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Communist Street Scum Protest Trump


by Mike King

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NY Times: Trump’s Looting and ‘Shooting’ Remarks Escalate Crisis in Minneapolis

NY Times: Trump Threatens White House Protesters With ‘Vicious Dogs’

NY Times: In Days of Discord, a President Fans the Flames‘

NY Times: Looting’ Comment From Trump Dates Back to Racial Unrest of 1960s


In late 2019, the "Russian Collusion" Hoax finally faded away with a whimper. Within a matter of days, the "Get Trump" movement then seamlessly flowed into the "Ukrainian Phone Call" Hoax and subsequent impeachment circus of January 2020. Not long after that effort at removing Trump fell flat, the Stupid-19 Scamdemic was launched worldwide -- the objective being to crash the world economy, blame Trump, take out nationalist leaders in other countries, and impose a tyrannical system of implanted-microchip control under the guise of "safety."

Though the damaging effects of this "flu d'etat" are still ongoing and continuing to unfold; the moronic mania over a common cold is indeed subsiding among short-attention-span normies -- as is the political threat to Trump. So, what's a Globalist to do now? It's back to the tried and trusted R&R playbook -- that stands for Racism & Rioting -- which Fake News is predictably blaming on Trump.

This desperate play will also fail and backfire. Though the mass public may have been horrified by the videotaped crisis actor stunt which featured a White Minneapolis Police Officer embedded CIA agent using excessive force to subdue an already-handcuffed Black suspect fellow CIA agent by pinning down his neck with his knee-- few people, Black or White are going to excuse the behavior of the Soros / CIA Communist "Antifa" mobs now attempting to wreak havoc in cities across America. And only the most libtarded of libtards are going to condemn Trump for threatening to neutralize these "protesters" -- who have now also gathered at the White House grounds.


1. In broad daylight, with by-passers watching, complaining and filming ---  CIA "cop" Derek Chauvin pins his knee into the back of the neck of CIA "crime suspect" George Floyd as he pleads "Please! Please! I can't breathe." With hands in his pockets, Chauvin keeps the helpless Floyd pinned for SEVEN MINUTES, even though the non-resisting "suspect"  for some minor "transaction" crime (who then "died") has already been handcuffed. (video here) Reports have since emerged that Chauvin's neighbors didn't even know that he was a police officer, and that Chauvin and Floyd once worked together at a club. (here) // 2. The organized rioters of Antifa are Deep State / Soros street thugs. They were activated as soon as the outrageous stunt was pulled off. // 3. Once the agent provocateurs light the fuse, the libtards, normies, dupes and various White virtue-signalers join in. The objective is to provoke a bloody crackdown and then scream bloody murder at Trump.

1. The abuse of a hand-cuffed man went on and on and on as shocked bystanders watched and filmed the CIA agents embedded within the Minneapolis Police Department. Even though they were being recorded, the cops showed no fear of getting into trouble because it was all a damn show! // 2. Chauvin's neighbors didn't even know he was a cop! They thought he was a real estate agent! (here)

From the outset of Stupid-19, we warned that the scamdemic's purpose was to "Herbert Hooverize" Donald Trump by crashing the economy "on his watch" in a pivotal re-election year. The "other shoe" of that particular 1929-1932 coup -- which culminated with Franklin Demono Rosenfeld winning the election -- also involved the orchestration of "spontaneous" mobs. From the days of the "spontaneous" French Revolution to the "spontaneous" worldwide upheavals of 1848 until today, their playbook never changes!

Just three months before the election of November 1932, a Communist-led mob of 43,000 people, in support of 17,000 veterans of World War I, marched on Washington to demand their World War I “bonus money” 13 years before it was actually due. The Senate said "no" by an overwhelming margin. Republican President Hoover eventually brought in anti-Communist General Douglass MacArthur to tear down their tent city and restore order. Assisting him was anti-Communist Major George Patton, who commanded light tanks. Calvary, infantry and tear gas were used to break up the mobs and dismember the tents as Communist vermin shouted: “Shame! Shame!”

Serving as an assistant to MacArthur at this time was Major Dwight Eisenhower -- an up and coming well-connected Black Hat of communist sympathies who disagreed with MacArthur’s rough response to the Marxist mob. Then, as now, Fake News spun the event to make Hoover seem like a brutal dictator –which was the point of the stunt all along. It worked on Hoover. It will fail this time.

1. As soon as the Stupid-19 lockdown crashed the stock market and threw millions out of work, the Fake News started with the Hoover-Trump comparisons. // 2 &3. Anti-Communist general MacArthur tore down the tents and dispersed the Red-led mob by force. Fake News then spun the event to make Hoover seem like a tyrant.

As far as these riots "spreading across America," our analysis of various videos concludes that there is a whole lotta "professional wrestling" type fakery taking place. In some cases, the rioters and the cops really seem like they are pretending to hit each other. Are the fakers Deep State actors trying to light the initial flame in the hopes that the conflict will then take on a real life of its own? Or, might Trump's White Hats -- who are just as capable of resorting to make-believe -- be staging these comical street rumbles as a pretext for an eventual crackdown on the Deep State? Or is a bit of all factors -- some Deep State, some White Hats, some real, some fake?

It's an interesting development and in line with Q Anon's earlier forecasts of a "hot summer." We do not know how all of this "spontaneity" is going to play out. But someone does.

Stay tuned.

1. Q Anon's Saturday, May 30 post of Trump declaring his intention to "defend the sacred right of Americans to be safe"  suggests he is going to use force against the Reds in the streets and on their hidden leaders. That's good to hear --- but frankly, with all due respect to the Q boys -- the time has come for "a little more action and a little less conversation," to quote Elvis. // 2. Every Communist-run city government in America is allowing the "spontaneous" mobs to form.

Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that Trump is fanning the flames by threatening the police-brutality protesters.

Boobus Americanus 2: What that cop did to that poor African-American man was disgraceful!

St. Sugar: Oh don't cry for George Floyd, Boobuss! As we sspeak, Chauvin and Floyd are probably enjoying a beer together and laughing their assess off all the way to the frickin' bank!

Editor: It is a well-established fact that CIA is embedded within several major city police department in America. Even the Slimes did a limited hangout story on it once (here)


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