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January 26, 2020

NY Times: Doomsday Clock Moves Closest to Midnight in 73-Year History

It's that most frightening time of the year again when the trumpets of holy Mount Olympus summon us all to obedient attention. Hush up and drop to your knees, boys and girls, the "Scientists of Oz,"  whose sacred calling it is to unveil the corny-as-can-be "Doomsday Clock" , have a dire warning for us all -- so dire, in fact, that it ranks as the most serious harbinger of doom in the history of the catastrophic clock:

From the article:

“The keepers of the Doomsday Clock have moved the symbolic countdown to global disaster to the closest point to midnight in its 73-year history, citing “existential danger” from nuclear war and climate change --- from two minutes to midnight to 100 seconds to midnight — a 20-second advance.

Be afraid, boys and girls. Be very afraid. No seriously, this time, it's for real, really.

"Science" has spoken: If the nukes don't fry you, the Climate Bogeyman will burn you ... or freeze you ... or drown you... or blow your house down .. or cause diarrhea (here)!

Back in the day when school children were terrorized with "Duck and Cover" drills, the "Doomsday Clock" was introduced (1947) by Globalist scientists who used it to sell the sheeple on the idea that all nations should one day hand over control of armaments to the U.N. as the only way to avoid "doomsday." Though that radical proposal -- originated by the communist Robert Oppenheimer (cough cough) and cryptically proposed by President Eisenhower during his "Atoms for Peace" speech (here) -- never came to fruition, the fear of "the bomb" was in fact successfully used by the cunning Globalists to expand America's bullying "leadership role in the world" , consolidate "the free world" ; build the framework for today's European Union; expand NATO and implement various power-grabbing U.N. treaties.

With the end of the Cold War, the "Doomsday Clock" , though still "calculated" each year, faded into relative obscurity. But now, thanks to America’s “withdrawal from world leadership” and Trump’s abdication of responsibility for “Climate Change” , the minute-hand of the commie cuckoo-clock has been moved ahead by an additional 20 seconds from 2018’s advance of 30 seconds.

The origin of the "Doomsday Clock" ™ coincided with the "Duck and Cover" idiocy of the 50's & 60's. Then, as now, the purpose was to frighten the weak-minded and the children into accepting Globalism as the only "solution." In the age of Trump, the pathetic game is rapidly losing its effectiveness.

"A worldwide organization cannot insure peace effectively unless it has control over the entire military power of its members."  -- Albert Einstein

Among those engineering the commie calibration for this year's cuckoo-clock were 13 Nobel Lauerates .  The standard three stooges chosen to solemnly present this year's unveiling were “scientist” Rachel Bronson, former U.N. chief Ban Ki Moon, and former California Governor Jerry Brown --- globo-commies all! According to the article, the hysterical Ms. Bronson (president and CEO of the "Bulletin of Atomic Scientists" which puts on this annual circus)  had this to say:

From the article:

“We are now expressing how close the world is to catastrophe in seconds – not hours, or even minutes. It is the closest to Doomsday we have ever been in the history of the Doomsday Clock. We now face a true emergency – an absolutely unacceptable state of world affairs that has eliminated any margin for error or further delay.”

Sadly, the libtarded simpletons who worship Sulzberger’s Slimes are likely to buy such preposterous Globalist bullshit simply because politicized “scientists” are the ones selling it – as if “scientists” are infallible and incorruptible.

Three generations of high and mighty (and oh-so-serious-looking) goof-ball "scientists" have had their cuckoo-clock at minutes (now seconds)-to-midnight for 73 years now. The goofy game is up --- time to find real jobs, professors!

This year's fright-fest adds a new twist which alludes to the Holy Work of countless bloggers like yours truly here  -- namely, "cyber-enabled disinformation campaigns." You see, boys and girls, the one thing that the Globalists never saw coming was the potential networking power of the military project known as ARPANET -- which became the Internet -- and its ability to immediately counter and neutralize the Fake News of the Piranha Press. It is not the physical doom of humanity that concerns these demented devils, but rather, the doom which awaits them if enough normies ever figure out their ghoulish game. So, in a sense, the clock is ticking, but in a positive way from our perspective.

In closing, let us say that we here at The Anti-New York Times hold true men of science in very high regard. However, not all those claiming to be"scientists" are actually practicing real science. Their ignorance can be even more pronounced when they wander off into to matters political and philosophical. Apart from the fact that many of these academic ass-clowns are just well-paid liars, there is also a whole category of “scientists” that fit the observation once made by James Watson – a co-discoverer of the DNA double-helix structure:

“One could not be a successful scientist without realizing that, in contrast to the popular conception supported by newspapers and mothers of scientists, a goodly number of scientists are not only narrow-minded and dull, but also just stupid.”

Tell it, Professor Watson, tell it!

