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APRIL 2020

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April 30, 2020

NY Times: ‘Life Has to Go On’: How Sweden Has Faced the Virus Without a Lockdown


Of all the nations on the face of this troubled Earth, one would have expected the ultra-libtarded Scandinavian Psycho Sanitarium of Sweden to have instituted the most oppressive Stupid-19 lock-downs imaginable upon its notoriously obedient citizenry. But such was not the case. Perhaps that’s because 1000’s of pathetic Swedes had already happily had themselves micro-chipped (the ultimate objective of Stupid-19) anyway? (here) and (here) And now, the no-lockdown results are in.

From the article:

“Sweden was an outlier in Europe, trusting its people to voluntarily follow the protocols. Many haven’t, but it does not seem to have hurt them.

Sweden does seem to have been as successful in controlling the virus as most other nations. Sweden’s death rate is the same as that of Ireland, and far better than in Britain or France.

There was little evidence that people were observing the protocols — adding further mystery to Sweden’s apparent success in handling the scourge without an economically devastating lockdown. All around Stockholm, younger Swedes thronged bars, restaurants and a crowded park last week, drinking in the sun. They laughed and basked in freedoms considered normal in most parts of the world not long ago, before coronavirus lockdowns, quarantines and mass restrictions upended social norms.”

Notice how the article referred to Sweden’s non-health crisis as “a mystery” – as if Sweden had taken a risky gamble and miraculously dodged the bullet.

1. Obedient Swedes were already starting to embrace the mark-of-the-beast control mechanism of implanted micro-chipping  - voluntarily. Perhaps that is why their national masters deemed it unnecessary to participate in an exercise whose ultimate purpose was to set the stage for eventual chip implants.

Swedes carried on as normal -- proving that the Stupid-19 Scare was a HOAX.

Another nation which, like Sweden, has about 10 million people and which also did not lock itself down was Russia's sister-state of Belarus – whose president, Alexander Lukashenko, went a step further by mocking Stupid-19 as an “international psychosis.”

The “authoritarian” leader dubbed a " Covid Denier" and so hated by the Western Fake News cited the old adage:

“It's better to die standing than to live on your knees.”

The death toll in Belarus is even lower than Sweden. Another “mystery” – perhaps even a “miracle” -- we suppose.

Lukashenko played hockey during the Stupid-19 non-crisis -- and urged Belarussians to drink vodka if they feel sick. // 2. The people of Belarus were not forced to participate in what Lukashenko properly called a "psychosis."

Of course, the real “mystery” here -- which no one in either “Left” Fake News or “Right” FOX Fake News seems to want to explore -- is the strange case of how another region of 10-12 million people (the 30 mile outer circle around New York City, which includes parts of Long Island, Southern New York State and Northeast New Jersey) came to account for nearly 50% of the United States death toll and about 11% of the worldwide number – dwarfing any other nation or metro region of similar population. The answer to that numerical “mystery,” of course, is that NYC Metro numbers were grossly inflated by the deliberate mis-categorizing of death causes combined with the deliberate injection murders of elderly and the poor.

The following chart speaks for itself:

City / Nation



Hong Kong

Delhi (India)

Mexico City

Michigan (USA)


* New York City area


10.2 Million

9.5 Million

7.5 Million

20 Million

9 Million

10 Million

1.3 Billion

12 Million

Covid Deaths








21,000 ???!

The world capital of scheming, scamming, high finance and Fake News is scamming the world. Can the HOAX of Stupid-19 possibly get any more obvious?

* Interesting little factoid to share with "youse guys." According to the all-so-high-and-mighty CDC (Center for Disease Control), 140,000 Americans die due to COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulminary Disease) each year (here). Given that the main COPD symptom (shortness of breath) mimics Covid (and also flu, and bronchitis, and emphysema, and pneumonia) -- how many breathing-related deaths do you think were "presumed" to be Covid instead -- at $10,000 a pop in special "emergency" government reimbursement to the hospital or nursing home for each case?! Hmmm?

Overcrowded India and China have a combined population of 2.8 BILLION but only 5,700 Covid deaths between them -- which is about 15,000 LESS THAN NYC area! If Stupid-19 was real, millions of poor Indians would have died by now, as they did during the 1918 pandemic -- *which the U.S. engineered as a bio-weapon used against Germany troops during World War I -- but which got out of hand.

Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that Sweden came out of the Covid crisis in good shape, in spite of its refusal to lockdown and impose social distancing.

Boobus Americanus 2: I wonder why that is?


St. Sugar: Think, Boobuss. Think!!!

Editor: A shot over that numb skull of his with a piece of thick wood might jar him into critical thinking. We've tried everything else.


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April 28/29, 2020

NY Times: Top E.R. Doctor Who Treated Virus Patients Dies by Suicide

NY Post: FDNY EMT Takes His Own Life


For the 2nd time in just three days, a New York City medical worker has allegedly committed "suicide" over being “distraught” about the Stupid-19 crisis. The "Editorial Board" of The Anti-New York Times smells a New York City rat here and, admittedly without hard evidence, believe both of these deaths to be MURDERS. The very thought that an Emergency Room physician, Dr. Lorna Breen -- and an Emergency Medical Technician, John Mondello -- all-of-a-sudden discovered that they could no longer emotionally handle the sight of the bloodless deaths of perfect strangers -- and just had to kill themselves over it -- is laughable on its face.

Let's explore this.

The back-to-back "suicides" of Breen & Mondello are big news in New York City -- yet neither the newspapers, nor the TV news broadcasts, nor the normies who worship them are asking any questions.

Adding to the mystery of these two “Covid-related” suicides is the fact that, by all accounts, both Breen and Mondello were known as happy, upbeat people with no known history of depression or emotional problems. The Post article on Mondello:  "A friend and fellow graduate described him as 'always very peppy, very happy.'”

And, according to an anonymous source:

“He (Mondello) was lying face up with the weapon still in his hand, a gunshot wound under his chin, witnesses said.”

As for Dr. Breen, who returned to CIA / Charlottesville Virginia after having gotten sick in New York, she too was known as a happy person and also a devout Christian. From the Slimes article:

“Aside from work, Dr. Breen filled her time with friends, hobbies and sports, friends said. She was an avid member of a New York ski club and traveled regularly out west to ski and snowboard. She was also a deeply religious Christian who volunteered at a home for older people once a week, friends said. Once a year, she threw a large party on the roof deck of her Manhattan home." (emphasis added -- Editor's note: "Deeply religious Christians" believe that suicide is a horrible sin and one-way ticket to Hell!)

…. she enjoyed salsa dancing. She was a lively presence, outgoing and extroverted, at work events, the colleague said.”

Now, the kicker – which ties back to what EMT (Ambulance) worker Mondello was witnessing:

“She had described an onslaught of patients who were dying before they could even be taken out of ambulances. (emphasis added)

As yours truly learned (after the fact) from the sad experience of losing my mother in 2015, the ambulance EMT's are often "in on it."

1. The story of a "very happy and very peppy" EMT who killed himself by the river because Stupid-19 had saddened him too much does not ring true. Just quit your job if you can't handle seeing people die! // 2. Dr. Breen -- a happy and "lively" experienced doctor and Christian -- is said to have killed herself because she was "crushed" that she was not able to save patients. Yeah, sure.

Regular readers of the ANYT are already aware of the impossibly disproportionate amount of Stupid-19 deaths being reported in New York City and the reasons for it (here). About a week after we published that piece, two videos surfaced to support our logical inferences with hard testimony. One was of a 49 year-old woman leaving a gut-wrenching "good-bye, I love you" message, in Spanish, on a relative’s phone – in which she indicated that people on her floor were being injected and dying soon afterwards; and that she herself had just been injected. She did indeed die soon afterwards (accuracy of translation is confirmed).

Another video surfaced just a few days ago, in which an out-of-state nurse, speaking on behalf of a frightened nurse friend who had gone to New York City to help – relayed to her that patients are being “murdered” in large numbers by “being left to rot” through deliberate neglect – greatly facilitated by the sad fact that family members are not allowed in to see their loved ones. Though the testimony is 3rd party, both the demeanor of the speaker, her evident medical knowledge, and the facts revealed manifest, to this reporter, the unmistakable ring of truth. Kudos to the Daily Mail (UK) for reporting on this video (here)

Both audio / videos linked below. Have a look at them later, after you finish this article -- and judge for yourself.

Removed from You Tube. Click on image to listen to original audio. (in Spanish -- translation confirmed)

Click on image to view video

Under the Reign of Red Terror of Communist Governor Andrew Cuomo and Communist Mayor Bill de Blasio, the elderly and even the younger poor of New York City are being mass slaughtered. The more that die, the more money that these two anti-Trump ghouls expect in "Federal Relief." MediCare further incentives this genocide by paying out extra money for each Covid case; still more money for each patient placed on a lung busting ventilator; and still more for the final morphine kill shot (aka palliative care) -- not to mention the savings to the bankrupt Medicare, Medicaid and Socialist Insecurity Pyramid schemes.

