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MARCH 2020

Mar. 2: U.S. to Withdraw from Afghanistan // Mar. 3: Never Enough Diversity // Mar. 4: YouTube and "Conspiracy Theorists"  // Mar. 5: Deflation Causes Inflation?// Mar. 6: CoronaMania: 23 Headlines in One Issue! // Mar. 9: Coronahoax Targets Italy // Mar. 10: Bloody Bloody PurimFest // Mar. 11: Bolsheviks in the Boardroom // Mar. 12: Putin for Life? // Mar. 13: Trump Declares "National Emergency" // Mar. 16: The Mystery of Tom Hanks // Mar. 17: The Dinoscam // Mar. 18: CoronaMania & the Climate Hoax // Mar. 19: Bill Gates and the Corona Conspiracy // Mar. 20: Peak CoronaMania & "The Storm" // Mar. 23: Die Seniors, Die! // Mar. 24: Mad Monday in the Matrix // Mar. 25: Greta Gets Coronavirus? // Mar. 26: Bolsonaro vs The Greenies // Mar. 27: The "Hooverization" of Donald Trump // Mar. 30: Trump Dominates the Airwaves

March 30, 2020

NY Times: Trump Brags About High TV Viewership of Coronavirus Briefings


In yet another promising sign that Donald Trump has counter-couped the coup which the scum of the Global Deep State had sprung on him in the form of Event 201 (Bill Gates' "prophetically" tyrannical 2019 Globalist role-play-turned-real) Sulzberger's Slimes and many other Fake News outlets are now openly whining about the seemingly 24/7 face-time the president is commanding and enjoying (and actually boasting about) before the TV-worshiping normies of America -- in an election year! This story describes how the Made-for-TV Maestro is enjoying every minute of it.

From the article:

"U.S. President Donald Trump on Sunday bragged about the millions of people tuning in to view his daily press briefings on the coronavirus pandemic, saying on Twitter that his average ratings matched a season finale of "The Bachelor."

"Because the 'Ratings' of my News Conferences etc. are so high, 'Bachelor finale, Monday Night Football type numbers' according to the @nytimes, the Lamestream Media is going CRAZY," Trump tweeted. "'Trump is reaching too many people, we must stop him.' said one lunatic. See you at 5:00 P.M.!"

Ha ha ha ha. Tell it, Trump. Tell it!

All because of CoronaMania, Trump the "crisis-manager" now dominates the airwaves of Boobus America.

Whether the adversary is the formerly all-mighty Fake News, or the formerly all-mighty Federal Reserve Board, or the formerly all-mighty Demonrat Party -- Trump's counter-coup is making him stronger by the day. And with even the communist colleges and schools being shut down, all those students who, just a few weeks ago, were getting their malleable minds marinated in mendacious Marxist manure each day, are now home watching the Maestro masterfully "manage the crisis."

  • Headline: CNN "Poll of Polls"(March 27, 2020): Trump Approval up Amid Coronavirus (here)

The self-described "Wartime President" is not only dominating the airwaves and cyberspace. Trump has just inserted himself into everyone's mailbox with a CoronaMania "guidelines" / public reassurance postcard  -- and soon, into everyone's bank account with a $1,200 "stimulus check" (direct deposit) to be followed with other one after that. Trump is beating the PRC (Predatory Ruling Class) at their own game of public relations and, in classic jujitsu fashion, using the enemy's own force to do it with.

(((They))) believe that they can sink Trump with their CoronaMania; but in reality, they are feeding his power supply. It's enough to make we-the-awake seriously consider going out and about town wearing surgical masks and plastic gloves -- just to do our own patriotic parts in adding to the necessary mass madness which has now been harnessed to Trump's advantage. You see -- the more that the cowering normies wet their panties, the more they will support Daddy Donald's "heroic" efforts to save them from catching a common cold. Ha ha ha ha.

Wow. Talk about being hoisted on one's own petard! (blown up by one's own bomb.)

1. Trump's "Coronavirus Guidelines for America" postcards are now mass-landing in the mailboxes of America -- in an election year and at no cost to his campaign. // 2. Even many Demonrat boobs will become Republicans when Big Daddy Trump's vote-buying "stimulus checks" start arriving. // 3. Give it up, Pedo Joe. You got no chance against Trump.

The Maestro has played this beautifully. And a tip-of-the-hat to Military Intelligence for tipping him off well in advance of the coming Corona False Flag. After Gates and friends sprang their virus stunt, Trump, in classic Sun Tzu fashion, baited the Fake News and the Demonrats into attacking him by dismissing the mania as a hoax. That kicked the perps into a maximum level of hype intensity. At the perfect moment -- as he always does -- Trump then turned on-a-dime and positioned himself at the head of the "war against an invisible enemy." We are confident that, at the right moment, he will again pull the rug out from under his adversaries by declaring that the "threat," thanks to his bold action, has suddenly passed. And the normies -- stimulus checks in hand, back to work, and stock portfolio values restored and then some -- will love him for it.

With the people behind him and the military and National Guard units under his Emergency command, let us hope and pray that before the emergency is lifted, the promised mass arrests and emergency cell phone alerts take place -- because if not now, when?

Stay tuned.

1. (SCARE) Necessary Event -- Patriots Day = April 19 // 2. Trump  just dispatched a Navy Hospital Ship to New York City -- for non-existent patients? Or for collecting Deep State Devils in their lair? (Note the cross of Christ)


Mr. President -- you, speaking through Q Anon -- repeatedly and unequivocally promised us mass arrests of these Deep State demons. We eagerly await your phone call -- and will be mortified  (and angry) if this isn't real!

Boobus Americanus 1: You know, I have to admit -- Trump is doing a heckuva job in managing this global crisis.

Boobus Americanus 2: Agreed. We should be getting a check soon too!


St. Sugar: I ain't no fan of political manipulation and frickin' welfare checks, but if it'ss all for a greater good, sso be it!

Editor: The scare, the welfare, and the Trump dictatorship will be temporary, but necessary.


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March 27, 2020

NY Times Headlines:

* Trump's Easter Back-To-Business Goal 'Catastrophic'

* Trump Says Reopen by Easter, Corporate America Says Not So Fast

* Coronavirus Advancing. All Americans Need to Shelter in Place.

* Dollar Signs Versus Vital Signs

* Trump Wants U.S. ‘Opened Up’ by Easter, Despite Health Officials’ Warnings


In this tactical tug-of-war over whose script will be chosen for the final act of Coronavirus: The Movie -- we have, on one side, Trump and the patriots proposing the “happy ending” version of re-opening businesses and resuming the counter-attack on the Deep State by Easter Weekend (April 10 -12) --- and, in the other camp, there are the undefeated and still-mighty Globalists whose version of the closing scene climaxes with the “Herbert Hooverization” of Trump and allies worldwide by imposing an indefinite economy-killing “shelter-in-place” regime upon Planet Earth. Psychopath Bill Gates for example -- who, in my perfect world, would to be beaten to death with hammers on live TV -- is calling for up to an additional TEN WEEKS of shut-down.

As the above-listed pro-depression / anti-“get back to work” headlines clearly indicate, we know which ending that “the paper of record” prefers.

1 . Trump: "America was not built to be shut down." He has stated repeatedly that he wants the country back to work by Easter (4-10-20 is "Good Friday" this year, and corresponds to his initials, DJT) // 2. Fake News and Demonrat Governors want to keep the country shut down. // 3. The goal of the Ghoulish Governors is to do to Trump what they did to President Hoover.

For the benefit of the historically rusty, a bit of Real History precedent review is in order here. 

In 1928, Republican Herbert Hoover was elected President by winning 40 of the then-48 states. It was the third consecutive Republican landslide (Harding, 1920 & Coolidge, 1924). Hoover had inherited from his predecessors the booming economy of “The Roaring Twenties,” -- and optimistically spoke of continued peace and prosperity for the nation.

About six months into his term, the Federal Reserve and its subordinate banks deliberately choked off the money supply – crashing the highly leveraged stock market in October, 1929 and ushering in the Great Depression. As businesses across the country fell like dominoes, the Fed continued to contract the money supply so that both businesses and individuals couldn’t get their hands on enough currency to repay the old debts from the bubble years.

Hoover, for the most part, resisted the commie call for "action" -- wisely stating:

"Economic depression cannot be cured by legislative action or executive pronouncement. Economic wounds must be healed by the action of the cells of the economic body - the producers and consumers themselves."

That sure didn't go over too well with the Globo gangsters (cough cough) who engineered the crash. Like a trio of con-artists working the same “mark,” the Fed continued to throttle the economy, whilst the Fake News falsely blamed Hoover for not “doing enough,” whilst the Communists organized “spontaneous” street actions like the 1932 “Bonus March.” The End Result: The election of 1932 brought an end to 12 years of conservative Republican governance by installing Franklin Demono Rosenfeld in the White House in a 42-state landslide -- along with a Democrat super-majority in the Congress (most, but not all of them leftists). America would never be the same again.

1. “It (the Stock Market crash) was not accidental. It was a carefully contrived occurrence. The international bankers sought to bring about a condition of despair here so they might emerge as rulers of us all.”

~ Louis McFadden // Congressman (R-PA), Chairman of House Banking Committee. Testified in Congress (1933).  In 1936, McFadden suddenly dropped dead after attending a banquet. // 2.  Months before the election of 1932, the Communist-led "Bonus Army" incited thousands of World War I veterans to camp out in Washington and demand their World War I bonus money before retirement. When General MacArthur was brought in to bust-up the Red Rebellion, Fake News made Hoover into a tyrant. // 3. The coup was successful --- FDR wins in a landslide.

