The "June Rebellions" of 1832 & 2020


by Mike King

French liberal author Victor Hugo’s 1862 novel, “Les Miserables” is partially set against a backdrop which subtly glorifies the June Rebellion of 1832 (aka “The Paris Uprising’). The book later became the script for the famous Broadway play and several movies by the same name.

Our loyal reader "Gary" reminded us that the brief “spontaneous” June Rebellion of 1832 (June 5th and June 6th) shares some striking similarities with the ongoing “June Rebellion” of 2020 currently taking place in certain American cities. That uprising was triggered by the  death of Jean Maximilien Lamarque -- a left-leaning Army commander who was critical of the monarchy. Lamarque had just died of the cholera epidemic sweeping Paris. The French republicans (generally, but not exclusively Reds) fought to reverse the 1830 establishment monarchy of Liberal King Louis-Philippe.

Leading up to the rebellion, there were economic problems, harvest failures, food shortages and inflation. Adding to the left-engineered general discontent, in the spring of 1832, Paris suffered a horrible outbreak of cholera -- which ended with a death toll of 18,000 in Paris and "100,000" across France. The constitutional monarchy was accused of starting the epidemic in poor neighborhoods by poisoning wells. Given how the Left always projects its evil deeds on to innocent others; this could very well mean that the rebels started a false-flag cholera outbreak themselves.

Victor Hugo's novel and subsequent Broadway play portray the failed June Rebellion of 1832 in a sympathetic manner. Though it's a good story, we can't help but wonder if the immortality of Les Miserables also has something to do with Hugo's misguided leftish sympathies.

Do you hear the people sing?

Singing a song of angry men?

It is the music of a people

Who will not be slaves again

When the beating of your heart

Echoes the beating of the drums

There is a life about to start

When tomorrow comes

Will you join in our crusade?

Who will be strong and stand with me?

Beyond the barricade

Is there a world you long to see?

Then join in the fight

That will give you the right to be free

The libtarded theme song of the long running show, Les Miserables -- "Do you hear the people sing?" -- is full of the usual shallow mushy neo-Jacobin platitudes about how the revolution will bring "liberty" and a better life to "the people." (*What the heck are "people of color" doing in 1832 Paris?)

The pre-planned riots that accompanied Lamarque’s funeral sparked the rebellion on June 5th. Groups of demonstrators took charge of the procession and redirected it to the Bastille, where the first Jacobin / Illuminati Red Revolution had begun in 1789.

Liberal King Louis Philippe, was now under attack from both the Bonapartist Right and the Neo-Jacobin Left – a lesson for all “moderate” liberals who think they can appease the Left. The Left republicans were led by secret societies formed of the most committed and ferocious members of the republican movement. The leaders plotted to the incitement of riots like those that had sparked the 1830 July Revolution which replaced a conservative King with a liberal King. Only now, they wanted a pure "democratic" republic.

The ranks of the “students,” workers, and local discontented youths were reinforced by Polish, Italian and German refugees who had fled to Paris because of crackdowns on subversive activities in their own respective homelands. They gathered around the body of Lamarque. When a red flag signal bearing the words "Liberty or Death" was raised, the crowd, as planned, went wild. Shots were fired at the government troops.

The subsequent uprising put the 3,000 insurgents in control of a large area of Paris for one night. However, the rebellion failed to sustain itself and spread further. During the night of 5–6 June the part-time militia of the Paris National Guard were reinforced by about 40,000 regular army troops.

1. Liberal Louis Philippe was installed after the French Revolution of 1830. // 2. The well known painting "Liberty Leading the People" is from that 1830 Revolution. It depicts the topless Illuminati "Goddess" of Liberty holding up the tri-color republican flag while leading the rabble mob.  * Note the resemblance to the Statue of Liberty, gifted to the U.S. by France decades later.// 3. For Rothschild's Reds, Louis the Liberal was only good as a temporary placeholder until they could also overthrow him and institute full blown "democracy." That's what the failed 1832 uprising was really all about.  // 3. The barricades of 1832 Paris, as depicted in one of the movie versions of Les Miserables.

The well-armed insurgents made their stronghold in the historic city center. They built barricades in the narrow streets and -- hoping that success would embolden rebels in other French cities -- put up a ferocious resistance. But on June 6, the last of the Red rebels were surrounded and defeated. Total casualties in the conflict were estimated at 800. The French army and national guard lost 73 men with 344 wounded. On the rebel side, 93 were killed and 291 wounded.

Louis-Philippe would eventually be overthrown in the French Revolution of 1848 – the year in which Karl Marx & Friedrich Engels published “The Communist Manifesto.” During that revolution, Engels also published an analysis of the tactical errors which led to the failure of the 1832 uprising – errors which he cautioned to avoid during the “spontaneous” and numerous national uprisings of 1848.

And now, 188 year later – as it was at many points in between -- we are witnessing the same template at work with this anti-Trump June Rebellion of 2020. It’s all there --- secret society schemers, a springtime “health crisis” killing “100,000” and blamed on the president, a devastated economy also blamed on the president, Red street provocateurs (funded from above) rioting and erecting barricades in June -- and none of the mayhem actually being “spontaneous.”

This is why history matters, boys and girls. Until people recognize the patterns and precedents, they’ll just keep getting bamboozled over and over again by the Globalist script-writers and their street henchmen.

The “June Rebellion” of 1832

  • Epidemic Kills 100,000 French
  • Economic Depression 
  • King Louis Philippe Blamed
  • Lamarque's Death is a Catalyst
  • “Spontaneous” Uprising
  • Reds Barricade Streets

The “June Rebellion” of 2020

  • Epidemic Kills 100,000 Americans
  • Economic Depression
  • Trump Blamed
  • George Floyd's Death (fake) is a Catalyst
  • “Spontaneous” Uprising
  • Reds Barricade Streets

1. Marx & Engels weren't on the political scene yet in 1832 -- but they fully supported the 1848 uprisings -- which were a continuation of the same movement, though in many different nations by that time. // 2. Paris barricaded by Reds in post-epidemic June Rebellion of 1832 // 3. Seattle barricaded by Reds in post-epidemic June Rebellion of 2020.


3-Minute Video clip from Les Miserables

The antics and tactics of the Left never change!


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