The step-by-step killing process begins in the ambulance ride to the hospital -- which Mondello likely became aware of and Dr. Breen herself confirmed to her father -- and ends in the hospital. We believe that Dr. Breen not only knew too much -- but being a devout Christian, a known extrovert and a consummate professional -- was probably talking too much as well, or at least threatening to. And probably the same goes for EMT Mondello. That would explain the bizarre back-to-back “suicides” which have so excited (but not at all intrigued!) the New York press – and also why that whistle-blowing nurse on the scene chose to speak through a friend’s video instead of directly.

In response to the bewildered "anti-conspiracy theorist" normies who always mockingly ask: "How can they get so many people to go along with it?" --- The answer, on display here, is: If the fear of job loss doesn’t cow those healthcare workers with a conscience into silence – then “suicide” or the threat of "suicide" certainly will.

To close this with a slight twist suggested by a reader:


Could these people (the suicide victims) never even have existed and were created out of thin air to add to the illusion? This is another possibility.

Hmmm. An interesting hypothesis. Indeed, anything is possible.


For both political and financial reasons, NY Governor Cuomo and NYC Mayor de Blasio need as high of a Stupid-19 death count as possible.

Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that an Emergency Room Doctor committed suicide because she was depressed over all the Covid deaths

Boobus Americanus 2: Wow. Didn't an EMT just kill himself for the same reason? That's strange.


St. Sugar: Think, Boobuss. Think!!!

Editor: Boobuss Normie will never figure it out, I'm afraid. Even the most basic use of common sense is dismissed as "conspiracy theory."


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April 28, 2020

NY Times: Fed Emergency Rate Cuts Came as Economy Turned ‘Profoundly Uncertain’

The Federal Reserve, under Chair Jerome H. Powell, has slashed interest rates to near zero and taken other steps to try and protect the economy against coronavirus.


The engineered public ignorance about the true nature of the Federal Reserve's counterfeiting, loan-sharking and market-rigging operation surely ranks -- along with the Holohoax, the Kennedy Brothers assassinations, the Fairy Tale of the 19 hijackers of 9/11 and, most recently, the Stupid-19 scare -- among the greatest and most enduring magic shows of the past 100 years. The fleecing of the working man, year after year, decade after decade, appears all the more appalling when we realize just how "out-in-the-open" and not-too-complicated the basic scam of money lending is. If you haven't yet read "Bancarotta!" -- by yours truly -- you should. You will be amazed at how simple it is to understand the basic dynamics of the fraud of state-imposed usury -- or what the eggheads of academia refer to as "monetary policy."

BANCAROTTA! -- A fun and easy to understand allegory that tells how the people of Pizza & Pasta and Beer & Strudel were cleverly defrauded by a slick money lender who stored their coins for them.

(order paperback here)

We have two main objections to this piece of Sulzbergerian slime. Firstly, the unquestioning tone of the article assumes that the system of debt-based currency (state-sanctioned usury) -- in which all currency must be injected into the system at interest -- is somehow normal, natural and necessary. In reality, the world monetary system, unbeknown to even most politicians and academics, is steeped in fraud. Indeed, modern banking practices were banned for centuries in many places throughout Christendom and the Islamic world.

Logically, because all currency must be injected by loans, there must necessarily be, at all times, more debt outstanding than there is money in circulation. Consider these current numbers:

Total U.S. Debt (government and private): $50 Trillion

U.S. Money Supply

* M1: (a more realistic measurement) $4 Trillion

* M2 (a boader "leveraged" measurement): $15 Trillion

Whether you use the more realistic monetary sum of $4 T --- or the imaginary leveraged sum of $15 T --- neither can ever come close to paying back the $50 T, let alone future unfunded government liabilities of 100 T! This amounts to guaranteed perpetual (and unnecessary) compound debt slavery for all but the very wealthy. Good for the banksters -- bad for us slaves.

Principal + Interest is always greater (by far!) than Principal only. The unpayability of interest necessitates perpetual growth of the Money Supply (more debt) to keep the illusion afloat.

The second problem with this article, again by deliberate omission, is its failure to elaborate upon the perilous predicament -- the lose-lose financial scenario -- in which the U.S. and Europe today find themselves in. On the one hand, an increase in Federal Reserve interest rates charged to the nation's banks would decrease borrowing and choke off the magic money hose -- leaving debt-ridden consumers and businesses with less new currency to get their hands on. Bankruptcies and unemployment would necessarily soar and the bubble stock market would crash. That's the Great Depression of the 1930's.

The other choice, which involves maintaining the Fed's Prime Rate near 0% and keeping the new "heroine" flowing into the blood stream, means a continuation of the growing debt-burdens and steady price inflation and/or package "shrinkflation" that any thinking man can -- despite the perennially deceitful claim of "no inflation" -- easily see at any local grocery store. Either way, the day of painful economic reckoning must surely arrive. Whether the deflationary crash or hyperinflation comes all at once, or on the slow grind installment plan we are seeing now, is of little consequence to we-the-oppressed.

Inflation or Deflation -- we always lose, while Shylock wins.

An excerpt from BANCAROTTA!


The money lender has already been chased out of the Kingdom of Milk & Honey and the Kingdom of Pizza & Pasta. He arrives in the Kingdom of Beer & Strudel seeking asylum after fleeing from what he claims was "anti-Semitic" persecution.

Mordecai: Would Your Highness be so gracious as to grant me asylum and allow me to settle in your beautiful Kingdom?

King Rudolf: Of course! You may stay at your leisure. I am sure you will find my loyal subjects among the most tolerant and virtuous folk in all of Christendom. But tell, my dear man, how will you earn your keep? What exactly is your trade?

Mordecai: I am a financier, Your Highness.

King Rudolf: A financier? What does that mean?

Mordecai: My business is to store the gold and silver coins of the people in a safe vault, at no charge to them. I then lend the coins to those in need. They in turn repay the loaned coins, along with a bit extra, which I share with savers. Everybody wins, Your Highness!

King Rudolf: What a wonderful idea! I am sure my subjects will benefit from such a service. In fact, if you prove your worth, I may in time deposit some of the public treasury with you. It sounds like an easy money-maker! And don't you worry about anyone resenting you when you become rich again. In my Kingdom, envy is a sin. I wish you great financial success, and you may worship, or not worship, as you will.

Mordecai: Oh great King! Solomon in all his wisdom could not match the correctness of the merciful blessing which you have bestowed upon your newest and most humble subject. May I refer to you as Rudolf the Wise, Your Highness?

King Rudolf: I like your attitude, Mordecai! Since you will be storing gold, from hence forward ye shall be known to all as Mordecai Goldstein. Now, rise to your feet, my good man, and embrace your King.

Mordecai: Mordecai Goldstein -- I like it!


With the stash of gold coins stolen from the hapless savers of Pizza & Pasta, Mordecai Goldstein is able to re-establish his lending operation very quickly. As was the case with Pizza & Pasta, the warm, friendly and trusting folk of Beer & Strudel embrace the new savings and loan scheme. Goldstein again plans the reintroduction of note-based fractional reserve banking; but this time around he isn't taking any chances.

After setting up the coin lending, but before transitioning to issuing notes, Goldstein buys the Beer & Strudel Daily Times and replaces the previous Editor with an ambitiousjournalist he has just bought. With the respected town newspaper under his control, Goldstein can enhance his fraud and protect himself from "anti-Semitism" at the same time.Day after day, Goldstein's newspaper promotes the benefits of consumer lending and "democracy" while extolling the great financier and "philanthropist"asa genius. After about a year or so, the newspaper-worshipping people of Beer & Strudel respect Goldstein even more than their own King Brainless! Now, Goldstein is ready to churn out his "good as gold" bank note loans, exactly as he did in Pizza & Pasta.

Welcome to the Kingdom of Beer & Strudel!

Boobus Americanus 1: I read an article in the New York Times today saying that the Fed will keep rates low to deal with the economic ramifications of the Covid crisis.

Boobus Americanus 2: Yes. With inflation near zero, the Fed is doing the right thing.


St. Sugar: The only thing that is 'near zero' is your $^*(%@ I.Q., not inflation!

Editor: Evidently, Boobus the Blind hasn't noticed how the packages in the grocery store keep getting smaller and smaller.


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April 27, 2020

NY Times: How Do I Deal With a Friend Who Thinks Covid-19 Is a Hoax?


British-Ghanaian egghead Kwame Anthony Appiah -- formerly of Princeton University -- now teaches philosophy to his captive students at N.Y.U. -- and also writes a weekly column called “The Ethicist” for Sulzberger’s Slimes. In this week’s edition, Appiah -- a proud sodomite who shacks up with his Jewish "husband" in Manhattan and also at a home here in New Jersey -- responds to an alleged letter-writer who has a “friend” that is a Coronavirus “conspiracy theorist.” Here’s the letter:

“A friend of mine told me that he believes Covid-19 is a political, worldwide hoax to control people. I was flabbergasted to hear this. I tried to explain to him that the disease is no hoax: I know doctors fighting it, I know people who have contracted the virus and so on. But nothing has persuaded him.