Early on in his presidency, Trump took control of the Fed by dumping Globalist Janet Yenta Yellen (cough cough) and appointing Jerome Powell (the first non-Jew to chair the Fed in over 30 years). With the Fed having been tamed, the removal of Trump by the tried & true tactic of spiking interest rates / contracting money supply -- which was the original plan (here) -- was no longer an option. CoronaMania was therefore designed to do what the Central Bank could no longer do, namely, crash -- Herbert Hooverize -- the Trump's stock market and economy – albeit by different means than those utilized in 1929-1932.

Right on cue, from RealClearPolitics.com, March 25, 2020:

Headline: Will Trump Become the New Hoover? (here)

And this from the Washington Compost, March 23,2020 (accompanied by images of Trump and Hoover)

Headline: Covid-19 may destroy Donald Trump’s presidency

Sub-headline: Has Trump plunged America into another Great Depression? (here)

Bastards! But should we really be surprised? (((They))) don't care about how many people they murder in foreign wars; so why would (((they))) give a rat's butt-hole about how many American get thrown out of work? Our lives mean NOTHING to these monsters which so many millions of normies hold in such high regard as "public servants."

Like the “Russian Collusion” hoax of 2017-2019; and like the “Ukraine Phone Call” hoax of 2019-2020 – CoronaMania seems destined to backfire – maybe. The unpredictable “X-Factor” here is that 24 of America’s 50 states (including the two most populous states of California and New York) have Demonrat Governors. If enough of these repugnant villains (Newsome (CA), Cuomo (NY), Pritzker (IL), Murphy (NJ) et al) were to collectively scheme to keep their respective states on shut-down -- in spite of Trump’s Easter target date for a return to normalcy -- the Governors (and some big city Mayors) could inflict enormous damage not just upon the people of their own states, but on the nation as a whole.

It will be interesting to see how the coming civil war between the conveniently all-of-a-sudden “states’ rights” Demonrat Governors and the President plays out. Our money is on Trump coming out of this latest take-down scheme smelling like roses again. However -- if mass arrests of the criminal perps who just caused us to dump 2 Trillion on the National Credit Card don’t come out of this golden “National Emergency” opportunity; then one has got to start wondering how and when “The Storm” will ever happen. Not getting discouraged here – just a little antsy. We just need to see some bad guys disappear and die soon. That’s all.

– That being said, where the hell is Tom Hanks?"

1. Trump saved his presidency early on by taking the unprecedented action of essentially firing (refusing to reappoint) Fed Chairman Yellen. // 2. With the Fed 'Hooverization' option no longer viable, the Globalists are counting on scum such as Governor Newsome of California to keep the economy is a slow motion election-year implosion over this Coronavirus nonsense. // 3. Hanks and his wife were supposedly "diagnosed " and then "released from the hospital" with minor symptoms  11 days ago. Where is he? And what is his right hand in the last seen Instagram image attached to?

In accordance with the dictates of New Jersey's insane and evil Governor Phil Murphy of Goldman Sachs, the Boobus Brothers are at home, "sheltering in place" ™ as they "social distance" ™ from their equally stupid and frigid wives.


St. Sugar: When the Boobusses sstart to feel the pain of not having a paycheck, they will sside with Trump againsst the Governorss!!

Editor: That's quite possible -- but the script for the final act of this secret war can still go either way, in my judgement.


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March 26, 2020

NY Times: Under Brazil’s Far Right Leader, Amazon Protections Slashed and Forests Fall


Among cunning Globalists and their true-believing libtarded dupes, the felonious fairy tale of Amazonian "deforestation" is an article of commie climate catechism second only in piety and importance to the commandment to never doubt in the "science" of man-made "Global Warming" / Climate Change ." The great basin and its rain forest, we are told, simultaneously act as a vital absorbent of CO2 (plant food) as well as the oxygen-producing "lungs of the Earth ." But Jair Bolsonaro -- Brazil's "far right" president -- ain't buyin' the Fake Science. And his defiance has really got the pink panties of the ghoulish greenies at Sulzberger's Slimes up in a bunch because 60% of the Amazon is located within the borders of Brazil.

From the article:

"The destruction of the Amazon rain forest in Brazil has increased rapidly since the nation’s new far-right president took over and his government scaled back efforts to fight illegal logging, ranching and mining. Protecting the Amazon was at the heart of Brazil’s environmental policy for much of the past two decades. At one point, Brazil’s success in slowing the deforestation rate made it an international example of conservation and the effort to fight climate change.

But with the election of President Jair Bolsonaro, a populist who has been fined personally for violating environmental regulations, Brazil has changed course substantially, retreating from the efforts it once made to slow global warming by preserving the world’s largest rain forest."

1 & 2. The Amazon is often referred to as "The Lungs of the Earth." // 3. Bolsonaro is an ally of Trump who understands what the true objectives of the "environmentalist movement" are all about.


Ponder this irony: Plants and trees LOVE CO2 and warm temperatures. So, if we reduce CO2 (plant food) and reduce temperatures -- wouldn't we be causing more "deforestation?"

Be not alarmed, boys and girls. First of all, the Amazon is NOT "the lungs of the Earth ." Though the vast forest / jungle does indeed generate an enormous quantity of oxygen through photosynthesis, it actually consumes most of that oxygen itself during the constant decomposition of organic matter. The Amazon is therefore not "lungs of the Earth," but rather, the lungs of itself only. Factor in naturally-caused forest fires, and its actually arguable (and backed-up by real scientists) that the forest consumes more oxygen than it produces!

Apart altogether from the moronic myth of "the lungs of the Earth is the inconvenient truth that the sheer size of the Amazon renders itself impossible for man to "destroy." The massive state of Texas, or the entire nation of France, would fit into the Amazon basin about about eight times. There are an estimated 390 BILLION trees in the Amazon (here) -- that's 52 trees for every man, woman and child on the planet -- and about 1,800 tress per every Brazilian! Humanity has no need for even a single-digit fraction of all those trees -- neither for lumber nor for cleared farmland.

    x  8

France fits 8 times into the Amazon. Nobody is going to "destroy" such a massive area packed with  an estimated 390 Billion trees!

And finally, there is the myth that the Amazon had been untouched since the dawn of humanity, until the big bad greedy White Man crossed the ocean blue about 500 year ago. Therefore, the Amazon is somehow sacred ground which must never be cultivated, no matter how limited. But the liberal-leaning Smithsonian Magazine, of all sources, debunks this historical myth too. Have a look:

"The first Europeans to penetrate the Amazon rainforests reported cities, roads and fertile fields along the banks of its major rivers. “There was one town that stretched for 15 miles without any space from house to house, which was a marvelous thing to behold,” wrote Gaspar de Carvajal, chronicler of explorer and conquistador Francisco de Orellana in 1542. “The land is as fertile and as normal in appearance as our Spain.”

Such tales were long dismissed as fantasies, not least because teeming cities were never seen or talked about again. But it now seems the chroniclers were right all along. It is our modern vision of a pristine rainforest wilderness that turns out to be the dream.

What is today one of the largest tracts of rainforest in the world was, until little more than 500 years ago, a landscape dominated by human activity, according to a review of the evidence by Charles Clement of Brazil’s National Institute of Amazonian Research in Manaus, and his colleagues."

1. The evidence is suppressed, but cannot be denied. -- Long before the Spaniards & Portuguese arrived in South America, there were cleared and highly-populated cities, roads and rich farmland throughout the "pristine" Amazon rainforest and the Andes mountains (and ancient white people with blonde and red hair too!)

Upon taking office, Bolsonaro slashed the environmental agency’s budget by 24 percent, and denounced environmental fines as an “industry” that needs to be shut down. He has done this while scoffing at "international criticism" -- arguing that calls to preserve large parts of Brazil are part of a global conspiracy to hinder Brazil's development. According to the Slimes article, Bolsonaro has accused European leaders (Merkel, Macron et al) of pushing for stronger "conservation" of the Amazon because they hope to develop it themselves in the future. Said the colorful Brazilian leader in his quintessential bold manner: “Brazil is like a virgin that every pervert from the outside lusts for.”

Tell it, Senhor Presidente. Tell it!

On a related note (because CoronaMania & ClimateMania are products of the same Globalist masterminds) Bolsonaro is also resisting the drive to grind down the global economy over a common cold. Headline / sub-headline: BBC:

Coronavirus: Bolsonaro Downplays Threat of Pandemic to Brazil

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has accused the media of "fear-mongering" in a speech that downplayed the threat of coronavirus to the country.

Tell it again, Senhor Presidente. Tell it!

1. Prior to meeting Bolsonaro for the first time, the Frumpy Frau, when asked about the "destruction of the rainforest," told the press that she would "make every effort to ensure that what is happening in Brazil no longer continue." But Bolsonaro clearly does not care what the Marxist hag has to say. // 2. Macron pleaded and even threatened Bolsonaro to remain in the Paris Climate Accord. Brazil still remains in, but Bolsonaro is not enforcing the terms. // 3. The deforestation "crisis" is just another Globalist scam to prevent sovereign nations from developing.

Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that the far right president of Brazil is cutting down the rain forest at an alarming rate.

Boobus Americanus 2: That fool! Doesn't he realize that the Amazon is the lungs of the planet?!


St. Sugar: We need the extra treess now becausse you friggin' libtardss are banning plastic bagss!

Editor: And those reusable canvas bags can spread the big bad Coronavirus!


