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Kill America --

Then Blame Trump

 by Mike King

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NY Times: Trump Takes Us to the Brink

Will weaponized racism destroy America?



NY Times: 'Our Nation Is Falling Apart’

A reader cites the many miseries facing the U.S. and laments the president’s “utter failure to provide the requisite leadership.”



These two items, vomited out by a pair of demonic Marxist Jews, reveal with crystal clear clarity that the contemporary struggle to save what’s left of this nation is not merely against mental error, but truly against the pure evil which has reduced so many well-meaning normies to levels beneath bestial stupidity. Actually, at least the beasts who roam this planet still retain their God-given instinctive intelligence, as well as a healthy sense of self-preservation. Normies manifest neither trait.

As they have done in so many countries in the past, the "elite" Marxist-Trotskyite scum -- after having purposely wrecked the social-economic-political order of things (Russia Hoax, Ukraine Hoax & Impeachment, Stupid-19 Hoax & Lockdown, Minneapolis Killer-Cop Hoax & Riots) -- are now projecting the blame onto their innocent target -- Donald Trump and "the far right" .

One anti-Trump hoax after another after another after another is taking a heavy toll on America.

From “Nobel Prize Winning” and “Pulitzer Prize Winning” Slimes columnist Paul Krugman:

“Donald Trump, far from trying to calm the nation, is pouring gasoline on the fire; he seems very close to trying to incite a civil war. I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that America as we know it is on the brink.

How did we get here? The core story of U.S. politics over the past four decades is that wealthy elites weaponized white racism to gain political power, which they used to pursue policies that enriched the already wealthy at workers’ expense.”

Bolshevism and Bullshit -- straight out of the Trotsky-Lenin playbook of pathological projection. The only "wealthy elites" who "weaponized racism" and "enriched" themselves at "workers expense" are actually the Jewish Supremacists who hate Whites! America is “on the brink” because of Krugman's crowd, and Krugman bloody well knows it.

There can be no reasoning with a greasy little reality-inverting communist such this. Only a quick trial, followed by a lamppost lynching, will be satisfactory.

1. Paul Krugman was awarded a Pulitzer Prize for Fake News , and the Nobel Prize for Fake Economics. // 2. Kike Krugman reminds me of our old friend, Schemer (who is getting harder and harder to find on Google Image searches these days). // 3. What does it say about our world when a lying piece of human excrement is awarded the highest honors in TWO separate fields.

From Letter writer Mark Godes of Massachusetts:

“Racial unrest, mass protests, rioting and looting, millions unemployed, thousands of businesses either filing for bankruptcy or closing for good, endless lines of the hungry waiting for hours at food banks, over 100,000 U.S. dead from the coronavirus, health care workers pushed to the brink …

President Trump is presiding over all of this misery, and his utter failure to provide the requisite leadership and hope for better days as our nation is falling apart is as disheartening as it is chilling.”

Dirty lying rat bastard! It was “youse guys” -- with your fiendishly clever scamdemic -- who shut down the economy, threw millions out of work, ruined countless businesses, killed thousands of elderly in the hospitals and nursing murdering homes and, in states with Demonrat Governors, are still keeping it closed for no other reason than to damage Trump’s re-election chances.

And with that manufactured crisis still playing out, it is “youse guys,” with your mendacious mantra of “racism” – “racism” – “racism” (because you all just luuuv “African Americans” soooo much, right?) inciting violence, rioting and looting. How can any man of even just bare minimum moral character not be moved to red-hot HATRED for you wretched little monsters? May you swing from the same lamppost as Krugman, Mr. Godes!

Trump has been right all along in describing the Piranha Press and the radical Left as “enemies of the people.” But unless he unleashes the power of the U.S. Military upon “the Swamp” – Satan’s tireless legions will win in the end.  No more talk! No more “trusting the plan!” People are suffering and dying (and I need to get back to the gym and get a damn haircut!) while these ghoulish grease-balls continue to get away with publishing this seditious filth. Utilize the Emergency Broadcast System. Arrest all propagandists for treason, and do it soon – because, as The Great One (that’s Hitler for all you newbies & normies) once warned about this bunch: “They would kill us all if they could.”

1. Trump to journalist Sheryl Atkinson: "If it keeps going the way it's going, I have a chance to break the Deep State. It's a vicious group of people. It's very bad for our country.” // 2. If the swamp is not drained soon, America will ultimately succumb to the relentless assaults from the Deep State. // 3. Human scum like Godes and Krugman ought to be tried for treason and sedition, and punished accordingly.

Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times that the country is falling apart under Trump's watch.

Boobus Americanus 2: He once seemed unstoppable, but the unforeseen Covid crisis, the unemployment crisis and the police brutality protests have damaged him.

St. Sugar: Yeah, Boobuss. No one could ever have predicted thesse multiple dissasterss were coming, right? How frickin' convenient!

Editor: There will be more shoes dropping between now and November.


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