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Jews Were Blamed for the "Black Death"


by Mike King

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A Sicilian fresco from 1445. In the previous century, the Black Death killed at least a third of Europe’s population.

NY Times: How Pandemics End


Apart from the fact that Stupid-19 death numbers have been grossly inflated, just mentioning this scamdemic -- even using official numbers -- in the same sentence as the "Black Death" of Medieval times is about as absurd as comparing a summer thunder shower to the Galveston Hurricane of 1900. But that's Sulzberger's Slimes for ya --- selling fear and make-believe ever since that wretched Ochs-Sulzberger clan purchased the previously Anglo-owned journal during its post-Panic of 1893 hard times, in 1896, and then dubbed it "the paper of record."

The Black Death was an epidemic of bubonic plague -- falsely blamed on rats by most modern historians (here) -- which killed about one third of Europe's population in the years between 1347 and 1351. Other great plagues in the 6th, 14th, and 19th Century A.D., though less genocidal, still killed hundreds of thousands. Whenever such plagues touched Asia, the death tolls in populous India and China were always horrific --- something to think about when we consider that New York City alone has registered more deaths from Stupid-19 than China and India combined. That's what happens when a corrupt Communist Mayor and a corrupt "health care" system get incentivized to falsify Death Certificates and cull the nursing homes! But we digress.

The real purpose of today's rebuttal is to pivot off of this Slimes article and use it as a "teachable moment" to revisit a taboo element of the history of the Black Death -- namely, the widespread belief among our Medieval Christian ancestors that the disease was the result of Jewish Cabalists kicking-off the pandemic by deliberately poisoning the wells of Europe.

1 & 2. The suffering and death were unimaginable. // 3. "I didn't do it!" --- Black Death is falsely blamed on rats --- just like Stupid-19 is falsely blamed on bats.

Establishment historians freely acknowledge the fact that Jewish communities were much less affected by the Black Death that the European population -- much like the biblical story of "Passover." They also acknowledge that Jews chose not to use the common wells of towns of cities; and that suspected Jews confessed, under torture, to poisoning wells with dried-up pulverized bits of rotted flesh from various animals.  Historians explain away these bits of hard data by claiming that Medieval Jews, by religious custom, washed their hands more often than Gentiles (here -- ha ha ha) -- and that people will confess to anything under torture. Be that as it may, the strange "passing over" of the Jewish areas -- coupled with the infamous Jewish hatred for all things "goy" (white) and Catholic (no protestants yet at that time) -- made Medieval "conspiracy theorists" deeply suspicious.

The first anti-Jewish reprisals directly related to the plague took place in early 1348 in Toulon, France -- where the Jewish quarter was sacked and forty Jews were killed. The next "pogrom" happened in Barcelona (Spain). The following year, more killings were carried out in Erfurt (Germany), Basel (Switzerland), Flanders (Belgium), and Aragon (Spain). In the "Valentines Day Massacre" in Strasbourg (Germanic population at the time) hundreds of Jews were burnt alive on February 14, 1349.

In the spring of 1349, the Jewish community in Frankfurt was devastated --followed by the destruction of Jewish ghettos in Mainz and Cologne. Around this time, the attacks on Jews began increasing near  the Baltic Sea Coast and in Eastern Europe. The mainly German-based attacks caused the eastward migration of Northern European Jews to Poland and Lithuania, where they remained for the next six centuries. King Casimir III of Poland gave refuge to the Jews. He was said to have had a Jewish mistress and was also interested in tapping the economic potential of Jewry. And that is how so many Jews came to be settled throughout the Polish-Lithuanian Empire.

1. "What can I say? I just like to wash my hands a lot." // 2. February 14, 1349 -- Medieval painting depicts Jews being burned at the stake by Strasbourg Germans who blamed them for deliberately spreading the Black Death. // 3. King Casimir III of Poland welcomed the fleeing Jews into Poland --- where they would come to again be resented by the local population. Their descendants would one day occupy the ranks of Stalin's dreaded secret police in Poland after World War II.

As the plague finally wound down in 1350, so did the violence against the Jews.  Ordinary Medieval folks had already hated the wealthy Jewish money lenders; and resented their influence over the governing cliques of the various city-states of Europe. The indebted artisans felt exploited by being trapped into loans at usurious rates. Again, Establishment historians (Fake Historians) do acknowledge this resentment -- but they then twist the hatred into the cause of the Black Death riots while assuming that the well-poisoning accusations were but a phony pretext. How do they know that the accusations were false? Have not the Jewish Cabalist-Supremacists long since demonstrated to the world that they are indeed capable of mass-killing us "Goyim?" -- Ever hear of the Bolshevik Red Terror? Or the Stalin-Kaganovich Gulags? Or the Dresden Firebombing? Or the Eisenhower Death Camps? Or the Deir Yassin Massacre in Palestine? Or the 9/11 false-flag? If (((they))) could do genocide in contemporary times, why would anyone think that their forefathers couldn't do it 700 years ago?

Wethinks the rioting Black Death "conspiracy theorists" of those times may have been onto to something.

1. BANCAROTTA, by yours truly, tells of the Medieval folk of Pizza & Pasta and Beer & Strudel learned of how the debt swindle worked; and then turned against their oppressor. // 2. Polish poster depicts what the mass murdering Trotsky did to the Christians of Russia. // 3. February 13-14, 1945: The Jewish-inspired firebomb-genocide of Dresden -- carried out on the same date as the anti-Jewish burnings of  the 1349 Black Death "Valentines Day Massacre" -- Coincidence? Or generational revenge?

Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that a third of Europe's population died during the Black Death of the 1300's.

Boobus Americanus 2: That must have been horrible. All from a single rat.


St. Sugar: Bullsshit, Boobuss! I killed a million ratss in my day and never once got ssick!

Editor: Stop exaggerating your hunting prowess. You killed a single baby mouse one time and freaked mommy out when you gave it to her as a gift.


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