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Debunking the Covid Hoax -- A Dialogue


by Mike King

A truther met a normie on the avenue one day, and they held a conversation in their own peculiar way..

(*A "normie" is one who thinks his media-induced opinions are true and "normal")

(A fictional scenario)

Truther: Hello. How are you?

Normie: I'm OK. Just trying to stay safe with all this death and suffering going on.

Truther: I can see that. Look at you all decked out -- mask, plastic gloves, 6-foot tape measure, hand-sanitizer. Coronavirus doesn't stand a chance against you!

Normie: Oh this thing is bad, I tell ya. A friend of a friend's uncle's brother-in-law's father just died in the nursing home.

Truther: That's just awful. How old was he?

Normie: He was 95. He also smoked and had diabetes too.

Truther: Oh. I see.

Normie: Bill Gates is saying that this might be a once-in--century pandemic. You should be wearing a mask, my friend! Aren't you worried?

Truther: Not at all. At worst, this is just another strain of flu -- a common cold even.

Normie:  What?!! No. No. No. You are badly mistaken. This is not like the flu. It attacks the lungs. It's much deadlier than any flu.

Truther: Actually, it's not. You see, the only measure of deadliness that truly matters is the actual body count. And according to the published numbers of the all-mighty, all-knowing CDC, the death tolls attributed to Covid-19 -- which are being deliberately and grossly inflated, by the way -- are actually lower than many past flu seasons. Take the 2017-2018 season, for example -- 61,000 deaths were linked to the flu in the United States (here). Covid deaths in 2020, on the other hand, are now leveling off after just 25,000. So, what's all the fuss all about? Are you willing to shut down the world, throw millions into unemployment, and surrender your freedom for the cold & flu season every year?

Normie: Well, I see your point about the relative numbers. But, Dr. Fauci said that if we hadn't practiced social distancing, many more would have died.

Truther: How the heck does that sneaky little rat bastard know that?

Normie: Well, computer models indicated that 2 million Americans might have died. Dr. Oz and Dr. Gupta on TV said so too.

Truther: You know what they say about computer models, right? Garbage in -- garbage out. A better way -- a more scientific way -- to evaluate such hypothetical scenarios would be to examine the death toll per one million of population in those countries which did not impose social distancing, mask-wearing, quarantines or shelter-in-place policies. Sweden and Belarus, for example, kept the children in school and the businesses open. Their deaths-per-million number is actually lower than the alleged death numbers in the United States!

Normie: Really? I didn't know that.

Truther: It's true. Look it up. (here)

1. Frightened normies will feel better once they know the facts -- instead of  believing Fake News. // 2. The numbers tell the truth! Flu deaths of previous years were much higher than CV-19 deaths. // 3. GIGO = Garbage In - Garbage Out. The Covid hoax demonstrates how "science" via computer-modeling is often no science at all.

Normie: What do you mean that the numbers are inflated?

Truther: As even Fauci's sidekick, Dr. Deborah Birx, has admitted -- the U.S. has what she calls "a very liberal" procedure for categorizing Covid deaths. No distinction is being made between people who die with the virus versus those who may have died because of the virus. Let me pull it up on my I-phone. Here is her exact quote:

“I think in this country, we’ve taken a very liberal approach to mortality. There are other countries that if you had a pre-existing condition, and let’s say the virus caused you to go to the ICU [intensive care unit] and then have a heart or kidney problem. Some countries are recording that as a heart issue or a kidney issue and not a COVID-19 death. The intent is if someone dies with COVID-19, we are counting that as a COVID-19 death.” (here)

What do you have to say about that?

Normie: Wow! So, you're saying that not only are the numbers lower than annual flu deaths, but are being exaggerated as well?

Truther: That is correct. But it's not really me saying it. I'm just telling it. But it get worse! Did you know that MediCare has incentivized hospitals and nursing homes to classify as many patients as they can as having Covid? The average payment for a Covid diagnosis is about $10,000. If the patient is placed on a dangerous (often deadly) ventilator, the reimbursement grows to a whopping $40,000. To top it off, the government will also issue payments for "end-of-life" care. (here)

Given that family members are no longer allowed to visit their elderly loved ones in solitary captivity, there's no telling what type of mischief these administrators are up to. Grandmom is worth more dead to them than alive! For all these reasons, the numbers are being rigged upward. Make sense?

Normie: Oh my God! Yes. That does make a lot of sense! Nonetheless, in spite of the logical points you have raised --  they are saying on the News that this virus is killing young people and children too -- not just the elderly and sick. The regular flu doesn't do that.

Truther: Really? Let me pull up some headlines -- all from "respected" outlets of the "mainstream news" -- about flu deaths and young people from previous years and also this year before Covid came onto the scene.

  • Wired.com: January, 2014: Why is This Year's Flu So Dangerous for Young Adults? (here)
  • The Atlantic: November, 2016: Why Some Flus are Deadliest in Young Adults (here)
  • NBC News: January, 2018: Every Year, Flu Carries Away Perfectly Healthy Young Adults and Children (here)
  • NBC News: January, 2020: 2 Prominent Flu Strains are Hitting Kids and the Young Particularly Hard (here)
  • CNN News: January, 2020: A Teen's Final Days with the Flu (here)
  • AAP Medical News, 2020: Flu Figures Show 125 Deaths of Children -- Record High Hospitalization (here)

Plenty more where those stories came from. What do you have to say about that?

Normie: Wow. I'm speechless! So then, what is all the hysteria all about? I don't get it? Is it about money for Big Pharma?

Truther: That's part of the motive, but there is a much bigger picture above that. The primary agenda here is all about a secret war that has been taking place between evil New World Order Globalists on one side; and the Trump-Putin Alliance that is resisting them on the other.

Normie: Aw, come on now. That sounds like a conspiracy theory.

Truther: It's not a conspiracy theory, my simple-minded friend. It's a conspiracy analysis! Politics and money are the two most corrupting influences known to man. Remember that, always! If you'd like to learn more about how the world really works, turn off the Fake News, bookmark RealHistoryChannel.org and start studying. I can only lead you to the truth. You have to do the work of analysis and critical thinking on your own. Good luck my friend.

Normie: Thanks for the information! I will look into it. -- And stay safe.

Truther: You're welcome. And stay sane.

1. The government is paying good money for both the diagnosis of Covid cases and the use of deadly ventilators. // 2. Kaylee Roberts of Ohio, age 16, died of the FLU in January, 2020. // 3. Evil Globalist MONSTER Bill Gates is part of the vast international conspiracy pushing this hoax and his mandatory vaccines for geo-political reasons.


1. Kids robbed of their Little League championship dreams. // 2. High Schoolers robbed of their Senior year memories, proms, graduations and farewells. // 3. Families robbed of the chance to say a final 'good bye' or to hold a proper memorial service.



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