N.W.O. Wants War with Iran. Trump Wants Peace.

 by Mike King

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January 11/12 Weekend, 2020

Crisis actor?


NY Times: (Letters) President Trump responsible for 176 deaths, along with the Iranians.

NY Times: Iran Says It Unintentionally Shot Down Ukrainian Airliner

NY Times: Canada's Trudeau Says He Wants Full Investigation Into Plane Crash

Rebuttal By

Do "youse guys" remember when a Malaysian Airliner was shot down (or was it a hoax shoot-down?) over Ukraine in July 2014? In unison, the worldwide Piranha Press pinned the blame on the Big Bad Putin in an obvious effort to trigger a NATO vs Russia War. In case you forgot, here are some images:


1. 2014: MH Flight 17 -- the images look sort of hoaxy. // 2 & 3: A failed "Deep State" attempt to blame Putin and trigger war with Russia.

Do you "youse guys" remember when a Russian Airliner was shot down (or was it a hoax shooting?) over the Sinai in Egypt in October 2015? The CIA-Mossad creation known as "ISIS" took credit for it as the worldwide Piranha Press called for direct US-NATO involvement in Syria -- in order to "fight ISIS" (code for overthrowing Assad). In case you forgot, here are some images:


1. 2015: Metrojet A321 -- again, kind of hoaxy looking. // 2. Blown up by an "ISIS" soda-can-bomb smuggled on board -- ha ha ha ha // 3. If the scary ISIS man in black pajamas said that he did it --- well --- it must be true, right?

Going back in time, there were other such cases in which the Deep State blew up airplanes in an effort to trigger a war or a bombing. There was Pan Am 103 in 1988 (falsely blamed on Qaddafi) and UTA 772 in 1989 (also falsely blamed on Qaddafi). There was TWA 800 in 1996 (blamed on "mechanical failure" when it was probably the Israelis). The moral of these stories is? Answer: The recent crash or fake crash in Iran was the work of the Deep State -- not the Iranians.

Adding further weight to our belief knowledge that Trump and the Iranians -- behind the strategic huffing & puffing, economic sanctions, fake "assassinations" and harmless missile exchanges (here) --  are actually working together (along with the Russians) to avoid the war which the worried Deep State is out to incite, is the fact that Trump wasted no time at all in suggesting that the alleged shoot-down of PS 752 (Ukraine) was "a tragic mistake." But now that "international pressure" is mounting, Trump, out of strategic necessity,  has upgraded to "having suspicions."

Trump's position stands in sharp contrast to the false accusations of the despicable Globalist traitor, Justine Trudeau of Canada -- who would have us to believe that the alleged incident was a deliberate act. That's because the Globalists want a war -- any war -- so that they can blame Trump for it as they divert from the ongoing investigations into Biden, Clinton, Kerry, Obongo and even Soros himself. Yet at every turn, Trump and the patriots have them checked.

Think people, think! It's very obvious now. If Trump was truly out to attack Iran for the sake of the shitty little state of Israel; then this airplane nonsense would have afforded him the perfect pretext. But instead, as he did after the Deep State attack on the U.S. embassy, Trump once again defused the situation. There will be no war.


1. Pan Am 103 was blamed and Qaddafi. The decades-long vilification of the Libyan leader finally enabled Obongo & Killary to murder him in 2011. // 2. The demonic Trudeau of Canada is blaming Iran for this latest Deep State event. // 3. "Rising Tensions," eh? --  Everybody just relax and enjoy the show --- because that's all that it is.

1. Iran Plane Crash Vigil in Toronto, Canada: They sure do put together these vigils and photo collages quick, don't they? // 2. How staged and corny can it get? A little girl's single red shoe, standing on its sole. (red shoes are also a child-sex-monster symbol)

Boobus Americanus 1:  I read in the New York Times today that Trudeau of Canada has evidence that Iran deliberately shot down that passenger jet.

Boobus Americanus 2:  This horrible tragedy is all Trump's fault for over-reacting.


St. Sugar: Don't cry, Boobuss. It was all fake.

Editor: I was thinking the same thing -- the bizarre wreckage photos, the teary-eyed crisis-actors, the instant flowers and cheesy vigils popping up so quick etc..


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