Should I cut off my relationship with him or continue to talk to him? It is exhausting to argue with someone who believes in a conspiracy theory. I don’t feel I would lose much by cutting off ties with him, but how much of a responsibility do I have to make him understand the truth?” -- Name Withheld

Appiah’s response proves that he’s not much of a “philosopher” at all, but rather, a typical naive egghead (at best), or an actual conscious conspirator (at worst, and most likely). Let’s rebut his rebuttal.

1. Kwame Anthony Appiah fancies himself a "philosopher" -- but, as we shall see, he reasons like a mediocre High School debater. // 2. Appiah's article is accompanied by a childishly insulting cartoon of a "conspiracy theorist" wearing a tin foil hat, an alien T-shirt, a talking bird and an Illuminati Pyramid. // 3. The growing "re-open" movement is being attacked by the Fake News because the goal of Stupid-19 is to deliberately grind down the economy.

Appiah: Your friend believes in an astonishingly complex conspiracy. It would involve dozens of other political leaders on every habitable continent

Rebuttal: Professor Pointyhead falls into the classic trap of believing that political leaders and media organizations around the world serve multiple uncontrollable parties with many conflicting interests -- hence, it would be "impossible" to coordinate them. In reality, it is the single entity of the Globalist Mafia / N.W.O which directs, or at least influences, its agents in every nation. Though the orchestra musicians may be many, the conductor and the sheet music are only one. Should one of the violinists decide to start strumming from an electric guitar instead, he will be kicked out of the orchestra.

Appiah: It would involve doctors in Geneva at the World Health Organization, in Atlanta at the C.D.C. and in hospitals all around the world …

Rebuttal: Again, the doctors and hospital administrators, no matter what part of the world they are to be found, are ultimately the subordinate parts of a single financial-political-academic-corporate-medical machine that projects its power down from the W.H.O. / C.I.A. right down to a naïve nurse who just follows orders. How is it possible for a “philosopher” to not understand how the most basic principles of top-down group dynamics function? Stick to rim jobs, professor.

Appiah: … conspiring with data scientists at Johns Hopkins to produce a fantastic flow of fake information.

Rebuttal: Put enough money on the street and these academic whores will do as instructed. That's why you teach the garbage that you teach at NYU and write the garbage that you write for NYT, isn't professor? The “fantastic flow” of information was actually referred to as “flooding the zone” during the Event 201 exercise produced by Bill Gates and Johns Hopkins last October. Their words -- mot mine!

Appiah: Or, if your friend thinks that everything those politicians and scientists and health workers appear to be saying is itself made up, it would require an even more amazing capacity on someone’s part to control the media.

Rebuttal: The media is indeed controlled by a small group of Globalist oligarchs -- with the flow of information being managed by the C.I.A. The Event 201 plotters can be seen and heard, on video, discussing the need for total control of information during a pandemic. Those statements by the Johns Hopkins bunch amount to an actual admission that the media is controllable.

Look up Operation Mockingbird and the Church Senate Committee Hearings of 1975 -- and then get back to me. OK, "professor?"

Appiah: And what possible purpose could it serve?

Rebuttal: To expand political power, crash the economy, get rid of Trump, and medically / economically monitor the masses of the world in the name of “public health.” Duh!

1. The "world leaders" may be many, but the post World War II monster system which their nations have all -- to varying degrees -- been subordinately tied into is only ONE. // 2. October, 2019: Event 201 can be classified as "an open conspiracy"  -- in which the participants OPENLY called for  total media control (flooding the zone & Internet censorship) and the super-empowerment of the U.N.'s World Health Organization in the event of a pandemic. // 3. Once well-concealed, the One World Government scheme is now spoken about openly. Many younger generation normies actually like the idea.

Appiah: You might as well propose that we are all living in the Matrix.

Rebuttal: Actually, that's not a bad analogy! Evidently, the professor of philosophy has never read Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave.” Does Appiah not understand that the elite classes have, throughout history, always resorted to some form of mass-make-believe in order to control “the masses” (either for good or bad).

Appiah: Now, I suppose that there’s a remote possibility that your friend suffers from clinical paranoia and needs professional help.

Rebuttal: There it is! The insanity argument / ad hominem fallacy. Critical thinking = insanity. Typical! And oh so rich coming from a dude who eats ass.  (*we only suspect)

To quote Plato – a real philosopher which this ass-clown probably holds in great disdain:

“Those who are able to see beyond the shadows and lies of their culture will never be understood, let alone believed, by the masses.”

Appiah: More than a few people believe some version of what your friend believes, however, and mostly, they’re not suffering from psychiatric difficulties. Instead, they’ve joined one of the self-reinforcing cohorts of the collectively unhinged, which have become especially salient in the era of social media.

Translation: Even people who aren’t necessarily insane can still fall for the nonsense put out by the insane people over the Internet. Websites cannot be trusted – Only “mainstream media” can.

Appiah: The pathology there is not individual but social. And if that’s what’s going on, there’s something to be said for telling him you’re not willing to waste time arguing with him.

Rebuttal: So, professor – I take it you’re not a big fan of civil dialogue with those whom you disagree with. Debating critical thinkers (true philosophers) is a “waste of time,” eh? But why not try to enlighten us? Oh, that’s right. We are “crazy” --- so says the poofter who believes shutting down the world over a glorified flu isn't just a tad bit suspicious.

Appiah: Losing your friendship might give him more pause than any possible arguments.

Translation: Losing a friendship with a “conspiracy theorist” is no great loss.

On this point, I might have to agree. The dumb-as-dirt normies ridiculing we the awakened as being "crazy"-- sometimes in person and often, behind our backs -- may not be worth our time or affection either. So sick of them -- and that includes certain relatives as well.

1. Plato's "Allegory of  the Cave" teaches us how the elites can get away with deceiving mass numbers of people by inducing them into deceiving themselves. A true "philosopher" would understand this dynamic, not ridicule it. // 2. The "philosophy" of Professor Appiah: "Disagree with me and you are insane." // 3. The nitwit normies are the "crazy" ones. Perhaps WE should be "unfriending" THEM.

Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today conspiracy theorists believe that Covid-19 is a hoax.

Boobus Americanus 2: These people are really crazy. Almost 50,000 dead now and they say this is a hoax?


St. Sugar: Boobuss, you ssimpleton! The numberss are grossly inflated and it's still lesss than the frickin' flu!

Editor: New York City Metro Area, with less than 0.20% of global population accounts for 9.00% of worldwide deaths. That ALONE proves that numbers are being inflated!


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April 24, 2020

NY Times (Letters): Saving the Economy, and Saving Lives

Times Readers are fearful that the president will ease isolation measures to help his re-election bid.


Whereas the Globo-Marxists who produce Sulzberger's Slimes each day are the deceitful spawn of Satan himself, many of the self-important boobs who religiously read "the paper of record" actually believe the convoluted crap presented. In various Letters-to-the-Editor, the nattering nitwits of Normiedom -- proudly reflecting back to teacher what they have read -- continue to express their dismay over the idea of opening up the economy "too soon." The pleas to keep businesses locked down are generally based on a variation of the same old idiotic argument that self-righteously declares: "If it saves just one life... blah. blah, blah."

Take this snippet of stupidity sent in to the Slimes by one Sue Young of Montclair, New Jersey:

To the Editor:

I’ll be 74 next week, and on Monday I realized that my president considers me to be collateral damage in his effort to get re-elected.

Sue Young

Montclair, N.J.

That's easy for you to say, Ms. Young. At 74 and living in affluent Montclair, we suspect that in addition to collecting a Social Security check and God-knows-what-else in the form of pensions, brokerage accounts, family trusts etc. -- you and your insular "upper crust" crowd of mad madames don't need to go to work. Ironically, it is old money libtard snobs like you who consider the 26 million newly unemployed (and counting) as "collateral damage" in your campaign to blame Trump for Stupid-19 and then get rid of him this November.

1. The 'Letters to the Editor' section truly showcases the conformist stupidity of Slimes readers. // 2. Montclair, New Jersey -- a quaint college town full of nice shops and restaurants --- but INFESTED with dumb-as-dirt uppity libtards like "Sue from Montclair." // 3. I would imagine the 74-year old "Sue from Montclair" resembling the wealthy, stiff-necked, pearl-wearing pretender in Image 3. (She could be a silver haired ex-hippie too)

Now, as for this imbecilic bromide about "saving lives" -- putting aside the fact that the deaths from Stupid-19 (medical murders mainly) are greatly exaggerated -- to keep things logically consistent -- The Anti-New York Times proposes that the Federal Government impose a series of directives which will save countless thousands of lives each year. Should any of you pro-shutdown normies chance across these life-saving proposals -- we'd like to know if you support such suggestions. And if not, why not?

* Crisis: About 40,000 Americans are killed in automobile accidents each year.