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March 25, 2020

NY Times : Greta Thunberg Says It’s ‘Extremely Likely’ That She Had Coronavirus


Well, well, well. Look who just "extremely likely" (as opposed to "moderately likely?") had a touch of the Corona. None other than Ghastly Greta -- the odds-on-favorite to win the next IgNoble Peace Prize. Ya just can't make this stuff up! ---- Actually, they just did.

Given the strategic similarities between CoronaMania and ClimateMania, it was to be expected that the scriptwriters at LHS (Langley Hollywood Studios) would find a way to utilize Gloomy Greta in service of this latest Globalist hoax. With all the pandemic pandemonium flooding the airwaves, the Demon Diva of psychotic Sweden was suddenly being ignored. After all, who's got time to worry about the climate doomsday of ten years hence when Corona Bogeyman can kill us all, today. But now, Grim Greta the controlled attention whore is relevant again.

From the article:

"Greta Thunberg, the 17-year-old Swedish climate activist, announced on Tuesday that she and her father, Svante, had symptoms of Covid-19 and that while hers were mild, it was “extremely likely” that she had contracted the virus. She used the announcement to urge young people to stay at home, even if they don’t feel sick."


Climate & Corona -- a "twofer!" As the evil-detecting "Church Lady" of old Saturday Night Live fame used to say: "How conveeenient."

1. "How Dare You!" /// 2 & 3. ClimateMania and CoronaMania -- brought to you by the same Globalist script writers who created St. Greta -- and for the same reasons.

To adapt to the new "crisis," Greta's "Fridays for Future" climate cultists have temporarily taken their weekly protests off the streets and on to social media. Using the Twitter hashtag #ClimateStrikeOnline -- the Communist Cult Leader (her Marxist dad, actually) tweeted to her 4 million groupies:

“In a crisis, we change our behavior and adapt to the new circumstances for the greater good of society. We must unite behind experts and science. This of course goes for all crises.”

Eerily reminiscent of "The Junior Spies" from Orwell's 1984 (a state-sponsored organization of evil little brainwashed bastards who gleefully monitored their parents for improper thinking), child street activists in countries across the world obediently heeded the directive of their 17-year-old Femme Fuhrer of dubious gender -- posting images of themselves holding protest signs on social media as they dutifully practiced the "social distancing" that is the norm among normies these days.

(palm to face, shaking head, sighing) --- Just stop the world -- Mike wants to get off!

1. Thunbergian Theatrics --- The joyless, soulless, boyish-looking she-devil has seamlessly woven together climate alarmism with "social distancing." // 2. Young and stupid climate protesters are filled with self-righteous hatred for us "boomers" for having "destroyed the planet."  (How dare we!) // 3. Scene from the film "1984" -- adapted from George Orwell's classic novel -- The brainwashed Junior Spies were granted the power to torment and terrify any adult suspected of "thought-crime."

Whether the issue is "gun control" , "human rights" , "the environment" , or "social distancing" -- it is truly disgusting to behold how the Ghoulish Globalists always manipulate "the children" to advance the prison-planet agenda of the old international banker men (cough cough) hiding behind the last in a series of ascending curtains. Though many of the kids participating in these "Climate Strikes" may be doing so only to be part of a group or to appease their Communist teachers -- millions of our deluded young people have indeed been mind-raped beyond repair with UNESCO's Globalist garbage.  -- (*United Nations Education Science & Cultural Organization)

In spite of whatever setbacks that the New World Order crime syndicate has been dealt in recent years, this children's climate movement has very ominous portents (a $10 word for signs of something bad about to happen) for the future of domestic and geo-politics. When Q-Anon's  "Storm" hits (and we are cautiously optimistic that it will), the climate con-men had better all be rounded up and incarcerated (better still, beaten to death on live TV with sledge hammers) and the school curriculum completely purged of UNESCO's "Environmental Science" propaganda. Anything less would be akin to pulling out unsightly dandelion tops, without extracting the deep roots.

1. The kids today are more dumbed-down, demoralized and vulnerable than ever before. // 2. Penn State University President Milton Eisenhower (Dwight's brother & confidante) was a big promoter of UNESCO Fake Education in the 1950's. This problem has been growing for decades. // 3. The academic roots of Libtard dogma are very deep now. The entire educational system must be mercilessly purged of Marxists and Libtards -- and entire courses rewritten.

Boobus Americanus 1: I read in The New York Times today that Greta Thunberg may have extremely likely contracted the Coronvirus.

Boobus Americanus 2: That's terrible. At her age, it's extremely likely that she'll recover without complications.


St. Sugar: I hope sshe friggin' "extremely likely" diess!!

Editor: Ha ha ha. Me too. But apart from the disease being no worse than a common cold, it is "extremely likely" that her handlers made this all up to get her back in the news.


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March 24, 2020

Anti-NY Times Editorial: Mike’s Mad Monday in the Matrix


With the world around us growing loonier by the hour, who better to vent some frustration with than the loyal readership – a noble community of "wokeness" which, in many ways, is nearer and dearer to my heart than some willfully dumb-as-dirt-yet-think-they-are-so-smart family members and "friends." I’m sure “youse guys” have got your own funny, yet frustrating personal tales to tell about how the odd creatures known as humans are reacting to “March Madness.”

Nothing the normies say or do ought to surprise even the most casual student of real history. How many times have our thoughtless lesser brethren of today and decades past (many of them “college educated”) gleefully and obediently rushed off to slaughter perfectly innocent strangers abroad - while allowing hardships to be imposed upon the home-front -- for the sake of phony wars for “democracy” against this or that "bad guy" of the moment – all because the government-media complex instructed them that it was the right thing to do? And think about how, in only the span of about 15 years, the self-evident mental/moral illness of homosexuality went from being known as “the sin that dare not speak its name” to the “prideful” virtue that never ceases to praise itself -- and which even many "conservatives" now respectfully accept and praise.

No sir. Nothing surprises this historian / philosopher / reporter here anymore. Nothing! --  And yet, my Mad Monday in the Matrix still compels me to vent out loud (either that or get drunk). Feel free to vent back. Just keep any stories of your own experiences concise, so that I can read them all.


1. World War I: "Eat Less Bread!" /// 2. World War II: "No Driving Alone" // 3. Post 9/11: See Something -- Say Something! // 4. CoronaMania: "Social Distancing!"

Mad Monday in the Matrix (The Matrix was a famous movie about a society living in a computer-generated illusion) started off with an E-mail to my lawyer about an important matter that I wanted to speak with him in person about, and as soon as possible. He responded that he has been in Florida for the past two weeks because of “everything that’s been going on” – and probably wouldn’t return to New Jersey until the courts were reopen. “Stay safe,” he closed his E-mail with. Oh well, it’s not a major inconvenience, but an inconvenience nonetheless. But I was surprised that a man of his “education” expressed worry about the corona-bogeyman, telling me to "stay safe."

On my way out the door, the lovely and gracious Sherrie hits me with an extended “honey-do list” of stuff to buy. I hope she doesn’t read this, but her corona-related, work-from-home mandate is starting to wear on me a bit. Too much time together -- especially when both parties have strong wills – is not a good thing. It’s just not.

On the way into town, there were COVID-19 alerts on the lighted highway signs of Route 80 here in Communist New Jersey. Very Orwellian. First stop – the post office. Not bad. In and out like normal.

Next stop – Walmart, for some cat litter, a scrub sponge replacement, and some vitamins. About every fifth shopper had toilet paper in his/her cart (palm to face, sighing, shaking head) -- and about every seventh shopper was wearing a mask (palm to face, sighing, shaking head).  A few who didn’t have masks were using scarves to conceal the mouth and nose. (palm to face, sighing, shaking head)

Next stop – an Indian grocery store in Parsippany, NJ that I hadn’t shopped at in a long time. Great produce and unbelievably low prices. There were a few mask wearers, but nothing overtly crazy to behold. But when I get to the cashier counter, I noticed that a large plastic barrier had been screwed into all of the checkout counters. To “protect” the cashiers, the owners had attached temporary plastic bank-teller-type windows with a space for passing your money or debit card through. (palm to face, sighing, shaking head)

As I went to end of the counter to bag my groceries, I noticed that the usual plastic bags were not there. A sign told of the town's new ban on plastic bags (Gotta “save the planet,” dontcha know?!) It's BYOB now. Does anyone besides me notice the idiotic irony of being legally able to purchase dozens of items wrapped in plastic (including stuff like plastic garbage bags, plastic utensils, plastic plates, plastic sandwich bags, plastic containers of juice, milk, detergent, motor oil etc) but not being permitted to have just a few more plastic bags to put all those plastic items in? Just sayin.’

By now, I’m ready for some self-isolation – not to get away from the virus, but to get away from the normies and the idiocy which now seems to permeate every atom of our existence. But there was one more stop in the Matrix to be made – and the worst was yet to come.

1. Just when I needed to see my damn lawyer face-to-face, he's hiding from the bug down in Florida. // 2. Masked shoppers everywhere. // 3. On an unrelated matter, useful plastic bags are being banned now--- while most of the items we buy -- including plastic bags -- come in friggin' plastic bags!

Rather than summarize the next event of Mad Monday in the Matrix, it's easier to just copy/paste a justifiably-angry E-mail complaint which I just fired off to the corporate headquarters of a major bank (branch location redacted).


