie!

Yes, many of the glaciers in the Andes Mountains of South America are retreating (leaving rich farmland in their wake!); but it's got absolutely nothing to do with "Global Warming"   / "Climate Change" ™ -- manmade or otherwise.

In service to their Globalist benefactors, the money-grubbing warmist “scientists” are notorious for cherry-picking and breathlessly hyping-up cases of retreating (melting) glaciers as "evidence" of their doom & gloom claims. But what the warmists will not tell you is that there are many glaciers around the world which are currently expanding.

Here are just a few of the typical contradictory headlines (out of many!) which illustrate how the Fake Science of cherry-picked data works:

On Shrinking "Melting" Glaciers:
  • NPR (National Public Radio, May 11, 2017): Disappearing Montana Glaciers a 'Bellwether' Of Melting To Come?

On Expanding Glaciers: (not nearly as publicized as the shrinking ones!)

  • Live Science (October 12, 2014): Why Asia's Glaciers Are Mysteriously Expanding, Not Melting
  • Phys.org: (February 15, 2017): Explaining New Zealand's unusual growing glaciers

1. The warmists like to "cherry-pick" the data that "fits" their hoax, while ignoring any data which contradicts it. // 2. A melting glacier in Peru (Pastoruri glacier) set next to a 30-year old photo proves nothing! // 3. It's all explained in "Climate Bogeyman."

Did you notice how the cases of expanding glaciers were described as "mysterious" and "unusual?" That's a rhetorical trick. There is nothing "unusual" nor "mysterious" about glacial variation -- up or down -- and the seditious scribblers at Sulzberger's Slimes damn well know it. Apart from the fact that the Earth's average atmospheric temperatures have remained within a "normal" range of variance for the past 150 years, the primary cause of glacial melting is actually due changes in geo-thermal activity -- and not even volcanic activity either.

A few points about geo-thermal heat and pre-Industrial Revolution data:

Radiogenic Heat

The interior of the Earth (both the mantle and the crust) generate what is known as “radiogenic heat.” This type of heat can vary unpredictably from time to time and region to region. These small variations, over time, along with pressure from the top, are what cause the gradual melting away of glaciers from the bottom. Place a chunk of ice on a slightly warm surface and observe how it melts faster from the bottom than at the top.

Pre-Industrial Historical Precedents

  • New York Times (May 8, 2001): Story of Viking Colonies' Icy 'Pompeii' Unfolds From Ancient Greenland Farm

“At Nipaatsoq, blowing glacial sands covered the farm in the early 1400's, sealing it until 1990, when two hunters reported seeing ancient wood protruding from an eroded stream bank.”

Whenever any melting, due to natural variable factors, reveals some of these artifacts in what the Vikings named Greenland or other places, the warmists are quick to shout, "Aha! These artifacts are emerging because the ice is melting due to man-made "Global Warming / Climate Change." But how is it that they never question why the areas were once warm and inhabited to begin with? They will also purposely ignore cases in which new ice-coverage / glaciers are forming. And if the "greenies" want a "green" planet so much, shouldn't they be happy about all that green-killing / life-suppressing ice giving way to lush tracts of green grass, green shrubbery and new green forest? --- Just sayin'.

Now if you really want to go back in time to find some real “climate change,” consider that the majestic smooth cliffs of the Hudson River Palisades. This line of steep cliffs (300-500 feet high) stands along the west side of the lower Hudson River in northeastern New Jersey and southeastern New York State. The formation itself was created by molten rock (magma) shooting upward, but the smooth polish is the effect of massive retreating glaciers which cut away the hillsides and loose rocks while sliding through. Imagine the prolonged cold spell which caused such skyscraper glaciers to form near today’s midtown New York City. And imagine the relative warming that caused them to retreat and melt. Needless to say, there were no cars and factories back then either.

1. Though not nearly as significant of a factor as atmospheric changes, "bottom-up" radiogenic heat variation can be substantial and unpredictable. 2. The George Washington Bridge would be buried under an ice sheet if the glaciers of 10,000 years ago were to return. 3. During the Medieval Warm Period, Vikings colonized areas of Greenland which are now under glaciers -- but the colonies didn't survive when average temperatures dropped again.

Nearly three years after Trump trashed the "Paris Climate Agreement," the Globalists are pushing the hoax harder than ever before -- with Gloomy Greta Thunberg being used as the tip-of-the-spear poster child. Second only to the establishment of the Federal Reserve on 1913, full implementation of the Paris Scam would amount to the single greatest all-at-once power grab in the history of the One World Conspiracy. That's what's at stake here.

Unless and until the NWO gang and its "Deep State" apparatus can be shut down and uprooted, this type of criminal warmist propaganda -- going strong for 40 years now -- won't be going away until they finally get their carbon tax and credit scheme. A partial rout of Deep State will not suffice because the next generation coming up is being hammered so hard with this nonsense by their UNESCO-affiliated commie libtard school teachers. The entire "science" curriculum from the "elite" universities on down to the High Schools and Middle Schools has to also be uprooted -- with the idiot teachers pulled out of class by their hair and sent to re-education seminars -- lest the commie cancer return when Greta's godless goofballs come of age.

1. Back in 2016, "Professor" Obongo lectured while on a hike to the Exit Glacier in Alaska -- a cherry-picked glacier that has actually been retreating since BEFORE the Industrial Revolution. // 2. Alaska's Mt. Hubbard glacier is part of a long list of glaciers that are growing in locations on all continents. Obongo wasn't interested in any of those.  (Oh, by the way, has anybody seen an actual verifiable image of this suddenly silent dirt bag lately?) 3. The joyless demon-possessed Greta Thunberg of Greta Inc. is a Globalist project to mobilize the upcoming generation over a fairy tale which most 35 and over voters still don't fully believe in.

Boobus Americanus 1: I read an article in the New York Times today about a retreating glacier in Peru. Scientists predict that when it is gone in 2050, the people won't have water for farming.

Boobus Americanus 2: Scary -- How will those poor people eat when that happens?


 St. Sugar: Boobusss! Thosse people couldn't farm that land at all before the glaciers began melting. Ever think of that, &%$#(?!!!

Editor: Not that it is even happening at all, but a bit of melting and warming would actually benefit humanity as well as God's furry and feathered creatures. 

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