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Q Anon Going Mainstream


by Mike King

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February 10, 2020

A rally in Washington for QAnon, an online conspiracy theory that has steadily migrated offline.

 NY Times: What Happens When QAnon Seeps From the Web to the Offline

Washington Post: ‘QAnon’ Conspiracy Theory Creeps into Mainstream Politics


My, my, my --- ya know, for such a "baseless conspiracy theory ," the "paper of record" and the rest of the Fake News / Piranha Press sure are dedicating more and more ink and pixels to "debunking" it lately.  From the article:

"What began online more than two years ago as an intricate, if baseless, conspiracy theory that quickly attracted thousands of followers has since found footholds in the offline world. QAnon has surfaced in political campaigns, criminal cases, merchandising and at least one college class."

Paraphrasing Shakespeare, wethinks Sulzberger's Slimes -- and the rest of the journalistic whore pack which follows its flagship lead -- all doth protest a bit tooo much. It calls to mind a logical gem of an observation from Mein Kampf, in which The Great One (that's Hitler for you newbies and normies) stated that the "German" press's condemnation of The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion as a fraud (baseless conspiracy theory) actually confirmed the authenticity of its contents:

"To what an extent the whole existence of this people is based on a continuous lie is shown incomparably by the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, so infinitely hated by the Jews. With groans and moans, the Frankfurter Zeitung (newspaper) repeats again and again that they are based on a forgery. This alone is proof of their authenticity."

Tell it, Great One. Tell it!

1. Trump and Q Anon are one in the same -- and anyone who now denies this fact has simply not done their own research. // 2. As Trump grows stronger and stronger, Q Anon is spilling out into the "real world" now, and it's got the Globalists worried. // 3. Though neither Trump, nor anyone else alive today, can ever match up to the greatness of The Great One, he is indeed fighting against the same dark forces of One World Government that Adolf Hitler was.

The Great One went on to add:

"... For once this book (the Protocols) has become the common property of a people, the Jewish menace may be considered as broken."

Similarly, once Q-Anon becomes "common property" -- the Deep State / NWO (cough cough) will be broken -- which is why, just on this past Sunday alone, The Slimes, The Washington Compost, ABC, CBS and the Associated Press all ran stories expressing concern and dismay about the "mainstreaming" of the "baseless" Q Anon "conspiracy theory" into the "offline world." Q awareness, paralleling Trump's popularity, is now, on its own momentum, growing so fast that the Fake News can no longer give it the silent or even the semi-silent treatment. The predicament for the poisonous practitioners of Fake News is that the more they try to discredit it, the more public awareness they create for Q. It's a lose-lose situation.

1. Though not "anti-Semitic," Q Anon (which is openly anti-Globalist, anti-Rothschild and anti-Soros), has, much like the Protocols of a century ago, the potential to break the New World Order through mass education. // 2. Admiral Mike Rogers (as Q Anon recently pointed out) was the 17th Director of the NSA (National Security Agency) and an expert cryptologist. Q posts are cryptically coded and Q (as Q Anon recently reminded us) is the 17th letter of the alphabet.  // 3. Evil Obongo operatives Ashton Carter (Sec. Defense) and CIA Director John Brennan (also, Intelligence boss  James Clapper, not pictured) tried to get Obongo to fire Rogers before Trump could take over. For some reason, Obongo seemed unable to do so. Rogers (though now "retired") was, and remains, well-protected because he has got the NSA surveillance dirt on every last one of these slippery sons-of-bitches!

One of Q's most recent posts (February 8, 2020) must have really rattled the demons who rule over us. In it, Q (who is definitely, 100% confirmed part of Team Trump), linked a story confirming how a recently arrested New Jersey pedo-sex-monster used the term "Cheese Pizza" as code for Child Pornography (CP/CP). Now, we will only believe it when we finally see it; but this does suggest that the "PizzaGate" scandal and some of John Podesta's bizarre E-mail references linking "pizza" to Obongo, and Satanic rituals to himself and that vile child-trafficking witch, Killary Clinton, will, in due time, be revealed to normie America.

Now that Trump has crushed the rebellion (which he himself induced into his trap), we expect him and Q Anon to grow even bolder. Indeed, as these breathless anti-Q hit pieces confirm, they already are.

Q Anon post 3845  "goes there" with a recent post about "Cheese Pizza"

1. One of dozens of sick and disturbing images (a mild one, actually) from the social media account of  homosexual DC Pizza Shop owner James "Alefantis" (French for "I Love Children") // 2. On her 2017 book tour, sore-loser Killary made it a point to, on her own (protest tooo much?), to bring up Pizzagate as a "Russian conspiracy theory" used against her.

1. From the "favorite artist" of Tony Podesta (brother of John). // 2. Alefantis with Tony Podesta and a huge slice of "Cheese Pizza" // 3. John Podesta and Killary are very close, and also linked to occult rituals and child trafficking.

Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that the far right online Q Anon conspiracy theory is seeping into mainstream politics now.

Boobus Americanus 2: Well, they do sound crazy -- but just out of curiosity, I would like to learn more about what they have to say.


 St. Sugar: Read my little booklet, Boobuss! It'ss a purrfect intro for a ssimpleton like you!

Editor: Now don't even try taking credit for that one!  You had passed away a full three months before "Robert Smith" even published it!

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