To whom it may concern,

On Monday, March 23, after making a deposit at the teller window (timed 12:36 PM) --- at the branch located at xxxxxxxxxxxx, NJ, I returned the pen which the rude and overly aggressive pen-policewoman / virus-fighter on the floor had given to me. This woman -- an imported crisis manager of some sort and NOT a regular employee at that branch -- barked back at me: "take it with you!" -- as if the free pens she just handed out were suddenly infected with the Black Death.

As a long-time client and as a gentleman, I did not appreciate her rude and condescending tone; and the demeaning manner in which she loudly directed all customers to comply with the "social distancing" policy amidst this concocted crisis reminded me of one of those TSA beasts at the airport. For that reason, I politely and quietly  told her that she was over-reacting as I left the pen on her platform and calmly walked out.

As I walked out of the bank door, I heard the plastic pen hitting the glass door behind me. She had thrown it at me as I was exiting! Not being 100% certain at this time that she had thrown the pen, and not wanting to escalate matters, I continued toward my vehicle. While pulling out, I was shocked to see that this somewhat slovenly she-devil had actually followed me outside, plagued pen in hand -- sarcastically berating me like a child as her eyes bugged out: "I hope you don't get sick! I hope you don't get sick!"  She had indeed flung the pen at me as I was leaving. Wow!

I felt publicly embarrassed and threatened by this mad harridan. As I drove past her, I opened my window and called her a "crazy woman" (and she is indeed) -- to which she continued to loudly respond, as I drove away: "I hope you don't get sick! I hope you don't get sick!"  The whole pen-throwing assault as well as the subsequent verbal exchange between us in the parking lot is surely captured on bank video. Have a look at 12:35 - 12:40.

This woman should not be working for a reputable bank. I demand that xxxx Bank review the surveillance film and severely address this serious matter. Judging by the deranged look in her eye, these types of people are dangerous.


Mike King


And this concludes the un-embellished true story of My Mad Monday in the Matrix (actually, I called the pen commissar a "crazy bitch," not a crazy woman). Tell ya what --- "youse guys" had better hope and pray that Trump and the Patriots can win and maintain control of this phony virus narrative. Because if (((they))) ever do succeed in crashing this economy and removing Trump --- idiotic zombies like the wicked wench at the bank, and perhaps even the masked sheeple at Walmart and the Indian grocery -- would cheer the removal, incarceration and even death of us non-conformists. Believe it!

I'll keep "youse guys" posted as to what becomes of my complaint. Let's hope this this demented douche-bag gets fired. But it wouldn't surprise me if they terminate my account instead! Thanks for listening. Your turn.

1. "6 Feet, please! 6 Feet please!"  -- the horrible hen lectured. Sorry lady, but nobody tells me what to do, not even me! // 2. It's a good thing that this germophobic psychopath only had a pen, and not a knife. Bitch acted as if I had taken a shit on the lobby floor! // 3. Will the bank properly discipline this hysterical pen-tossing lunatic? We  shall see.

Boobus Americanus 1: Are we 6-feet away?

Boobus Americanus 2: More like 4 feet. Let's each take a step back.


St. Sugar: Boobuss! Is that a plasstic cup you're drinking from? Police! Police!

Editor: Unless something big happens soon, that's about where our "Democracy" (barf) is headed.


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March 23, 2020

NY Times: Social Security and Medicare Funds Face Insolvency, Report Finds


Like all pyramid schemes, the Socialist Security scam (imposed upon us by FDR at a time when most seniors didn't need any help) and the Medicare scam (imposed upon us by LBJ at a time when most seniors already had adequate affordable health care) are both headed toward insolvency. Those schemes are today, by far, the largest budget items of the Federal Government -- and growing fast.

Of course, it is understood that some of "youse guys" rely upon these programs. As such, we would never advocate for a "cold turkey" termination. However, what most folks do not understand is that the schemes themselves -- by driving-up business and personal taxes, and bidding-up medical costs -- are what created today's "need" for them in the first place!

Imagine, for example, if 100% of the Social Security and Medicaid taxes taken out of a worker's paycheck, plus the employer portion, had been parked in a savings / investment account, compounding for 40-50 years. Even the lowest wage earners could have had a fortune to retire on and pay their for their own affordable health care (in a free market system, not this rigged medical cartel we suffer under).

Why, at a time when most elderly folks had ample savings and extended families to rely upon, did FDR and his Demonrats establish this extended income tax and welfare scheme? And why, at a time when so many seniors had good affordable coverage, did LBJ wipe out an entire sector of the health insurance industry and grant "free" coverage to people, including millionaires, who were doing just fine? Answer: It was never about "charity," as libtard suckers truly believe. All government schemes are about generating "revenue" and expanding control over our lives.

1. All Pyramid Schemes must, in due, time, come crashing down. Only the early-in reap the biggest benefits. // 2 & 3. FDR & LBJ -- were, due to their effectiveness in passing permanently destructive legislation, the two worst presidents in American history. (We can add Woodrow Wilson that terrible tier.)

Now that the demographic realities of a rapidly aging America (and Europe, Canada, Australia) are placing such enormous pressure on these two pyramid schemes, that storied "compassion" of the Marxist-Libtard Axis of Criminal Insanity is melting away; and the horrifying implications of the ongoing collapse are "hidden in plain sight." So well-hidden, in fact, that your intrepid reporter here did not discover and piece together the mystery of this quiet genocide until days after his own 92-year old mother was injected to an unexpected death in December of 2015. Salvageable old-timers are being genocided by the hundreds-of-thousands, if not by the millions; and ObongoCare actually incentives it now.

In fairness, the mass-murders didn't begin with ObongoCare, but the killings have dramatically increased since absurdly named "Affordable Care Act." Compounding the crisis are the millions of younger Turd World parasites now "entitled" in healthcare. To pay for their medical costs (and their votes!) -- the government has to divert even more resources away from the elderly. Did you know that ObongoCare actually incentivizes hospitals & doctors for "end of life" consultations (negativity sessions) and "palliative care" (death by morphine) for non-terminal patients. (here) That's the "carrot," but there is also a "stick" involved.

Whenever an elderly MediCare patient exceeds the government's ever-shrinking hospital-stay allotment time, the hospital loses money. The pressure is growing to push granny and gramps out the door. But should any given granny return within a period of time, the hospital is also penalized for a "readmission" on its reimbursement request. (here) Not only does the hospital lose money for an individual readmission; but if its overall readmission rate is too high, the reimbursement deduction applies to all other reimbursement requests as well. In short, the very old have become bad for the bottom line.

Obongo and his handlers laughed as they murdered mainly White seniors prematurely while diverting already dwindling health-care dollars to the never-ending hordes of alien invaders and their litters of new "citizens."

From the balance sheet perspective of debt-ridden Federal government that can longer adequately fund Social Security and Medicare; as well as pressed and stressed hospital administrators, granny is worth more dead than alive. It's economic battlefield triage, pure and simple. The killing scam involves putting the patient in a morphine-induced "coma" while filling the heads of family members with excessive negativity about "quality of life" and "low probabilities" of recovery. Once the medical ghouls have secured a "Do Not Resuscitate" authorization (in the repeated event of heart / breathing stoppage), the fetus, er the senior will be deliberately juiced to death -- the cause of death to be described as "stopped breathing."

Here is just a small taste of what is going on all across America, as recently reported by a local NBC affiliate in North Texas:

FBI: Frisco Hospice Owner Directed Nurses to Overdose Patients

"You need to make this patient go bye-bye," executive is quoted as saying

The owner of a North Texas medical company regularly directed nurses to give hospice patients overdoses of drugs such as morphine to speed up their deaths and maximize profits, an FBI agent wrote in an affidavit for a search warrant obtained by NBC 5.

Harris, an accountant, instructed a nurse to administer overdoses to three patients and directed another employee to increase a patient's medication to four-times the maximum allowed, the FBI said. He allegedly sent text messages like, "You need to make this patient go bye-bye." (here)

The Frisco, TX case is not an isolated one. There are many other similar claims, perhaps not as overt and provable, occurring all across America and Europe. The evidence is clear --- senior citizens are the new fetuses! As far as the Left is concerned, killing off the old folks (generally more conservative voters), and thus saving money on SS & Medicare, makes for a much better "investment" than extending the lives of non-terminal seniors by a few more precious years. It really is that simple, and it should come as no surprise. Thus is the fate of all pyramid schemes.

Thanks FDR, and thank LBJ.


Die seniors, die!

In Godless America and Europe, any sin and obscenity now goes.

Boobus Americanus 1: I'm so sorry to hear about the passing of your grandmother. What happened?

Boobus Americanus 2: She came down with pneumonia after a hip fracture. It seemed like she was recovering at first, but then she started going in and out of coma before her breathing finally gave out.


St. Sugar: "Coma my asss!!! They morphined the living daylightsss out of her before giving her a lethal dose -- you deaf, dumb, blind dope!"

Editor: Don't be so hard on Boobus, Sugar. The process is so subtle and unexpected that even I, Mr. Conspiracy, didn't even understand what had happened until my own mother "passed in her sleep."


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March 20, 2020


Well, it's just about official now. The nation -- the world actually -- is at peak CoronaMania and under dictatorship. And I don't know about "youse guys," but we personally do not know of a single extended family member, neighbor, friend, acquaintance et al who has been inflicted with this propagandized plague -- nor anyone who knows of someone else who has contracted this form of common cold. But we can tell you of people we know who are now out-of-work, worried or severely inconvenienced in other ways. Isn't that amazing?