Life-Saving Proposal:

  • A 25-mile-per-hour speed limit on the nation's highways -- 15 mph on roads and streets. All new and used cars to be fitted with automatic speed limiting technology.
  • To reduce non-essential travel, an additional $2 per gallon gas tax will be imposed

Estimated Lives Saved (as per computer model): 30,000 per year


* Crisis: About 30,000 Americans die from falling each year. The victims are mostly elderly, but not always.

Life-Saving Proposals:

  • People 60 or older must use a walker at all times. Hidden cameras placed in homes will ensure that the policy is being followed at home. First offense: $500 fine // subsequent offenses to include jail-time
  • Homeowners prohibited from cleaning their own gutters or painting over 6 feet from the ground
  • Sales of step-ladders forbidden to those 60 or older

Estimated Lives Saved (as per computer model): 20,000 per year


* Crisis: About 5,000 Americans per year choke to death while eating

Life Saving Proposal:

  • All food -- whether sold in markets or served at restaurants -- must come de-boned and pureed. Strict compliance enforced by fines and imprisonment for repeat offenders.

Estimated Lives Saved (as per computer model): 4,600 per year

1. Our cars are death machines on wheels. -- 25 mph on the highway would save 1000's of lives. // 2. The in-home enforcement of mandatory walker laws would save 1000's of lives and avoid billions of dollars in healthcare costs to taxpayers. // 3. She wouldn't be choking had her hot dog been pureed.

* Crisis: Various forms of annual cold & flu kill an average of 35,000 Americans per year. For the 2016-2017 season, an estimated 60,000 Americans lost their lives. In both 1958 and 1968, more than 100,000 Americans died (at a time when the U.S. population was about 40% smaller than it is today)

Life Saving Proposal:

  • Implement the current economic shutdown and social distancing laws every year from December through April.
  • Make mask-wearing mandatory all year round.

Estimated Lives Saved (as per computer model) 25,000 per year


* Crisis: Obesity is considered the main contributing factor in 300,000 deaths in America per year. 

Life Saving Proposal:

  • Mandatory weekly weigh-ins at designated fat-watch precincts. A $1 per pound overweight tax imposed at each weigh-in. Failure to pay fees will result in liens and wage garnishments.

Estimated Lives Saved (as per computer model): 150,000 per year


* Crisis: About 800 American women die during childbirth or within 40 days after.

Life Saving Proposal: All unborn children will be extracted via C-Section at 8.5 months of pregnancy. Any babies who die as "preemies" are not to be counted as deaths.

Estimated Lives Saved (as per computer model): 700 per year

We could go on and on and on with such silly freedom-killing / economy-crashing scenarios based on the "saving just one life" (or even saving many thousands of lives) argument. And yet, we still could not be accused of using the classic logical fallacy / rhetorical trick of "Reductio ad absurdum" (arguing to the absurd) because the current Stupid-19 lockdown is indeed absurd and is indeed essentially analogous to the "Life Saving Proposals" suggested for the other forms of premature death listed.

So, what does Sue of Marxist Montclair have to say to our "public health" program?

1. All strains of flus are deadly to 10's of 1000's of Americans. Why not put the Stupid-19 protocols in place every year -- and leave the mask policy in place at all times? // 2. If we tax fat people into the ideal weight, countless lives will be saved and health care costs will fall as well. // 3. Let's cut her open now. It could save her life.

Boobus Americanus 1: I was read the Letters to the Editor section of the New York Times today. The clear consensus of the people is that we keep the lockdown in place.

Boobus Americanus 2: I agree. You can never be to safe. If it saves just one life.....


St. Sugar: A wisse decision will never arisse from a 1000 jack-asses.

Editor: The total lack of empathy for the millions of people who have lost their jobs or businesses is astonishing.


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April 23, 2020

NY Times: Marina Abramovic Just Wants Conspiracy Theorists to Let Her Be

"I am an artist, not a Satanist"


Due to Q Anon's April 12th link to a documentary video which exposed elite Satanism (now approaching 10,000,ooo views plus millions more from copies! -- here) -- Marina Abramovic has suddenly obtained an unwanted level of fame far beyond that of the insular world of neurotic snobs who patronize "modern art." It certainly tells you a lot about Sulzberger's Slimes to see "the paper of record" now coming to the strong defense of the demonic witch and Satanist to the Stars. Poor Marina -- so misunderstood, slandered and now, even threatened by some of us loony "conspiracy theorists " --- a term of mockery and scorn used repeatedly in this love letter vomited out on Marina's behalf.

From the article, quoting the bitch-witch herself:

“I need to open my heart. I really want to ask these people, ‘Can you stop with this? Can you stop harassing me? Can’t you see that this is just the art I’ve been doing for 50 years of my life?’ I am an artist, not a Satanist!....I am personally afraid that any kind of lunatic with a gun will come and shoot me, because they think I’m a Satanist.”

Hmmmm. Now why would these online crazies suspect that this suddenly under-siege and innocent artist would have anything to do with promulgating the demented doctrine of The Evil One? After all, the images of her "art," posted below, seem perfectly normal to us. What do 'youse guys' think?

No Satanic imagery as far as I can tell.

Perfectly normal.

Nothing to see here, boys & girls. Move along.

And there are even more perverse pieces of filth (some featuring children) from the putrid portfolio of this wretched whore where those came from. In quintessentially brazen dishonesty, Abramovic claims that the pentagram stars featured in some of her works were meant to invoke the symbol from the flag of the former nation of Yugoslavia -- where the "Serbian" (cough cough) artist grew up in. Nice try, Marina. Who knew that you were such a "Slavic" patriot, eh? -- But that star on the old flag was not upside down like the ones you display, was it, Marina?

Now, these deranged "artists" are a dime-a-dozen. But what makes Marina Abramovic's case as intriguing as it is disturbing is the fact that the list of fanboys & fangirls who attend her events -- and go out of their way to cozy up to her for photo-ops -- reads like a "who's who" of the "elite." In the world of politics, her devotees include the Podesta Brothers, Alex Soros (son of George) and, as suggested by WikiLeaks, Killary Clinton herself. As far as actors and degenerate pop-celebrities, Robert De Niro, Robert Redford, Jay Z, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Naomi Campbell, Will Farrell, Chris Rock, James Franco and many more have attended her sickening events and posed proudly with her. That doesn't mean that they are all Satanists, of course (though Jay Z, Farrell and Lady Gaga certainly appear to be) -- but it does prove that Abramovic is BIG.

Who is this Satanic "Serbian" (cough cough) she-devil? More importantly, what higher force has elevated this weirdo to such a position that politicians and celebrities suck-up to her; and makes companies like Bill Gates' Microsoft decide to hire her -- of all people -- to showcase one of the company's new products? And why is the all mighty flagship of the worldwide Fake News now coming to her defense?

The "art" of this blood-semen-urine-mock cannibalism-obsessed daughter of Hell exposes her for what she truly is. And the big names who openly admire or defend her -- as well as the suspected big political names who do so "on the down low" -- indict themselves for what they truly are as well.

1. Robert De Niro with Abramovic  // 2. Jay Z is a degenerate "rap" singer, music industry mogul, and husband of  singer/ stripper Beyonce. A known occultist / Luciferian, he is depicted above performing some bizarre ritual with Abramovic. // 3. Abramovic poses with Jacob de Rothschild in front of an 18th Century painting titled, "Satan Summoning His Legions."

Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today about how right wing conspiracy theorists are terrorizing an artist that they say is a Satanist.

Boobus Americanus 2: Something has got to be done to regulate the Internet. These conspiracy theorists are dangerous.


St. Sugar: For we wresstle not against flessh and blood, but againsst frickin' principalitiess, against powerss, againsst the rulers of the darknesss of this world, against these spiritually wicked scumbag Globalistss in high places. -- Ephesians 6:12

Editor: Preach it, baby girl. Preach it! -- Though that's not exactly the King James version of scripture.


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April 22, 2020

NY Times: How The Times Covered the First Earth Day, 50 Years Ago


A positive (for lack of a better word) unintended consequence of the CoronaMania/Covid Hoax is that the event has swept that nasty little demon Greta Thunberg and her annoying Climate-Con-for-Kids-Road-Show clean off of the "world stage" -- at least for now. With today being the 50th Anniversary of the first "Earth Day" -- can "youse guys" just imagine the level of green hype we would have been subjected to on this day? Of course, from a freedom perspective, we'd prefer to contend with Gloomy Greta over CoronaMania any day. At least she isn't stopping me from getting a badly-needed haircut.

From the point-of-view of the Globalists, the loss of the propaganda effect of Earth Day 50 -- now downgraded to an online event only -- is not at all a setback because (((they))) are the ones behind CoronaMania as well. The Green Scam and the Covid Scam are similar because the "solutions" to the fake problems both require "One World" -- but the latter is a far more powerful vehicle because the "danger" is here now, and not the perpetual "15-20 years from now."

1 & 2. I think I'd rather be injected with that nasty bug than have to listen to this wicked little Swedish Satanist spew her One World Communist garbage. // 3. The recent made-for-TV CoronaMania event was titled "One World," Together at Home.