On an unrelated but very interesting note, that’s the same James Watson that the usual suspects blacklisted, drove into poverty and forced to auction off his Nobel Prize for Science because he stated that DNA differences among races impact intelligence and achievement. (here) Fortunately, Russian billionaire and friend-of-Putin, Alisher Usmanov paid $4.8 million for the Nobel medal -- and then promptly returned it to Watson! (here)

1. The contribution to science made by James Watson -- a critic of “stupid scientists” and co-discoverer the double-helix structure of the DNA molecule -- dwarfs that of fools such as Einstein or the "Doomsday Clock" ass- clowns. 2. The winning bidder, Russia's Alisher Usmanov, saved Watson from poverty and then returned the Nobel medal to him. 3. Usmanov is also buddies with Vladimir Putin.

Boobus Americanus 1: I read in today's New York Times that a group of highly distinguished scientists are now so concerned about Trump's climate denial, belligerent rhetoric and abdication of world leadership that they have moved the famous Doomsday Clock to two minutes to midnight.

Boobus Americanus 2: Two minutes to midnight?! Wow! Now that's getting too close for comfort.


St Sugar:  Come here Boobuss! I'll sshove that frickin' clock up your butt-hole!

Editor: That would cause brain damage.


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January 24, 2020

NY Times (Opinion): My New Vagina Won’t Make Me Happy,

And it shouldn’t have to.


WARNING:  A little graphic ...

Getting a new vagina installed, eh there Andy? That's great. Happy for ya dude. (palm to face, shaking head, sighing)

The Slimes' never-ending effort to normalize the abnormal reaches an all-time low with this guest editorial -- and that's really saying something. A time-traveler from even just 10 years ago would probably mistake this for a satirical comedy intended to spoof "trans-genderism" -- but it's real.  Just the madness contained in the opening paragraph alone is all you need to see:

"Next Thursday, I will get a vagina. The procedure will last around six hours, and I will be in recovery for at least three months. Until the day I die, my body will regard the vagina as a wound; as a result, it will require regular, painful attention to maintain. This is what I want, but there is no guarantee it will make me happier. In fact, I don’t expect it to. That shouldn’t disqualify me from getting it."

Lets' have a look at what "Ms." Long Chu is about to have done to the body that God gave him.

1 & 2. The testicles are removed, and the sliced skin of the penis is inverted as a flap preserving blood and nerve supplies, to form a "vagina." A "clitoris" fully supplied with nerve endings can be formed from part of the penis. // 3. I know, grandma. I know.

This is normal? Seriously? This is frickin' normal? Well, "Ms." Long Chu -- in refuting what real doctors and everyday common sense tell us -- sure seems to think so. More madness:

"Many conservatives call this crazy. A popular right-wing narrative holds that gender dysphoria is a clinical delusion; hence, feeding that delusion with hormones and surgeries constitutes a violation of medical ethics."

You see -- it's not the not the cross-dressing, hormone-injecting, breast-implanting, penis-mutilating lunatics who are crazy. No sir. It's us "right-wingers." So reporteth the "paper of record" -- which in so doing, is deliberately spreading the insanity. And what are we to make of these "doctors" who perform such genital abominations on these wretched souls? Would they give a man rabies and distemper shots if he "self-identified" as a dog? Why not? As the Pinko Pope of Poofterdom once controversially quipped when asked about sodomites, "Who am I to judge?"


1. Should a doctor be permitted to give rabies shots to a man who thinks himself a dog? // 2. At least the former First Tranny kept her junk intact, as a sudden gust of airport wind clearly demonstrated for us to see. //  You tell em' -- Big Mike.

It's all well and good to enjoy a hearty laugh at these freaks and to shake our heads in dismay over the growing "tolerance" of this demoniacally deviant derangement. But it's very important that we go one step further by naming the culprits and defining the motive behind this mass madness currently sweeping through the culture and the schools. And that is what differentiates TomatoBubble / RHC from so many other half-truther sites.

The driving economic, "educational," and cultural force behind the LGBT steam-roller is that of the "usual suspects," (cough cough) and for the usual motive; namely, Jewish-Marxist Globalists working 24/7 to confuse, confound, stupefy, alienate, demoralize, degrade, destabilize and soften-up "the masses" in preparation for the final and easy gathering up of the rotted fruits of fallen humanity by The New World Order crime syndicate.

But don't just take our word for it. Hear it from Homo-Obongo's former Vice President, known sex pervert / pedo monster, Demonrat "front-runner" for QFS (Quadrennial Freak Show) 2020, and loyal Globalist operative, Joe Biden -- addressing a group of self-chosenite Demonrats in 2013:

Biden: Jewish Leaders Helped Gay Marriage Succeed

May 22, 2013

"Jewish leaders in the media are in large part responsible for American acceptance of gay marriage, Vice President Biden said Tuesday night.  'I believe what affects the movements in America, what affects our attitudes in America are as much the culture and the arts as anything else,' he said at a Democratic National Committee reception for Jewish American Heritage Month. He cited social media and the sitcom 'Will and Grace,' giving Jews a large part of the credit for both:

'I bet you 85 percent of those changes, whether it’s in Hollywood or social media are a consequence of Jewish leaders in the industry," he said. "The influence is immense, the influence is immense. And, I might add, it is all to the good.'”