It's really no surprise that the dumbed-down, demoralized population which the PRC (Predatory Ruling Class) has spent the better part of the past century molding would, in due time, meekly succumb to the "shelter-in-place" orders now sweeping the Western world. A few of you stalwarts will recall how, in its earliest days of publications, The Anti-NY Times clearly foresaw this day after observing how, after the Boston Hoax Bombing of 2013, an entire metropolitan area meekly, and dutifully, complied with orders to "shelter in place" whilst "the authorities" searched for two innocent patsies said to have been responsible for the Smoke Bomb which killed no one! And when the surviving "bomber" was finally arrested, the boobs emerged from their homes chanting "USA! USA! USA!" --- totally oblivious to the irony that the USA was founded upon virtues such as bravery, self-reliance, and armed defiance to tyranny. Whether by collateral consequence or by design, the Boston Smoke Bomb farce provided (((them))) with valuable test-data as to how the boobs would respond to such emergency decrees.

1 . Try this at home, boys and girls. Ask the frightened normies in your life if they actually KNOW of anyone who has either died or gotten very sick from Coronavirus. // 2. Dramatic crisis-actors of the Boston Smoke Bomb hoax. // 3. April 2013: In the very city where the Boston Tea Party and Boston Massacre rebellions once took place, the streets were eerily deserted as obedient boobs "sheltered in place" on command without so much as a peep of protest.

Though we should all be thankful that Trump (not the genocidal Killary Clinton!) is the one wielding this awesome economic, political and military power now -- and that it will probably be used to achieve the noble aim of attacking -- perhaps even eradicating the Deep State -- this is all, still, such a pathetic and sad spectacle to behold. And it almost makes one wonder whether or not a mighty blow against the Evil Ones will even have long term impacts.

Assuming, for argument's sake, that we will soon be liberated --  can a population so dumb, so weak and so obediently compliant hold on to that precious liberty for long? Whatever new way-of-life comes out of "The Storm," the awakening had better include a moral -- perhaps even religious -- shake-up to go along with the political and economic stuff. For unless and until the nail-biting, toilet-paper-hoarding normies are fundamentally transformed from within, they'll never have the stuff which the maintenance of liberty requires.

1. Had that nasty, Satanic, child-sex-trafficking harridan (a bossy hag) been elected in 2016, she would have used this "crisis" to send many of "youse guys" on your way to Camp FEMA by now. // 2. In the long run, if Boobus doesn't "grow a pair," civilization will be doomed anyway. // 3. Thomas Jefferson's  famous "Tree of Liberty" quote is not an opinion -- it is  law of nature!

Shifting gears now to the ongoing consolidation and expansion of Trump's emergency powers, we are really starting to wonder now if some of the Demonrat Governors -- Andrew Cuomo of Jew York, J.B. Ptitzker of Illinois  & Gavin Newsome of Commiefornia in particular -- who are implementing such drastic shut-down measures, activating their state National Guards units and, in the case of Jew York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio, even pleading for full-blown military intervention -- have been placed into submission to Trump (a la formerly anti-Trump Repubicant's who now obey him like trained lap dogs). Surely, these Demonrats must know that, once activated, their state national guard units will be controlled and commanded by Trump, not them. (here)

Once again, Q Anon's clues have come to pass. On several occasions over the past 2 + years, Q has made reference to the activation of the National Guard and also to the not-universally-known fact that the President would be the one controlling the NG once activated. Q also foretells of the NG being used to work hand-in-hand "with the Marines" in order to "save the republic" -- but that "certain conditions need to be satisfied" in order to "authorize" the activation and begin the mass arrests. (See Q post below)

Yes. "The Storm" is coming -- and (ironically as heck!) -- it appears as though the sheeplike / slavelike cowardice of Boobus Americanus might just end up being a facilitating factor in their own liberation. That being said, at some point, the sheeple, starting with the children, are going to have to be toughened up and morally educated if the positive effects of "The Storm" are to be long-lasting and history-altering.

1. The odious and notoriously corrupt Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York is all-of-a-sudden praising Trump and calling for the U.S. Army Core of Engineers to intervene in his state. // 2 & 3. Many in the Fake News don't realize that after a Governor activates his state's National Guard -- the real control of those heavily armed men transfers to the U.S. military (Trump).


1. Demonrat NY Mayor DeBasio calls for Trump to send in the Army. /// 2. Demonrat NY State Governor Cuomo approves of Navy "Hospital" (prison?) ships -- under Trump's command -- coming to the shores of the Big Apple.

Q always said: Future proves past -- The 2017 post above (#22) refers to today.


Tell it, Trump. Tell it!  --- (and he's not talking about Coronavirus)

The Boobus Brothers are home sheltering-in-place.

They will return to work when instructed.


St. Sugar: What a pair of pusssiess thosse two are!

Editor: Not exactly Jeffersonians, that's for sure.


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March 19, 2020

NY Times: Bill Gates Stepping Down From Microsoft’s Board

Mr. Gates, who founded the company with Paul Allen four decades ago, will also step down from the board of Berkshire Hathaway.


The timing of Bill Gates' unexpected resignations from both the Boards of Microsoft (the company which he co-founded) as well as of Warren Buffoon's Berkshire Hathaway Empire did not come as a shock to the chroniclers of Q Anon -- who has often posted that the unusual number of CEO's and other high executives who have "resigned" these past few years would continue to increase as part of "the plan." But what many have missed is Gate's clear connection to the hyped-up outbreak of this not-so-deadly virus which the Deep State engineered for geo-political purposes -- but which will soon backfire upon them as already may be the case with Gates.

Gates -- who is also a Global Warmist promoter, has had this odd obsession with viruses and vaccines. In November of 2019, shortly before the first case of COVID-19 appeared in China, a Netflix crockumentary featured the "prophet" Gates warning of such pandemics. An excerpt from Netflix's "Pandemic" (not Gates speaking):

November 7, 2019

“This is a wet market in the Lianghua, China. Unlike markets in much of the West, where animals are already dead when they arrive, this wet market sells meat that’s very fresh. It’s killed on sight. That’s what makes it a disease factory. ... All the while, their viruses are mixing and mutating, increasing the odds that one finds its way to humans.” (here)

Just 10 days later (here) -- the very first case (though not known as the first at the time) popped up in China. The subsequent pandemic would later be attributed to a "wet market" ( pending)_ --- How conveeenient -- as the Church Lady of old Saturday Night Live fame used to say!

Flashback to December 20, 2016 -- the interim period between the outgoing Obongo and incoming President-elect Trump -- and Globalist Atlantic Magazine brings us more "prophecy":

Headline: How a Pandemic Might Play Out Under Trump

"Bioethicist Art Caplan from the New York University School of Medicine envisages a quick slide towards isolation and authoritarianism. In a blog post that can only be described as pandemic fan-fiction, he imagines that a lethal mutant strain of H7N9 flu emerges in China and spreads to America. A hypothetical President Trump responds with a quick succession of moves: He seals the borders with Canada and Mexico; he quarantines sick Americans; he declares martial law, builds detention-style camps for quarantine-defiers, and uses epidemic conspiracies to launch a trade war with China. ... Future years will reveal whether the story is prophetic or far-fetched."


Wow! Just wow. It looks as though Caplan not only knew the script, but anticipated how Trump would flip it in his favor.

1 & 2. "Pandemic" by Netflix (2019) starring the "prophetic" Bill Gates, and Times Mag (2017) and many other Fake News and Hollweird Films had the gift of "prophecy." // 3. Tell it, Church Lady. Tell it!

Frankly, even long before figuring out how the world works, your intuitive reporter here -- as well as his faithful feline sidekick from "the other side," never liked nor trusted this Ghoulish Geek who was so obsessed with viruses. There was always something "off" about him. Since his days as a 20-something CIA whiz kid, Gates has always had that spoiled elitist rich brat air about him. In 1975, at 19, little Billy was arrested for speeding and driving without a license. Two years later, Gates was again arrested for passing through a red light in his Porsche, and (allegedly) mouthing off at the cop. After smiling arrogantly for the mug shot, the little punk bailed himself out with cash from his wallet. Gates, by then 33, would again be arrested in 1989, for drunken driving. (all here)

Little Billy learned early on that he was part of the untouchable class. His father, Bill Gates Sr., was a hot-shot lawyer who served as president of both the Seattle and Washington State Bar Associations. Still hanging in there at age 94, Papa Gates later went on to rub elbows with the likes of David Rockefeller and George Soros. Nothing good can come out of that oily bunch of demons. That's for damn sure.

1. Smile Little Billy. Nothing can happen to the son of the President of the Washington Bar Association. // 2. Deep State Gates is big on viruses and loves the U.N. // 3. Papa Gates (tall man) does a group photo with other Globalist "philanthropists" -- including George Soros, Ted Turner and David Rockefeller.

Billy Billionaire has some other skeletons in his commie closet too. -- stuff so bad that really adds to our suspicion that Trump and the White Hats may have finally placed this evil creep under their boots. The Jeffrey Epstein civil trials are coming up this June, and that has got many of these scum-elites worried. We'll let The Slimes speak here:

Headline: NY Times: (November 26, 2019)

Bill Gates Met with Jeffrey Epstein Many Times, Despite His Past

"Unlike many others, Mr. Gates started the relationship after Mr. Epstein was convicted of sex crimes. (here)

Billy boy, you got some splainin' to do ... both about your powers of "prophecy" as well as your proclivity for perversion. It is interesting to note that Gates, like that monster Tom Hanks has also just self-quarantined and, also like Hanks, is issuing strange social media posts which suggest that their accounts have been taken over.

Something is happening, boys and girls. Stay tuned.