Though your "boomer" reporter here was alive back in 1970, he wasn't quite old enough to appreciate and recall the mega-hype of that worldwide event. But by all historical accounts, there was tremendous fanfare for that April 22nd. It kicked-off with CBS's Walter Cronkite (CFR) hosting a nationally televised TV special. The twin themes of "saving the planet" and "One World" were pounded into the malleable minds of so many gullible young hippies who have since grown up to takeover America at the behest of their invisible handlers (cough cough). Today's article proudly describes the Slimes' important role in selling the sugar-coated subversion.

From the article:

For the first Earth Day, on April 22, 1970, The New York Times went big. The paper covered the day’s events — rallies and teach-ins attended by millions — across the entire country, from New York to California. These days, that kind of wall-to-wall coverage would be called “flooding the zone.” (red emphasis added)

Now, where did I just recently -- and for the first time ever -- hear the term "flooding the zone" used to describe wall-to-wall media mania to hype up an event? Hold on. Let me think....

Cronkite and the media's heavy promotion (referred to "these days" as "flooding the zone") of "Earth Day 1970" was, in and of itself, a sure proof of a Globalist push for some sinister hidden agenda.

Oh! I remember where I heard that term now!

It was mentioned on an official video of a high-level conference / mock pandemic exercise known as Event 201 -- sponsored by Johns Hopkins University and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation on October 18, 2019 in New York City. Readers will recall that the "prophetic" Event 201 took place about 6 weeks BEFORE CoronaMania started with a slow drip-drip which by March 2020 had become a media "flood." During the discussion panel portions of Event 201, the assembled muckety-mucks openly spoke of the necessity for controlling all information about the "hypothetical" pandemic which might one day arrive. The censorship and shutdown of the Internet was presented as a means to countering "conspiracy theorists." And the term which was used -- no less than four times by multiple speakers -- for dominating the information flow was "flooding the zone." (summary version: here) --- (full 5-hour conference: here)

Again, to quote today's article about the Slimes' coverage of the original "Earth Day" -- "These days, that kind of wall-to-wall coverage would be called 'flooding the zone.'" The normies simply cannot see that whether the issue is "Climate Change" or CoronaMania -- the Globalists' deafening sound & fury tactic of "flooding the zone" is the sole basis for their beliefs -- and today's selected article, as well as the speakers at Event 201, actually admit as much.

1 & 2. October: 2019 -- The One Worlders of Bill Gates' Event 201 can be seen and heard on video calling for the informational "flooding of the zone," Internet censorship and shutdowns, quarantines, travel restrictions, transfer of power to U.N. agencies, shutdown of businesses etc.  // 3. The Fake News bullhorn is  how (((they))) are able to pull off these grand illusions.

Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that today is the 50th Anniversary of the first Earth Day in 1970.

Boobus Americanus 2: I was only 11 years old back then, but I do remember what a huge event it was. It really took off.


St. Sugar: Big eventss never "take off," Boobus! They are ALWAYSS launched by the powerss-that-be!

Editor: Whenever (((they))) "flood the zone" like that -- the bewildered Boobuses and numbed-up normies always come to believe that things are real and "spontaneous.".


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April 21, 2020

NY Times: 70 Died at a Nursing Home as Body Bags Piled Up.


As we have repeatedly stated, the Covid-19 lock-down of millions of helplessly isolated seniors provided the planners of this Satanic scheme with the perfect opportunity to artificially inflate the fake "death toll" numbers by incentivizing the murder of drugged-up inmates of various nursing homes. But nothing could have prepared us for the slaughter which occurred at the Andover Subacute and Rehabilitation Center II in Andover, N.J. As far as we can tell, the seniors incarcerated at this notoriously sub-standard facility lacked the means to afford one of the better nursing homes in northern New Jersey. How much easier it must be for the self-professed champions of the poor to silently slaughter the poor with morphine injections and/or lung-busting ventilators; before finally tagging the deceased as "Covid" --- 70 of them in all! And in rapidly ageing America, there will be plenty of new replacement inmates to take their beds and initiate a new round of MediCare billing // asset confiscation.

A sad tale of filth and horror -- from the article:

"Residents were crowded three to a room, and as the outbreak worsened, so did sanitary conditions. Spilled food littered the floors. ...Workers said they hurriedly made their rounds, dispensing medicine, changing bedsheets, feeding those who could not feed themselves and doing other tasks that brought them into close contact with residents.

After receiving an anonymous tip last Monday, the police found 17 bodies in bags in a small holding room at the Andover facility. The startling discovery illustrated the toll that the coronavirus outbreak has taken on the nation’s nursing homes and other congregate facilities that house society’s most vulnerable, including older people and those with mental and physical disabilities."

We hadn't thought about the mentally disabled. Evidently, they are being put down and tagged "Covid" too.

1. Brian Roberts, left, with his uncle Albert Roberts, 76, who died April 1 at the Andover nursing home. // 2. The House of Horrors at Andover // 3. Sedate -- Neglect & Abuse -- Kill -- Tag as "Covid"

With few on the inside caring, and no one from the outside allowed in to visit or monitor; one can only imagine the sort of undignified abuse and spirit-crushing neglect these poor isolated souls were subjected to at the hands of their now unchecked tormentors. This is especially so for the poorer Whites under the "care" of certain "people of color" who might actually enjoy "getting even" with some helpless, old, diaper-wearing, Trump-supporting "racist ." The final "squirt" would have come as a blessing to these pitiful abandoned wretches whose lives count for even less than unborn babies in this land that was once referred to as "God's country."

A nursing home "holocaust" is taking place right under our noses. Oh, incidentally -- speaking of the Holohoax -- ya just knew that stories like these were comin' --

  • New York Post (April 16): New Jersey Holocaust Survivor Dies Due to Complications From Coronavirus
  • New York Times (April 17): Lives Lost: Holocaust Survivor was Israel's First Virus Victim
  • Daily Mail (UK) (April 18): Holocaust Survivor, 90, Dies From Covid 19
  • ABC News (April 19): For Holocaust Survivors, Coronavirus Pandemic Reopens Old Wounds
(((They))) never miss an opportunity to to add new stanzas to the song that never ends about the event that never happened, do they? But I digress.

1. February, 2020: Long Island health care worker Andrea Richards was arrested for punching a 92-year-old White woman in the face. // 2. October, 2019: North Carolina: Tonacia Yvonne Tyson, Taneshia Deshawn Jordan and Marilyn Latish McKey were arrested for making white dementia patients fight each other while being filmed. // 2014: Winter Haven, Florida, Yashika Jones and Rose Blaise were caught by a hidden camera beating an elderly White man with dementia.

This is all so depressing -- and its wearing on all of us, I'm sure. The murders -- the lies -- the hardships -- the press conferences -- the Orwellian "public health" announcements -- the ruined businesses -- the mandatory masks & idiotic "social distancing" and -- most of all -- the obedient, fearful, dumb-as-dirt "normies" all around us who make Orwell's fictional character "Parsons" seem like frickin' Plato by comparison.

And yet, "The Editorial Board" here at The Anti-New York Times still isn't ready to "throw-in-the-towel" of surrender just yet. Nonetheless, one can't help but notice, that after hearing chants of "lock her up" (meaning Killary) emanating from Trump rallies for the past four years -- the only people we see being locked up and executed are these poor Seniors -- my recently departed and dear Uncle Joe being among them.

Something has got to happen -- and soon.


1. My Uncle Joe went to rehab (not the one in Andover) for his legs, and was then diagnosed with Covid. Warnings to normie cousins went unheeded as he was essentially kidnapped, isolated and sedated for 4 weeks -- followed by sudden death after supposedly being in recovery. // 2 &3. CoronaHoaxer MURDERERS Bill &Manly Melinda Gates, and Dr. Anthony Fauci are all recipients of "The Presidential Medal of Freedom." These filthy stinking pieces-of-shit should all be slowly strangled with those undeserved ribbons!

Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times about a New Jersey nursing home in which 70 people died from Covid.

Boobus Americanus 2: That's scary. There's no way we can open up the economy with that type of mortality going on.


St. Sugar: People who work aren't the ones dying, Boobuss! Although the numberss are fake, the alleged victimss are all very old or in poor health to begin with!

Editor: I read the other day that average age of deceased Covid patients is 80 years old -- and probably most of those people were deliberately "whacked" in their beds too.


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April, 20, 2020

Closed in observance of The Great One's Birthday

"Lord God, give us the strength that we may retain our liberty for our children and our children's children, not only for ourselves but also for the other peoples of Europe, for this is a war which we all wage, this time, not for our German people alone, it is a war for all of Europe and with it, in the long run, for all of mankind." 

