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WHO is Behind the Censoring of "Plandemic?"


by Mike King

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NY Times:Facebook, YouTube Remove 'Plandemic' Video With 'Unsubstantiated' Coronavirus Claims


More than a few normies have by now been exposed to an excellent, fast-moving 26-minute "1st installment" video titled, “Plandemic.” The video centers around an interview with Dr. Judy Mikovits -- a whistle-blowing molecular biologist who was once arrested on instructions of the evil Dr. Anthony Fauci. The rapid “viral” (no pun intended) copying and spread of this video must have caught the Globalists by surprise – as it did us. It is not just the usual “conspiracy theorists” sharing this important information within the Internet echo chamber. Many new sets of eyes are being opened by the video produced by Mikki Willis --- who will be releasing a full-length movie version this summer.

Consistent with the censorship which was openly discussed at the Bill Gates / Johns Hopkins / WHO “Event 201” exercise held in New York City in 2019, the social media giants -- under orders from the WHO -- moved quickly to spike the video.

From the article:

“Facebook Inc and YouTube, the video service of Alphabet Inc's Google, said on Thursday that they were removing a video that made medically unsubstantiated claims relating to the novel coronavirus pandemic….

The companies have been under pressure from the World Health Organization to police harmful content and misinformation about the pandemic." (Emphasis added)

Bolshevik Bastards! That’s why Trump cut off funding for the WHO.

1 & 2.: Exactly as the open conspirators at "Event 201" had discussed last November, YouTube has been enlisted in the effort to censor the truth about the Stupid-19 Scamdemic. // 3. Dr. Mikovits has got (((them))) worried.

Plandemic is a perfect tool for gently leading newbies to taking their first look down the rabbit hole while not scaring them off too soon with talk of the New World Order / “Mark of the Beast” stuff that’s at the very bottom. Newbies require “baby steps” and this film strikes a perfect balance between revealing hard truths without upsetting the delicate sensibilities of the non-initiated too much all at once.

Though professionally done and measured in its tone, Willis’ interview of Dr. Mikovits hits that wretched fiend Bill Gates and his heinous henchmen Fauci & Scarf Lady Birx hard – using their own words against them. The folksy Mikovits – roundly trashed as “discredited” by Fake News -- comes off as very knowledgeable, sympathetic, honest and real -- passionate, yet not hysterical. The film also features powerful clips of several other doctors speaking out against the fraud of Stupid-19 and the reckless lunacy of shutting down our economy over it.

Willis himself plays the role of the calm and cool “straight man” interviewer flawlessly. A former male model and actor, his “easy-on-the-eyes” appearance and olive oil voice serve as a great hook for nervous female newbies who might otherwise be scared off by a ranting raving “conspiracy theorist .” Not that your reviewer here is in the habit of making such observations about the appearance of other dudes, you understand -- but the lovely and gracious Sherrie here was quick to point out how “handsome” Willis is -- (a bit too bloody quick if you ask me). “What am I, frickin’ chopped liver?” – I shot back. She assures me that the observation was made from the standpoint of assessing the film’s effectiveness with Suzy Soccer moms, that’s all.

Yeah. Sure. --- Oh well, whatever it takes to win.

1: For a first look into the "rabbit hole" of Globalism, Willis' "Plandemic" is ideal. // 2. The Globalist "Flu d'etat" has failed! Trump kept his enemies , Fauci & Birx, very close. Now they are being hung out to dry. // 3. Producer  / Interviewer / Narrator Mikki Willis. Good job!

Ironically, the You Tube / Facebook bans and the multiple attacks coming from all commie quarters of the Fake News are bringing more free publicity to -- and generating more curiosity for – the “unsubstantiated” film which has been copied and recopied so many times on so many different platforms that it is, by now, uncontainable. Copied versions of Plandemic are still circulating on YouTube, and it can be viewed “legally” on Bitchute as well (here).

The creator’s website also carries the 26-minute segment (here), and invites visitors to sign up for the notification of when the full version is to be released this summer. For its potential to engage and educate the newbies and normies which we will eventually need to swell our ranks and bring the beast system down, The Anti-New York Times is optimistic and excited about this film. 5 Stars! We urge readers to share the website / video with the normies in their life.

From the website:

The window of opportunity is open like never before. For the first time in human history, we have the world’s attention. Plandemic will expose the scientific and political elite who run the scam that is our global health system, while laying out a new plan; a plan that allows all of humanity to reconnect with healing forces of nature. 2020 is the code for perfect vision. It is also the year that will go down in history as the moment we finally opened our eyes."

Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that YouTube and Facebook are scrambling to remove a Covid-19 conspiracy video.

Boobus Americanus 2: Well -- I don't believe in conspiracy theories. But I don't like censorship either. They should let me decide.


St. Sugar: Go ahead, Boobuss. You can still find it online.

Editor: I wish I had Boobus' e-mail.


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