1. Billy and Jeffrey were buddies -- even after it became commonly known what went on at Epstein's Island (which Gates visited) // 2. A "Medal of Freedom" from Obongo for Bill & Melinda Gates. That ALONE is evidence of his evil! // 3. "Working from home?" -- or under house arrest?

1. With all his money, why is Tom Hanks "quarantined" in a drab-looking room in Australia, instead of a 5-Star hotel? Notice the barcode on the door. Is this a hotel? Or some military facility? // 2. Hank's Instagram shows a simple meal, with shadows of prison bars evidently photo-shopped in the background. // 3. Another strange image of Hank's outdated typewriter, supposedly brought with him to Australia? -- a CORONA! -- posted at 17:17 on March 17. //// 17 = Q

Tell it, Trump. Tell it!  --- (and he's not talking about Coronavirus)

Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times that Bill Gates is stepping down from the Boards of Microsoft and Berkshire Hathaway to focus on philanthropy.

Boobus Americanus 2: Gates does a lot of good things with his money.


St. Sugar: He'ss a virtue-ssignalling Deep State phony who promotess Globalissm.

Editor: Probably rapes young girls or boys too.


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March 18, 2020

NY Times: Social Distancing? You Might Be Fighting Climate Change, Too

Isolation and other shifts in behavior during the coronavirus outbreak could also alter our greenhouse gas emissions. But will the changes stick?



The Slimes scribbler John Schwartz (cough cough) specializes in "climate issues." By gleefully linking the public hysteria, serious inconvenience and abnormal self-deprivation now associated with CoronaMania with a "reduction in carbon emissions," Demon Schwartz does us a service by revealing the true Globalist agenda behind the Global Warming / Climate Change hoax --- namely, the international grinding down of living standards to slave levels. In fact, when you think about it, Coronomania offers all the same benefits to the NWO gang as the Climate Hoax does -- only it's much better for them because the phony "threat" of human annihilation is imminent, and not off in the perpetual "15-years-from-now" time frame always predicted for those "rising sea-levels" to engulf us. Who needs Gloomy Greta to spook the excrement out of Boobus Earthling's bowels when Coronavirus is "killing people" now!

The opening paragraph says it all:

"As the nation shifts abruptly into the fight against coronavirus, a question arises: could social isolation help reduce an individual’s production of greenhouse gases and end up having unexpected consequences for climate change?"

Analysis: The promoters of Global Warming ™ / Climate Change ™ -- who just so happen to also be the ultimate fearmongers behind CoronaMania -- want the bulk of the population "socially isolated," poor, hungry and dependent upon the Global Nanny State. Little do these devious dullards realize that Trump & the White Hats have flipped their script on them; and are now gaining more and more "emergency" economic & geo-political powers by the day in response to this manufactured "crisis" -- but that's another story.

1. Climate Con-Man Schwartz is actually pleased about our new restricted living standards. // 2 & 3. The Corona-Con and the Climate-Con are very similar, except that the former can be made to seem much more of an imminent danger than the latter.

The sadistic tyrant Schwartz outlines four areas in which the growing CoronaMania-induced "social distancing" ( pending) we now see coming into being -- partly due to social pressure and partly due to state mandates -- can benefit "the climate." In so doing, he is telling us what life existence in The New World Order will look like, if that monstrous scheme ever comes to fruition.

From the article:


1. Transportation: Big Reductions

"People are staying home and flying less. That’s good for the planet, Dr. Nicholas said. “For average Americans, the biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions is driving. Anything that reduces driving has a big impact on our climate pollution.”

2. Food: A Big Maybe

"Where you eat is not as important as what you eat; eating beef has a disproportionate climate impact while eating foods lower on the food chain such as plants results in a much smaller carbon footprint. ... save the planet by working down the stockpiles of rice and beans that you panic-bought along with all that toilet paper."

3. At Home

“If you live in a cold climate, heating your home can more than offset the savings from driving your vehicle.”

4. Shopping

"If you’re at home staring at your computer without the prying eyes of your co-workers, you may be tempted to shop online a bit more. Or maybe you’ll avoid the supermarket or mass transit by ordering your groceries. A bump in online shopping could be good for the planet."


In short, Shitty Schwartz is lecturing us that after CoronaMania passes, we should keep our newly acquired imposed lifestyle habits in order to "save the planet." Stay home, don't drive, don't fly, don't eat out, piss in the sink, shit in the yard, obey the government, and when you eat at home -- cook-up some "rice and beans." All while "elite" bloated scum like Schwartz, Grim Greta, and their whole commie-clique go jetting and yachting 'round the world. While us "human resources" will be restricted to bus rides to and from work; the PRC (Predatory Ruling Class) will enjoy whizzing up and down the un-trafficked highways and byways in their Benz's, Bentleys and BMW's -- on their way to the Hamptons, or Martha's Vinyard, or the French Riviera for some fine dining on filet-Mignon, caviar and champagne. That's what the New World Order is all about -- "saving the planet," and everything in it -- for them!

The reality of "saving the planet" ---- 1. No cars for the slave class. // 2. No planes for the slave class. // 3. Enjoy your tasty flatulent rice & beans every night -- and shut up, slave!

Fortunately for we-the-people, CoronaMania was quickly harnessed by Trump and the White Hats -- who, due to NSA capabilities, surely must have already known that the scheme was coming. Heck, how many times was this "pandemic" scenario foretold in Hollyweird films? The 2011 & 2014 Planet of the Apes films come to mind (because I watched them) -- but there have been at least 20 others scary movies about virus outbreaks, most of them released since 1995. (here)  --- and, in November 2019, the recently and surprisingly "retired" (hmmmm) Bill Gates of Microsoft did a "prophetic" Netflix special called "The Next Pandemic" -- which specifically warns about something associated with bats and snakes potentially coming out of China. (here)

So you see, boys and girls, Boobus Normie, as was the case with all of the pre-9-11 films about big bad "Arab Hijackers" and other assorted "Islamic Terrorists," has long been psychologically primed for such a day as this -- which is why beasts on two legs are fist-fighting over little bottles of hand sanitizer (here) and rolls of toilet paper (here).

There will be some bumps in the road these coming weeks and months and, unfortunately, some short term pain for some innocent people. But when it's all over, CoronaMania will have boomeranged back hard on the Deep State -- and after that, perhaps during Trump's second term, the Climate Con and even 9/11 might be finally exposed (we hope & pray).

Normies being normies --- coming to blows over toilet paper because Fake News has terrorized them over a frickin' common cold!


1. "Carriers" (2009) --- one of MANY predictive prgramming films -- is about four friends who survive a global pandemic. // 2. Trump has used the Deep State "crisis" to grab Emergency Powers. // 3. Read Climate Bogeyman (here)

Tell it, Trump. Tell it!  --- (and he's not talking about Coronavirus)

Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that the self-distancing caused by the coronavirus will greatly reduce greenhouse gases.

Boobus Americanus 2: CO2 -- baaaad.


St. Sugar: It'ss only frickin' plant food, Boobuss!

Editor: But it sounds so scary, doesn't it? --- "Carbon Dioxide" --- oooooh


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March 17, 2020

A T. rex model at the American Museum of Natural History's "T. Rex: The Ultimate Predator" exhibit in New York

NY Times: Tyrannosaurus Rex: The Once and Future King


The demented cult of make-believe "scientism" -- not to be confused with actual observational and experimental science -- has insanely twisted many fields of study beyond the recognition of the sane mind. The four most extreme examples apply to the fields of psychology, cosmology, climatology, and today's subject, paleontology. Get a load of this madness, from the article (wise-cracks added in red):

“ 'It took evolution a long time to make T. rex,' said Stephen Brusatte, a paleontologist at the University of Edinburgh and author of a recent book on dinosaurs. (Cha Ching!)

Most of the early tyrannosaurs were small, some as small as a chicken (palm to face, sighing, shaking head). Many were dog-size to deer-size. These earlier tyrannosaurs were not the top predators for most of those 100 million years.'" (numbers pulled out of his ass)

With absolute certainty and in total unison, the High Priests of the Magic Church of Paleontology chant that the creatures they have dubbed "dinosaurs" died out "66 million years ago (here)." (Satanist alert! Satanist alert!) Google: "sixty six million years ago" and see. That's interesting because the High Priests of the Magic Church of Cosmology preach that Earth is moving through space at "66,600 miles per hour (here)." (Satanist alert! Satanist alert!)

As all "educated" should know by now, the "dinosaurs" were wiped out by an asteroid strike "66,000,000" years ago, and the speedy Earth moves through space at "66,600" miles per hour .

The Slimes article about a "Tyrannosaurus Rex" exhibit at New York's famed Temple, er, "Museum" of Natural History repeats the dogma which we were all brought up on:

"Tyrannosaurus Rex is still the biggest, baddest land predator of all time. It was the size of a city bus. ... Scientists are just as smitten as the rest of us.

After T. rex was first described in 1905, the world’s most charismatic megafossil could have turned out to be a mere curiosity. There was no guarantee more would be found, nor could anyone anticipate how interesting its history would turn out to be. But for more than 100 years, T. rex has been an extraordinary gift to the study of dinosaurs, and perhaps to science in general."

Now this might come as a surprise to "youse guys," and may even smack of "Crazy Town" talk. But the fact of the matter is that the "scientists" who have wasted their lives "studying" these fairy tales do not know what the creatures linked to certain fossils looked like, nor how long ago they "disappeared." The museum exhibits are artistic renderings based on incomplete remains and some creative conjecture aided by "computer models." In many cases, the actual incomplete remnants of creatures unknown, or misclassified, are kept in scientist temples which only the well-kept High Priests of Fake Academia can access.