--- Adolf Hitler, Jan. 30, 1942


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April 18/19 Weekend, 2020


NY Times:

* Broad Shutdown Pushes Americans to Economic Edge

* Nowhere to Hide’ as Unemployment Permeates the Economy

* Starve the Beast, Feed the Depression

* Straggling in a Good Economy, and Now Struggling in a Crisis

* Loan Money Runs Out While Small-Business Owners Wait in Line

* A Gloomy Prediction on How Much Poverty Could Rise

* The Age of Coddling Is Over:What Hardship Has to Teach Us

* Jobless Claims by Uber and Lyft Drivers Revive Fight Over Labor Status

* Flaws in America’s Plan to Save Midsize Business Portend More Trouble


In  a March 26 RHC piece titled, "The Plot to Herbert Hooverize Donald Trump," the "Editorial Board" of The Anti-New York Times warned that the Left's opposition to re-opening the economy was motivated not by any phony concern over "public health" -- but rather, a sick twisted plot to sabotage the economy in an important Election Year. Now, after four weeks of cascading unemployment claims and growing food lines, the main focus of Fake News -- as evidence by the multiple headline stories listed above -- is shifting away from the relatively "flattening" death rate and more toward what one of the above-cited stories refer to as "the economic carnage."

With dramatic and barely veiled Satanic glee, The Slimes summarizes the devastating effects of the CoronaHoax which it has helped to promulgate:

"An indelible image from the Great Depression features a well-dressed family seated with their dog in a comfy car, smiling down from an oversize billboard on weary souls standing in line at a relief agency. “World’s highest standard of living,” the billboard boasts, followed by a tagline: “There’s no way like the American Way.”

The economic shutdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic has suddenly hurled the country back to that dislocating moment captured in 1937 by the photographer Margaret Bourke-White. In the updated 2020 version, lines of cars stretch for miles to pick up groceries from a food pantry; jobless workers spend days trying to file for unemployment benefits; renters and homeowners plead with landlords and mortgage bankers for extensions."

Make no mistake -- the Globalists and all of Libtardom absolutely luuuv this chaos.

1. The Slimes dug up an old image of a Depression Era food line for Blacks, set in front of a billboard depicting a happy White family -- as if no Whites suffered during the Fed-created Depression! // 2. Today's bread lines feature idiotic "social distancing." // 3. Fake News falsely blamed Hoover for The Depression. If things don't improve by November, expect many more Trump-Hoover comparisons.

To add a sense of "gravitas" to this disgusting political hackery, one of the articles dredges up "Nobel Prize Winning" Fake Economist and former Chief Economist of Rothschild's World Bank, Joseph Stiglitz (cough cough) -- who said of the current crash: 

“We built an economy with no shock absorbers. We made a system that looked like it was maximizing profits but had higher risks and lower resiliency.”

You see how (((they))) roll? Hiding beneath the pretext of a glorified seasonal flu (probably of their own creation), they shutdown huge sectors of the economy for one whole month (and counting) and in so doing tossed 22 million Americans (and counting) out of work; substantially reduced the income of millions more; while killing some smaller businesses permanently. Then Stigshits blames it on the Trump economy's "lack of shock absorbers." Such an illogical analogy for explaining the current hardship is akin to a vandal plowing a huge pit in the middle of the road; and then blaming the ensuing damage done to the rims of passing automobiles on their "lack of shock absorbers!"

Dirty lying malevolent rat bastards! They should all be publicly flogged with spike metal wires and then lynched from the lamp posts.

1. Stigshits has been pissing on the Trump economy for the past three years. Now, with the current Covid Hoax crash, he is essentially gloating, "I told you so." // 2. My hair hasn't been this long since the late 1970's!  // 3. (((They))) stage a phony health scare --- they force the shutdown of the country ---- and then they blame Trump? 

Trump had better find a way (unsealed indictments?) around this Globalist roadblock and soon. The longer the slow-motion melt-down of American small businesses goes on (the big boys will do just fine), the harder it will be to recover in time for QFS 2020 (Quadrennial Freak Show). For as crazy, unfair and illogical as it may seem, millions of masked morons would indeed eventually turn on Trump and blame him for the Covid Depression. After all, have the obedient and frightened subjects of Normiedom by now not demonstrated that they can be led to believe everything and anything?

Come on Q-Anon! Bring the frickin' pain already!

1. Can Trump overcome the onslaught and turn the tables? /// 2. A happy daydream: Sulzberger, Stigshitz --- and at least 10,000 other "elites." It needs to happen.

Boobus Americanus 1: The New York Times is making comparisons to the Great Depression.

Boobus Americanus 2: Oh well, there goes the Trump economy. Ha ha ha.


St. Sugar: Heartless blockhead! You wouldn't be laughing if it wass your job that wass losst!

Editor: For all of their sanctimonious posturing and virtue-signalling, libtards never cared about "the downtrodden," at all!


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April 17, 2020

NY Times: ‘Hail Satan?’ Review: Pitchforks, Black Clothes and Good Deeds


How fitting it is for one of the demonic denizens of Sulzberger's Slimes, Ben Kenigsberg (cough cough), to publish a sympathetic review for a documentary titled, "Hail Satan?" -- a film which focuses on the rapidly growing group (50,000 members!) calling itself the "Satanic Temple." From the review:

"Before watching “Hail Satan?,” you might be surprised to learn that a group of self-described Satanists adopted a stretch of highway in Arizona and picked up litter with pitchforks. Or that others have collected socks for the needy. ...

Its adherents have rallied around seven tenets that sound — well, pretty nice. These include striving “to act with compassion and empathy toward all creatures” and promoting beliefs that conform to a “scientific understanding of the world.”... After all, if the Ten Commandments are an acceptable display at the State Capitol in Arkansas, then shouldn’t an eight-foot statue of the goat-headed deity Baphomet get equal play?"

So, the demons clean up litter and collect socks for the poor. Isn't that special? Last year, about this time, the lovely and gracious Mrs. King joined with some of the local ladies to clean up litter; and, with yours truly driving her around, collected Easter chocolates from local businesses to give to poor children. (I got yelled at for eating one of the small chocolate bunnies). We wonder, would the Slimes ever publish the following opening line about a harmless "far right" blogger???

"Before reading Mike King's conspiracy theory weblog, The Anti-New York Times, you might be surprised to learn that the self-described Hitler admirer, Holocaust Denier, '911 truther' and his wife picked up litter and collected chocolate Easter bunnies for needy children.... The site's supporters have rallied around seven tenets which sound -- well, pretty nice."

Hell no! (no pun intended). In the Slimes' world of upside-down and make-believe; honest and decent truthers who seek nothing more to inform, educate, inspire and uplift humanity are hated -- and ranked waaaay below these oh-so civic-minded Satanists. Nobody is censoring their wicked books at Amazon (here), or shutting down their PayPal accounts as was done to yours truly. Think about it.

1. Ben Kenigsberg of The Slimes looks like a devil himself! // 2 &3. Fiendishly clever Satanists, wearing upside-down crosses and flashing devil horns, clean up litter for the sole purpose of getting signs posted in their name.

A trailer for the film (here) attempts to present these lost souls as normal and rationale people who enjoy the whimsical tweaking of Christians over their "hypocrisy." This is also the approach of the Slimes reviewer -- as if to say: "Nothing to see here but some wise guys having a good time challenging authority."

And therein lies the age-old method of operation of the spirit of evil, or "Satan." These demented demons will lure the vulnerable into their ranks with the bait of camaraderie, mischievous fun and a bit of vice without consequence; whilst the inner / upper core are committed to death, sexual depravity, church desecration, ritualistic murder, baby-raping, child torture-murder and cannibalism.

And this Satan worship isn't just limited to disaffected and direction-less youth. As evidenced by the ubiquitous Satanic symbolism flowing out of the Hollyweird cesspool, the "music" industry, and Madison Avenue; the high and mighty are heavily into this stuff. French President and Notre Dame arsonist Emmanuel Maricon (deliberate typo, Spanish for faggot), the almost-president Killary Clinton and daughter Chelsea are among them for sure. This nasty stuff is real, boys and girls; and it is spreading fast into the spiritual vacuum left by the ongoing destruction of faith in God and His self-evident eternal laws for right living.

Box 1:  (top) Google Chrome 666 -- (bottom) Logo for CERN  (European Organization for Nuclear Research) // Box 2: (top) Walt Disney logo 666  -- (bottom) Monster Energy Drink has the Hebrew number for 6 6 6 as its logo, and an upside down crucifix in the "O" in "MONSTER"// Box 3: (top) Satanic whore Madonna performs at the Stupor Bowl halftime show in 2015.  -- (bottom)  Chelsea Clinton wears an upside-down crucifix.

A visit to the website of the Satanic Temple lists about 20 groups across the country. Google around a bit. The Satanists are shady but can be found. But like their Communist Party USA cousins of decades past, we suspect that the bulk of the Satanists -- certainly the richer and famous ones -- keep their dark side "on the down low." As portrayed in the 1968 film, "Rosemary's Baby," many of these characters seem just like the guy or gal next door -- some of them highly respected professionals in their community; and some of them way high "up there" in the Global power structure -- which is why the news coverage of this film has been so sympathetic. In addition to this Slimes puff-piece:

USA Today calls the film "delightful" --  Indiewire: "Provocative and hilarious" -- NPR Radio: "Devilishly compelling" -- The Guardian: "Are Satanists now the good guys in the fight against the Evangelical Right? -- BBC: Hail Satan? Satanists battling for religious freedom.

