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Washington DC: Millennial Blond girl voluntarily kisses the dirty boots of no less than seven Black street activists seeking "apologies" for slavery -- as her chump White boyfriend (who also kisses) looks on proudly.

The Suicidal Insanity of White Guilt


by Mike King


Professor Frederick Lindemann

Handler of Winston Churchill / Architect of Firebombing Genocide of Germans

"'Do you know,' he (Lindemann) asked, 'what the future historians will regard as the most important event of this age?’

‘Well, what is it?’

'It will not be Hitler and the Second World War; it will not be the release of nuclear energy; it will not be the menace of Communism.'

These negatives seemed very comprehensive. He put on an expression of extreme severity and turned down the corners of his lips: ‘It will be the abdication of the White man.’ Then he nodded his head up and down several times to drive home his proposition."

* The Prof’ -- R.F Harrod, McMillan, 1959. Page 261/2.


The Lifeline Expedition is a group of virtue-signaling pseudo-Christian activists bringing together Africans, descendants of enslaved Africans and brain addled White libtards from the US and UK.


The pathetic Whites on the "expedition" teams wear yokes, chains, and "so sorry" T-shirts to express apology for the role of their ancestors in the slave trade. (Shhhhh. Don't tell these ass-clowns that the slave trade was a Jewish monopoly. That would be "anti-Semitic," dontcha' now.)

A few honest Jewish scholars confirm that Loony Louie Farakhan is right about one thing: It was Jews, not Anglo-Saxons or Spaniards, that dominated the slave trade.


These people need to kill themselves, before they can infect others.


The first Reconciliation Walk to attract worldwide attention was part of the journey to the USA in 2004, which began in Maryland. Lifeline Expedition partnered with the Kunta Kinte-Alex Haley Foundation (of 'Roots' fame) for the Reconciliation Walk.


1. Students in the U.S., Canada and Australia are made to march in "Reconciliation Walks" to atone for their "sins" against other races. In time, we may see European kids marching to beg "forgiveness" from the Turd World invaders that they have opened their doors for. --- "Sorry for arousing you boys and making you rape us." //  2. Alex Haley -- the literary fraud who published the incendiary mega-hyped 1970's book turned TV Mini-Series "Roots" -- is a big promoter of Reconciliation Walks.


In 2006, the Lifeline idiots issued an apology at the opening ceremony of the International Roots Festival in Gambia. Groveling apologies, on bended-knee, were given by English, French, German and American members of the touring libtards. The Vice President of the Gambia accepted their apology and released them from the yokes and chains.

1. Marching in Africa to seek "forgiveness" / 2. Officially "pardoned "in Gambia!


The Expedition's self-hating antics have even been incorporated into the curriculum of predominantly White schools!

This is psychological CHILD ABUSE!


Meanwhile, the epidemic of random Black on White hate crimes and the most ghastly torture-murder imaginable continues to quietly spread across the US, Europe, and South Africa. The media and the White Libtards won't talk about it. Where is the "so sorry" for these victims of the "people of color?"

1. 2007: Channon Gail Christian, 21, and Hugh Christopher Newsom, Jr., 23, were kidnapped, gang raped, sodomized with blunt objects, and torture-murdered by 5 Blacks. The national Fake News ignored the horror story. // 2. Christmas Eve, 2010: White boy Jonathan Foster was kidnapped and fried alive with a blowtorch by Mona Nelson. Again, silence. --- Plenty of stories like this worldwide are buried by the Jewish-Marxist-Globalist media.

In the New World Order, White lives do NOT matter!

Let us never forget who engineered this "abdication."

In cities across America, members of the "Black Hebrew Israelite" cult demand that Whites bow and kiss their boots as an act of contrition -- and a number of White libtards obediently comply!

Who is behind the War on Whites, and why? Read Planet Rothschild and learn!

A Must Read! In paperback or pdf --(all books: here)


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