The dog & pony shows in the world's "museums" display artistic works, not skeletons. What we know about T-Rex and other "dinosaurs" is based upon incomplete remains said to be "66 million years old."

This is not to suggest that some large species did not exist and die out many centuries ago. What we do not know however is what they looked like, when they disappeared, and why. And even some of the more honest (though still insane) paleontologists will concede this fact. Dinosaur "expert" and "science writer" Brian Switek:

"Once you put up a dinosaur skeleton it’s very, very difficult to take it back down again. There are actually some very wrong dinosaurs that are still up in a lot of institutions. If you go the American Museum of Natural History in New York City you’ll see dinosaurs that have broken tails and broken backs, they’re still dragging their tails, they’re still looking as they did in the early 20th century just because it’s impossible to remove them from the plaster and the armatures that they were put on.

One of the greatest things about science is that it’s always changing, based on new evidence. But it’s hard for us to let go of our emotional ties to what we once knew to be true." (emphasis added)

Another mystery that no one has ever seemed to address is the fact that the builders of vast ancient civilizations and Medieval cities, worldwide, never seemed to discover and gather up the remains of gigantic and exotic creatures such as "T-Rex." Only during the latter part of the 19th Century were many of the "discoveries" made and subsequent plaster models sculpted --- just in time for Darwin to come along and add to the tale. Strange, isn't it?

As for the motives behind Fake Paleontology, well, it appears to trace back to the usual suspects and for the usual reasons; namely, the acquisition of money and the promotion of atheism -- a "twofer." Modern Dinosauerism -- a very lucrative industry dominated by "Jewish intellectuals" -- and its associated multi-billion-year-old Earthism are always closely linked to atheistic Evolution ™. You see, if at one time "dinosaurs ruled the Earth" ™ while the unrecognizable ancestors of us humans were still swimming in the ocean or crawling through slime pits; then mankind -- the unintended product of blind random forces -- ain't so special after all. It is such a pathetic and hopeless world-view for humanity, but a dogma that is very good for the modern day monsters who lord over us.

Giants of "Paleontology" --- Tilly Edinger (cough cough), Deon Lessum (cough cough), Stephen Jay Gould (cough cough)

Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that a new T-Rex exhibit is coming to the Museum of Natural History.

Boobus Americanus 2: Awesome! My kids love dinosauers!


St. Sugar: Be ssure to tell your idiot kidss that it'ss all jusst plasster and fiction.

Editor: Wouldn't it be funny if what they call a "Tyrannosaurus Rex" was actually a gentle plant eater half the size of what they say it was?


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March 16, 2020

NY Times: When Tom Hanks, Hollywood’s Everyman, Gets Coronavirus

Mr. Hanks is not like other movie stars, and that showed in the way people reacted to his announcement that he was infected.


So, St. Tom Hanks of Hollyweird has come down with a touch of the corona while working in Australia, eh? Interesting.

Q-Anon decoders (aka autists) have been intrigued and baffled by Q’s repeated posts of these past several months which indicated that something “BIG” (all caps) was coming. It was only a few weeks or so ago that one astute analyst posited the theory that "BIG" was a reference to a 1988 movie starring a 32-year old, pre-superstar Tom Hanks – who is today a suspected boy rapist.

The Plot of “BIG”

In the presence of an older girl that he likes, a 12-year old boy named Josh is told that he is too short to board a carnival ride. Embarrassed and resentful, Josh then inserts a coin into a demonic-looking, genie-type machine called Zoltar; and makes a wish that he become "big." The dark magical Zoltar machine (which was actually unplugged at the time) dispenses a card stating "Your wish is granted."

The next morning, Josh wakes up as a suddenly grown adult (played by Tom Hanks) still wearing little boy’s underwear with designs on them. When the man version of Josh tries to explain his situation to his horrified mother, she threatens him, believing that Hanks is a pervert who has kidnapped her son. Josh flees the house and, from what I have read of the film, an unusual amount of time is spent depicting the mother’s sense of terror and heartbreak over what she thinks is the kidnapping of her son. Oh, later on, Josh (still an innocent boy but with a man's body) has sexual relations with an adult woman (although the event is inferred, not shown). Nice stuff these Hollywood freaks pump out, eh?

1. Q Posts about something "BIG" is coming. // 2. Tom Hanks became "big" after the movie, "Big." -- Notice the tag line? "Have you ever had a really big secret?" --- What's yours, Tommy Boy, eh?


 1. The demonic Zoltar made little Tom Hanks "BIG." // 2. A grown man wearing a boy's underwear sends Josh's mother into a state of panic. // 3. A young boy -- in a man's body -- goes on to have sex with a grown woman.

The more recent and creepy-as-heck Instagram posts (shocking images below) from Tom Hanks, now 64, certainly put a different light on this long-forgotten movie. Personally, I have always wondered what was so special about this puffed-up goofball of 1980’s sitcom and B-Movie mini-fame. He was never exceptionally handsome, nor does he appear to be any more or less talented of an actor than a million other guys. How much “youse guys” wanna bet that the stunning 30 year rise and rise of Tom Hanks is related to his involvement with buggering, and perhaps even killing, kidnapped children?

One lower-level Hollywood actor / writer who called out Hanks as a pedo-rapist (I refuse to use the term, “pedofile” – which translates into the benign-sounding “child lover) was Isaac Kappy – who also fingered famed Director Steven Spielberg (here). Kappy’s quirky YouTube videos also foretold that the exposure of Jeffrey Epstein’s Island could bring about the collapse of the whole pedo-rapist-Empire. For a while, Kappy’s videos were causing quite a stir among researchers in the expose-the-pedos community. Too bad Kappy died so suddenly ---- jumped off of a bridge in Arizona in May 2019, (((they))) say. How conveeenient! (here)

1. Hank's Instagram page contains numerous images of single items of children's clothes or shoes. // 2. After outing Hanks and Spielberg, Issac Kappy was Satanically "suicided"  on May 13, by "jumping off a bridge"on Route 66. One month before Kappy's murder, Hanks had posted an image of a plastic glove with caption: "Historic Route 66. Roadkill? I hope not"

And now, just a week or two after Q had recently posted (yet again) that something “BIG” was coming, comes word that Tom Hanks and his actress wife, Rita Wilson announced that they have contracted the Coronavirus (what are the odds of that?!) and are therefore stuck in Australia. St. Sugar’s animal instincts are tingling from the Great Beyond as she channels to me:

“It’s a frickin’ consspiracy! Hankss has either already been arressted, or he’s refussing to come back to the USA cuss he knowss what’ss coming!”

Ya gotta admit – this theory sure does sound plausible; and it fits in with broader theory that Trump is going along with Coronomania partly as a means to conceal a righteous power rehab which will culminate in the arrests of many big name bad guys who cannot so easily flee with all of these travel restrictions and European lockdowns being put in place.

Something “BIG” is in the works with this “March Madness.” Pray, boys and girls – and be prepared to offer guidance to the beloved dumbed-down normies in your life should this thing play out as Q Anon has promised.

1. Hanks and Wilson -- stranded in Australia? Or under arrest? // 2. For his Coronavirus announcement, Hanks, (or perhaps White Hats taking over his Instagram account?) posted an image of a single plastic glove -- eerily similar to the image posted when he hinted at the future murder of Kappy on Route 66. (Image 3)

1. Thirty years later, Tom Hanks returns to visit  a softer version of "Zoltar"  -- the demonic being who made him so "big." // 2. The 1968 movie "Rosemary's Baby" is about a small-time actor who makes it "big" after selling out his soul and his wife's womb to Satan.

The untouchable and arrogant Tom Hanks has pictures taken of himself with a passed-out young man over a dish of pizza (a pedo-monster symbol) -- Pray that he really was arrested under the cover of Coronamania.

Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that Tom Hanks is stranded in Australia with the Coronavirus.

Boobus Americanus 2: Tom Hanks is an amazing actor -- one of the all-time greats -- a living legend.


St. Sugar: He'ss a puffed-up clown who got "big" by sselling his ssoul to the Ssatanic pedo-monssterss!

Editor: I always disliked Tom Hanks -- based on a gut feeling alone.


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March 13, 2020

NY Times: Trump Declares National Emergency


March Madness over a glorified common cold which has only killed, to date, 39 mostly elderly Americans, has now reached a surreal and pervasive level from which even the unplugging of televisions and computer screens cannot divert our attention from. Your hard-to-surprise and cynical observer of human nature here was indeed surprised and inconvenienced by the sudden long lines and depleted shelves witnessed today at a local general store.

It seems as though the truly stunning news of the cancellation of the NCAA college championship basketball tournament (aka "March Madness"), NBA basketball, NHL Hockey, baseball games and gold tournaments has really triggered Joe Sporto and Suzy Soccer Mom into a heightened state of panic. What will the dumb-as-dirt public do without their steady fix of sports now?

Regular readers of The Anti-New York Times don't need to be told that we are witnessing a desperate international Deep State conspiracy to crash the global economy and lay it all at the feet of Donald Trump in an election year. That's a given. What's intriguing here is Trump's sudden willingness -- eagerness even -- to not only go along with the mass mania, but to actually enhance it by declaring a "State of National Emergency" -- just one week after mocking Coronamania. It's not like Trump to go on the defensive like this. Could it be that maybe he's actually using this latest Deep State scare -- which he may have already known was coming --  to go on the offensive?