Whether one of these demented creatures believes the persona of Satan to be a literal entity or just a metaphor for pure evil is a difference without a distinction. The Satanists dwell among us, and above us -- and they grow bolder and more dangerous by the day. Ya better start praying, America, and Europe too.

1. The respected "Dr. Sapirstein" (cough cough) from "Rosemary's Baby" was a Satanist. How many real "Sapirsteins" are practicing medicine and killing people? // 2. Satanic Temple of Arizona holds a "Meet & Greet" event. // 3. Q Anon posted this sickening image of a mock Satanic child sacrifice from the Instagram page of a wealthy socialite named Rachel Chandler -- a child sex provider for the stars who has been linked to the Clinton Foundation.

1. Sammy Davis Jr. worshiped Satan. That's him between Satanic leaders Michael Aquino and Anton Levay // 2. They love dropping hints in our face! Davis starred in a 1973 film, "Poor Devil."

1. Satanist Killary Clinton (posing with Satanic homosexuals John Legend and possible tranny Chrissy Tiegen) forms an upside-down crucifix with her hands across the vertical line formed by her shirt & jacket. // 2. The sickening "art" demos of Satanic witch Marina Abramovic feature mock dead bodies and blood. That's "Lady Gaga" sipping from the vat of what may actually be real blood for all we know. //  3. Abramovic poses at an event with Lord Jacob Rothschild at the Royal Art Academy in London. The painting in the background is titled, "Satan Summoning His Legions" -- painted in 1797 by Sir Thomas Lawrence (The subject is from John Milton's Paradise Lost)

Boobus Americanus 1: I read a film review in The New York Times today about a documentary on Satanists. It seems that they aren't as harmful as people might think.

Boobus Americanus 2: Kind of weird, but to each his own. You know, "tolerance."


St. Sugar: Boobuss, you lukewarm nothing! Callss for "tolerance" is how Ssatan getss his frickin' hooked nose under the tent. We don't "tolerate" that bullsshit up here!

Editor: The Satanists know that they don't have to win everyone's heart and mind. All they have to do is get enough Boobuses to "tolerate" evil in their midst.


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April 16, 2020

NY Times: N.Y.C. Death Toll Soars Past 10,000 in Revised Virus Count

The city has added more than 3,700 additional people who were presumed to have died of the coronavirus but had never tested positive.


 Jew York's Mayor Bill de Blasio -- a Communist who illegally honeymooned with his "ex-lesbian" wife (here) in Castro's Communist Cuba in 1994 (here) -- and his cohorts have so boldly, brazenly and dishonestly inflated the Covid-19 death toll to the point that a city which only consists of 2.5% of the total U.S. population, now accounts for nearly 40% (10,400 / 26,700) of the national death toll. Such a statistical anomaly is not merely improbable or implausible -- it is downright impossible!

Forget about what "Crazy Mike" of the ANYT thinks. If Boobus Normie had a single functioning synapse in that media-marinated brain of his, then just the opening paragraph alone of this Slimes article alone ought to get him to scratching his empty head in curious wonder.

From the article:

"New York City, already a world epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak, sharply increased its death toll by more than 3,700 victims on Tuesday, after officials said they were now including people who had never tested positive for the virus but were presumed to have died of it.

The new figures, released by the city’s Health Department, drove up the number of people killed in New York City to more than 10,000, and appeared to increase the overall United States death count by 17 percent to more than 26,000." (bold emphasis added)

Ya see that? "More than 3,700 victims" added -- just like that -- with a single pen stroke. Cheese & crackers, Boobus. There it is -- the corona-con-job -- right there in your stupid masked face!

1. The giant de Blasio married admitted lesbian Chirlane McCray in 1994 and then honeymooned in Castro's Communist Cuba. // 2. On a death-per-100,000 basis, New York's "presumed" death numbers dwarf those of any other city in the USA or the world. // 3. Cause of death? When in doubt -- always tag the old man as "Covid!"

Now, apart from de Blasio being a Communist criminal hell-bent on undermining "Trump's economy" during an election year, the higher-up Deep State players have an important motive for scripting New York to be what the article refers to as "the world epicenter" of the pandemic. It's for the same reason that New York was chosen to be the "epicenter" of the 9/11 false flag attack which so altered the course of history. It's because the city also known as "The Big Apple" happens to also be the "epicenter" of the Fake News. Everything that happens in New York gets amplified and exaggerated a million times over -- and globally. How conveeenient!

Let us use baseball as an example which the boobs of Normiedom can more easily relate to. Now, even most females or many non-Americans who never held any interest in America's "National Pastime" know who New York Yankee "demi-gods" Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio and Mickey Mantle were. At the very least, those names would certainly ring the proverbial bell in anyone's head. To the contrary, outside of older baseball aficionado circles, very few people would recognize the names, let alone the faces of Jimmy Foxx, Ted Williams or Stan Musial -- even though that trio of fearsome sluggers was just as talented and amassed similar batting statistics as the aforementioned "Bronx Bombers." Why the fame double-standard? It's simple: The former played for New York -- the latter represented various other cities. Get it?

1. Post 9/11 Mania and Coronamania could never have taken off unless New York City was scripted as the "epicenter" of the "event." // 2. No city on Earth can hype up an event like the Fake News & financial capital of the "free world." // 3. Though they were contemporaries of comparable talent, Babe Ruth of New York was immortalized; but Jimmy Foxx (Philly, then Boston) is remembered only by baseball history buffs.

This publicity-seeking bug of dubious origin is a smart little son-of-a-bitch (or should we say, son-of-a-bat?), ain't it? After arriving on the West Coast for a connecting flight -- Coronavirus / Covid bypassed (for the most part) "flyover country" because it understood the old Frank Sinatra adage from his famous hit, New York, New York:

"If I can make it there, I'll make it anywhere. It's up to you, New York, New York."

Sing it, blue eyes. Sing it!

Had CV-19 (its handlers, actually) selected Los Angeles, Phoenix, Chicago, St. Louis, Houston, Denver or Philadelphia as its "epicenter," it might have "Jimmy Foxxed" itself into relative historical obscurity by now. And when we extend this death-per-100,000 analysis throughout the western hemisphere, we learn that major cities / population centers such as Toronto, Mexico City, Lima, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Bogota etc. have been similarly spared by the media-savvy virus with the big Broadway dreams.

The danger at this juncture is, that with absolute power over such a large city of such financial and media significance, the filthy Red Rat de Blasio may be able to create a statistical "flare up," at will. New York City alone -- with its Marxist methodology of "presumed" deaths -- can, as we have just witnessed, single-handedly skew the national numbers enough to complicate Trump's efforts to reopen the country. The supply of helpless homeless that can be rounded up and "put to sleep" is also limitless. Something has got to be done about the pro cop-killer Mayor dubbed "Big Bird" by some of his New York critics -- and the same goes for his puppet master Communist lesbian wife too.

Start spreadin' disease, I'm leavin' today

I want to infect all of it

New York, New York

These vagabond spores, are longing to spray

Right through every nostril of it

New York, New York

I wanna shut down, that city full of sheep

Make Bill Gates king of the hill

Globalist creep

Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that a recount increased New York just death toll by 3,700. It's at 10,000 now!

Boobus Americanus 2: Covid -- bad.


St. Sugar: Demonrats count Covid deaths like they count votes!

Editor: Soon, de Blasio might start counting drug overdose deaths and suicides as "Covid-related."


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April 14, 2020

NY Times: Bar or Bat Mitzvah? Hey, What About a Both Mitzvah?



These (((people))) are sick and getting sicker by the month. One couldn't write a more biting satire of the gender-bending lunacy currently sweeping the dying West than this article -- only it's real! Haz mat suits and hip waders on, boys and girls. Let us dive into Sulzberger's seditious cesspool to examine this piece of clinical insanity pooped out by freelance writer Alyson Krueger:

Krueger: Lion is a 13-year-old who lives in Brooklyn.

Rebuttal: What kind of parents name their child "Lion?"

Krueger: The middle school student identifies as pangender, a term for feeling like you are every gender at once, ...

Rebuttal: Lion is a frickin' nut-job afflicted with Multiple Personality Disorder -- the obvious result of being reared by the deranged parents who named him after an animal.

Krueger: ... and likes to go by “they” because it’s an inclusive pronoun.

Rebuttal: So, the thing named after the King of the Jungle wants to be referred to as "they," eh? Isn't that special? (palm to face, shaking head, sighing)

As if its all so perfectly normal, the beaked Bolshevik Alyson Krueger brings us a story of insanity about a mentally twisted boy -- girl - both named Lion who is "pangender."

Krueger: “I can identify with male and female and others in between,” they said.

Rebuttal: Whoah! Did you catch that? A writer for the "prestigious" birdcage liner known as "the paper of record" refers to a boy named Lion as "they!"