Call it an "informed hunch" -- but we strongly suspect that Trump is in control here, not the Deep State.

 1. Store shelves picked clean by the Boobus Lemmings of America. Why is Trump going along with this? // 2. When it comes to American Sportsmania, the annual "March Madness" college basketball tournament is second only to the Stupor Bowl as national religious-sports event. The cancellation of the entire tournament was therefore very shocking. // 3. Q Anon's frequent references to "future proves past" may indicate that the March 15, 2018 post reading "March Madness. Public will know soon." is a reference to this coming Sunday.

The Left demanded that the "incompetent" Trump take the "crisis" more seriously -- and now they've got what they wished for. From the article:

Trump: “I am officially declaring a national emergency, two very big words. I’m urging every state to set up emergency operations centers effective immediately.”

His comments marked the first time he has addressed the coronavirus as a problem within the country’s borders, not just something that needed to be kept out with travel restrictions." (emphasis added)

Could (((they))) with their vicious mockery of Trump's recent dismissive jokes about the Coronamania "hoax" have walked right into another of The Maestro's traps? Though petty corrupt politicians from coast-to-coast may now be salivating over the Federal Reserve Notes which they expect to be thrown their way -- the more astute high-level Globalists at The Atlantic Magazine, in 2019, warned about the potential  for a Trumpian power-grab (which could then be aimed at the PRC (Predatory Ruling Class).

Headline: The Alarming Scope of the President's Emergency Powers

Sub-Headline: From seizing control of the internet to declaring martial law, President Trump may legally do all kinds of extraordinary things.


"Unknown to most Americans, a parallel legal regime allows the president to sidestep many of the constraints that normally apply. The moment the president declares a “national emergency”—a decision that is entirely within his discretion—more than 100 special provisions become available to him. While many of these tee up reasonable responses to genuine emergencies, some appear dangerously suited to a leader bent on amassing or retaining power.

For instance, the president can, with the flick of his pen, activate laws allowing him to shut down many kinds of electronic communications inside the United States or freeze Americans’ bank accounts. Other powers are available even without a declaration of emergency, including laws that allow the president to deploy troops inside the country to subdue domestic unrest."  (article here)

Heck yeah! Use your new powers for good, Trump -- a la Napoleon after two failed assassination attempts -- a la The Great One after the Reds tried to burn down the Reichstag. Smash the Satanic sons-of-bitches and their wholly-owned Fake News with the very same "Emergency Powers" they had intended for Killary to murderously unleash upon us "right wing extremists ." Do it, Trump. Do it!

1. 1800: After the Jacobin Reds tried to kill Napoleon with a massive bomb, Napoleon used the failed attempt to crush the Jacobins. // 2. 1933: After the Reds burned down the Reischstag and tried to trigger a civil war, The Great One used the failed attempt to crash the German Reds . // 3. 2020: As the Globalists try to bring down Trump with CoronaMania, Trump issued a Declaration of a National Emergency which gives him broad powers to communicate and incarcerate. Will he use those powers?

Now don't "youse guys" get all excited about pending mass arrests and mass public exposures starting this coming week. It is only our hopeful hypothesis, not a solid prediction. All we are saying here is that, in spite of the Coronavirus lunacy surrounding us, it is King Trump who now appears to be holding all of the "Trump Cards" of this staged crisis. The Deep State will lose again.

With new powers in hand, will Trump use them to manage the end of the "crisis" and come off looking like a hero before the boobs of America? Or is this the beginning of long-awaited "Storm" which will shock the world with high-profile arrests and mass exposure of criminal conspiracies? Either way, Trump wins.

Stay tuned.

1. Remember when Trump sent out that strange "Presidential Alert" to every cell phone in the nation? (here) What a way to bypass the Fake News, eh? // 2. Cautious optimism, and pleasant daydreaming: "Attention all Americans: Hillary Clinton has been arrested for child sex trafficking."

Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that Trump just declared a National Emergency.

Boobus Americanus 2: Well, at least he's no longer dismissive this as a hoax. Now is the time for strong leadership.


St. Sugar: Be careful what you wissh for, Boobuss!

Editor: How long ya think Boobuss will survive without ballgames?


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March 12, 2020

NY Times: Putin Endorses Brazen Remedy to Extend His Rule, Possibly for Life

President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia agreed he should be allowed to seek two more terms, if the Constitutional Court approves.


The decade which followed the Globalist-engineered disintegration of the Soviet Union of 1991 was hell-on-Earth for the people of Russia. An entire army of economic hit men, masquerading as "economic advisors," was dispatched from the American Establishment to “help” Russia. Many would actually embed themselves in State offices, from which they would oversee the “shock therapy” and “privatization” schemes which were to soon bring hungry Russians to their knees.

The Wall Street-Harvard-Council on Foreign Relations colonizers found eager criminal collaborators to help them. This class of white-collar criminal came to be known as “The Oligarchs.” The Globalist invaders’ idea of “privatization” was to transfer, all at once and in whole pieces, entire State-owned industries into the hands of these Jewish Oligarch partners. Billions of dollars worth of State resources fell into the clutches of the ruthless gangsters, for pennies on the dollar -- or even for free! The already struggling Russian State found itself suddenly starved of revenue. When the monetary printing presses were turned to full capacity, inflation inevitably followed.

During Yeltsin's presidency, the Oligarchs became influential in politics and played a significant role in financing the re-election of Yeltsin in 1996. With the insider information about financial decisions of the government, the Oligarchs increased their wealth exponentially. A few even furthered their influence by buying up Russian media.

Extreme lawlessness and political corruption reigned in Russia. By the late 1990’s, old pensioners had been wiped out, birth rates were plummeting, vulnerable children and elderly were dying of malnutrition, the Health Care system was deteriorating, alcoholism was running rampant, and suicide rates were spiking. Demographers estimate that as many as 2 million vulnerable Russians died during these dark years.

Understandably, many Russians cursed this bastardized version of “Capitalism” and longed for a return to the old system. In spite of the old Soviet Union’s inefficiencies and modest living standards, no one went hungry. This was not so under the rule of the Oligarchs and their easily manipulated drunken patsy, Boris Yeltsin. There is simply no exaggerating the severity of the Russian collapse. In addition to the rape of Russia’s economy and natural resources, the CIA-NATO war machine and its terrorist proxies were to soon encroach upon the borders of the slowly dying Russian nation, and even within Russian itself.

And then, along came Putin.

“Yanks to the Rescue” ??? Under Yeltsin's reign of drunkenness, incompetence and treason, the CFR boys raped Russia -- and were rapidly proceeding with plans to splinter the nation and swallow up the pieces into the New World Order system.

When the unpopular Yeltsin appointed the then-47 year old intelligence agent to succeed him, neither the Western Globalists nor their Oligarch partners seemed at all concerned. Why should they be? By then, they owned the country and Putin gave no initial indication that he was intending to move against them. Little did (((they))) know that Chess Master Putin was playing "the  long game" by -- to quote from The Godfather II -- keeping his enemies close.

Putin patiently bided his time, eating dirt from both the United States and the Oligarchs until day arrived when he was strong enough to throw many of the domestic traitors in prison, or chase them into exile to the US, UK or Israel. Over the course of 20 years, alternating between President and Prime Minister, his position became strong enough to:

  • Crush the CIA / Deep State Chechen terrorists
  • Chase the CIA / Deep State Georgian military out of Russian-protected provinces
  • Thwart Globo-Zionist designs on Syria
  • Crush CIA / Deep State "ISIS" (with help from Trump)
  • Form his own trade blocs and trade agreements worldwide
  • Suppress domestic CIA / Deep State "protests" (both "liberals" and fake "Nazis")
  • Reclaim Crimea from the clutches of Soros-CIA-Deep State owned Ukraine
  • Marginalize and purge pro-western Atlanticists from key positions ("Draining the Swamp")

And now, for the next act of his amazing journey -- Putin is poised to break free of "constitutional" term-limit restraints imposed under western influence. Leader for Life? Do it, Vlad. Do it!

1. At first, Putin allowed criminal Jewish Oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky to do as he pleased. // 2. When Putin's position became stronger, Khordorkovsky was locked up! // 3. It is only because of Putin's Reign of Righteousness that Syria did not fall.

 As "youse guys" might expect, Putin's pending "authoritarian" extension of his tenure has got the Globalist mouthpieces at "the paper of record" all worked up. The Slimes scribbler whines thusly:

"In finding ways to escape what seemed to be ironclad limits on his tenure, Mr. Putin joined President Xi Jinping of China and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey, authoritarian leaders who have extended their rule."

Now, about this sanctimonious cliche word, "authoritarian" -- The Great One (That's Hitler for you newbies and normies) really nailed the duplicity behind the Globalist word game when he thundered:

"What does democracy or authoritarian state mean for those international hyenas? They don't care at all! They are only interested in one thing! Are you willing to be plundered? Yes or no? Are you stupid enough to keep quite in the process? Yes or no? -- When a democracy is stupid enough not to stand up, then it is good! But when an authoritarian state declares 'you do not plunder our people any longer, neither from the inside or outside.' Then that is bad."

Tell it, Great One. Tell it!

The N.W.O. crowd can whinge and whine all they want, but to no effect because Putin, with the blessing of the Russian people, ain't goin' nowhere anytime soon -- and nor should he.

1-3. Putin - Trump - Xi: "Authoritarians" for peace and sovereignty. // 4. The Great One properly mocked the Fake News of the day and its use of the propaganda slogan, "authoritarian."