Krueger: They are also of the Jewish faith, and on Sept. 1, 2018, when they turned 13, they participated in a traditional coming-of-age ceremony: the one in which children become adults ...

Rebuttal: After six years of wading through Sulzberger's cesspool each day in order to bring "youse guys" these rebuttals, your battle-hardened reporter here often thinks he has seen it all and that nothing can get any worse. And then a story like this comes along to make even 2016 seem like the good old days of decency, morality and sanity.

Krueger: Traditionally 13-year-old boys celebrate becoming bar mitzvahs and 12 or 13-year-old girls celebrate becoming bat mitzvahs. But Lion went an alternative route: a “they” mitzvah, if you will. Their family got the idea from a set of twins who celebrated a b’nai mitzvah. (B’nai’ is just the plural form of the word ‘bar’ or ‘bat’)

Rebuttal: The parents are insane, and every single guest as this "They-Mitzvah" is too. But that's New York Jewry for ya.

Krueger: This was a significant alteration. “If someone uses the wrong pronoun it can feel like a weight is added to your back,” said Lion. “I have a friend who is non-binary, gender-fluid, and their parents weren’t as accepting. They still had a bar mitzvah even though they doesn’t identify as a gender. It wasn’t comfortable.”

Rebuttal: "Non binary gender fluid, eh? Well, I feel like a dog sometimes (woof woof) and a cat at others (meow meow). What's that make me? Species fluid?

1. The Slimes article also mentions another twisted Jewish child named Milah -- who had a "B-mitzvah" at a "progressive" Upper West Side synagogue. “I’m gender fluid-ish,” it said. “I’m comfortable with everything.” // 2. The first steps on the road to today's living hell-on-earth were taken by the over-rated, sex-obsessed psychobabbler, Sigmund Freud (cough cough).

Krueger: In recent years, more people have been questioning or exploring their gender expression, including teenagers. In Jewish circles this process can coincide with the time for bar and bat mitzvahs. To make space for transgender and nonbinary teenagers, more synagogues and Jewish communities have adopted they mitzvahs.

Rebuttal: And it is from these "Jewish circles," dear reader, from which the cultural toxin in which we are drowning in all originates from. It's "them" -- it's always bloody "them!"

Krueger: (quoting Rabbi Rachel Timoner, the senior rabbi at Congregation Beth Elohim in Brooklyn): “The traditions of Judaism adapt every generation. And this is one of the needs of our generation.”

Rebuttal: This vermin calls herself a "rabbi," eh? Time for a Torah refresher course, bitch.

Deuteronomy 22:5 -- “A woman shall not wear a man's garment, nor shall a man put on a woman's cloak, for whoever does these things is an abomination to the Lord your God."

*** End of Rebuttal ***

The true Orthodox Jews with the funny hats and hanging sidelocks will, of course, never "tolerate" this filth and lunacy within their communities (though some of them have no problem spreading it to "the goyim" while cashing in on it). As for these libtarded "reform" Jews, if they were to contain this moral-mental cancer only to their own children, we might be able to "tolerate" their self-psycho-mutilation. The problem is, seditious scum such as "rabbi" Rachel insist on infecting the rest of the society at large with their highly contagious mental / moral diseases. Little Joey Goebbels -- Public Enlightenment Minister for Germany -- said it best: “The Jews are lice that live on civilized humanity."

Tell it, Little Joe. Tell it.

1. The "rabbi" Rachel Timoner. // 2. Red Rachel has protested alongside known Communists at an anti-police rally in Jew York City. In image 2 above, she is protesting Donald Trump // 3. I know, Moses. I know.

Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today gender fluid Jewish teens are having what are called "they-mitzvahs" now.

Boobus Americanus 2: I don't know if I'm ready to accept this idea of having multiple genders yet.


St. Sugar: Give the frickin' commie Jewss and their media a couple more yearss to work on that musshy mind of yourss, Boobuss. You'll get there.

Editor: Next stop on the road to Sodom & Gomorrah --- bestiality and child sex.

Judy, an avid Anti-NY Times reader, shows off her defiance to the COVID Communists!


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April 13, 2020

NY Times: Nearly 2,000 Dead as Coronavirus Ravages Nursing Homes in N.Y. Region

The facilities knew that frail and aging residents were especially vulnerable to the outbreak, but they were unable to stop it.


The 3-step mass-murder policy of "Isolate them -- COVID them -- Kill them" continues to "ravage" nursing homes, hospitals and re-hab centers throughout Communist New York and North New Jersey -- and, in lesser numbers, throughout the rest of the country in general (here)). Indeed, as reported last week, Satan's medical mobsters took out my dear Uncle Joe just last week -- after my normie cousins ignored my warnings about his constant "sleeping."

Youse guys already know how that game works. What's interesting about this Slimes article is that it gives us a "read-between-the-lines" confirmation of this ghoulish genocide.

From the article:

"At Crown Heights Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation in Brooklyn, workers said they had to convert a room into a makeshift morgue after more than 15 residents died of the coronavirus...

At Elizabeth Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in New Jersey, 19 deaths have been linked to the virus; of the 54 residents who remain, 44 are sick.

... 13 people died in an outbreak at the New Jersey Veterans Home in Paramus...

In Manhattan, two women who met during visits to the Upper East Side Rehabilitation and Nursing Center felt helpless while their mothers died of the virus within minutes of each other. Both had been unable to see their mothers for weeks.

“The last day I went there, I told a supervisor, ‘I’m thinking of taking my mother out before something terrible happens,’” one of the women, Lynda Walsh-Clifford, said. “He said, ‘Don’t worry, everything will be fine.’”


The virus has perhaps been cruelest at nursing homes and other facilities for older people, where a combination of factors has hastened its spread.

In all, nearly 2,000 residents of nursing homes have died in the outbreak in the region, and thousands of other residents are sick."

Translation: The nursing homes are "gettin'-while-the-gettin's-good" because ---- with no pain-in-the-ass-family members allowed inside to ask questions -- killing repeatedly admitted old-timers (liabilities) and collecting a government bonus for "palliative care" and/or per case grant money for "COVID assistance" has never been easier.

1. The Morphine Genocide has been greatly facilitated by the cruel policy of locking down the elderly in the name of fighting COVID. // 2. Crown Heights Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation in Brooklyn -- 15 dead. // 3. New Jersey Veterans Home in Paramus, NJ -- 13 dead

Apart from the fact that the true death numbers of COVID are being grossly inflated by the stealth abortions of so many helplessly isolated seniors, the other important "read-between-the-lines" data-point which normies seem to miss is that so few middle aged people -- and virtually no children -- have died from this common cold. So, why are the schools, "non-essential" businesses, churches, sports leagues etc all closed? Why are so many of us now under Communist orders to wear masks? Why must we be subjected to 24/7 Orwellian "Public-Service-Announcements" about idiotic "social distancing?" Youse guys know why. But when will the rest of Normiedom ever figure it out? Probably never -- as the following post-death dialogue with one of my bereaved cousins would indicate:

(as close as I can remember the conversation)

Crazy Conspiracy Cousin Mike: It's strange how your dad was always sleeping. I tried calling his room a few times. You would think the ringing of the phone would wake him up, right?

Cousin Normie: Well, he used to sleep a lot even before we took him to rehab. And his hearing wasn't that great either. (*He seemed to hear me just fine when I last saw him at Christmas time.)

Crazy Mike: You mentioned that the nurse was crying when she called you with the bad news. That's strange because they see death and suffering all the time. Plus, she doesn't even know your dad. Sounds like she was play-acting.

Cousin Normie: Well, when you spend enough time a patient you can get attached. (*How? If he was always "sleeping?")

Crazy Mike: I thought they said that his fever had passed and that he was getting better?

Cousin Normie: Well, that's the nature of COVID. It can comeback and attack the lungs without warning. I really thought he had this thing beat too. (*palm to face, sigh, shaking my head)

1. "COVID -- bad." Grieving normies console each other over the sudden deaths of elderly parents from COVID -- yet never pause to question what they have been told. // 2. The Hunted // 3. The Hunter

This is all so bloody Satanic and demoralizing.

Speaking of The Evil One, one of Q-Anon's most recent posts reads: "Best documentary of the year" -- and links to a 1-hour, 17-minute film about Fake News, Satanism and child-sex-torture in very high places. Like ship-wrecked sailors reaching for pieces of nearby driftwood, we've got no choice but to hold on to it in the desperate hope that it can keep us afloat until the rescue ship arrives. Given the hypnotic trance which has been cast over the Boobus Normies in our midst (and don't let the Internet "echo-chamber" fool you; normies are indeed the super-majority) nothing less than the full disclosure of elite Satanic child-sex-torture and baby cannibalism rings will ever jar the mob out of the peaceful slumber of numbed-down Normiedom. In the meantime, keep your elderly loved ones with sniffles or sore throats at home -- where they will be safe, not from COVID -- but from the syringes of the Ghouls in Gowns and Snakes in Scrubs.

Here's the link to the documentary which the Q-Anon / Trump team linked to: Out of Shadows