In 2017, the same Joe Biden referred to "transgender equality" as being the "civil rights issue of our time." And have no doubt, boys and girls-- the very same greasy bunch that agent Biden had openly thanked for making "same-sex-marriage" possible is also the gang of ghouls who have since accelerated the drive to normalize genital-mutilation, in some cases, at taxpayer expense. In short, "thanks, Jews!" (as always)

Serial groper and filthy pedo-creep Joe Biden openly thanked the Jews of the media and Hollywood for changing public attitudes about sexual insanity.

Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today about a transgender is getting a new vagina next week.

Boobus Americanus 2: Well ... It is his, or rather, her right to do so.


St Sugar: You humanss are frickin' ssick, Boobuss! There iss no depth of depravity that you won't ssink to!

Editor: Hard to argue with the crazed kitty on that one.


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January 23, 2020

NY Times: World Leaders Gather in Jerusalem to Fight Anti-Semitism and Recall Holocaust

The extraordinary meeting, timed to Monday’s 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, heard warnings about the present-day rise in anti-Jewish violence.

The song that never ends about the event that never happened is now approaching the 75th anniversary since its popular release in 1945. In Jerusalem, Presidents and Prime Ministers from far and wide, heads dutifully bowed in solemn reverence, have convened to "recall"  the "liberation" of Bullschwitz and to hear "warnings" about the current rise in "Anti-Semitism ." The kings of Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands, Britain’s Prince Charles and the presidents of Russia (Et tu, Putin. Et tu?), France, Germany, Italy, Ukraine and other nations were all in attendance for the big event in Jerusalem.

Interesting to note and nice-to-hear was the fact that Donald Trump did not attend -- delegating the dirty job to Vice President Mike Pence instead. This adds further weight to our belief that Trump, for all of his overt and strategically necessary Jew / Israel ass-kissing, has dumped Bibi Satanyahoo and, as Q Anon has posted, is secretly at war with the darkest elements of Mossad as well as most of the CIA.

This circus offers us a "teachable moment" about the January 27, 1945 "liberation" of Bullschwitz. That event, so steeped in liquefied bullshit, remains the highly unstable diarrhea-based foundation of the mendacious mythology which continues to endure. We will thus focus today's analysis specifically on that date, and the lies which flowed out of it during the subsequent weeks.

Holohoax / Auschwitz "Remembrance" -- It's all just make-believe!

The retreating Germans had already abandoned Bulschwitz and most of the inmates went, voluntarily, along with them. Evidently, many of the Jews preferred to migrate westward rather than be "liberated" by the Soviets. When the Soviets came upon the already-open campus, they were greeted by about 10,000 remaining inmates -- many of them loyal Stalinists. It was from these Bolshevik bullshitters that subsequent horror stories would be sold to the West.

Stalin's propaganda henchmen who formed "The Extraordinary State Commission" (same greasy gang which later tried to falsely blame the Katyn Forest massacre on the Germans, and other horrible atrocities on the Finns) immediately went to work drafting up a report on Bullschwitz. Mind you, this "investigation" was taking place in Poland -- completely closed to the West and soon to become a Soviet Communist satellite. In other words, with regard to the coming report on Bullshwitz, the world would just have to take "Uncle Joe's" word for it!

1 & 2. Uncle Joe's fairy tales  from Poland were never credible.   // 3. Auschwitz's healthy-looking "survivors" who stayed behind were mostly Communists who would tell Stalin's "investigators" whatever they wanted to hear about "genocide" and "gas chambers" -- yet never mentioning the football fields, orchestras, plays, weddings, births, medical clinics, camp currency, general stores, Red Cross visits and even guard-inmate romances which were all CONFIRMED part of life at Bullschwitz.

Stalin's final report was released a little more than three months later -- at the precise moment in time that Germany was unconditionally surrendering (May 8, 1945) -- thus rendering the suddenly silenced Germans completely unable to deny the felonious fairy tale farted out by "The Extraordinary State Commission" (cue dramatic music). The comedy-writing -- which remains, to this day, the foundation of the official story - is a satire of itself. We reproduce below the key excerpts from an article in that day's New York Times, authored by C L Sulzberger, which summarizes the Soviet pack of lies which were them resold to the American/ European public without neither the slightest trace of skepticism nor critical analysis.

(Your donations allow us to pay for this valuable Slimes archive service. Hint - Hint)

New York Times / May 8, 1945 / Page 12 / Column 5


Soviet Commission Reports Camp was Founded By Himmler

By C L Sulzberger / By Wireless to the New York Times

Moscow, May 7 - More than 4,000,000 persons were systematically slaughtered (Editor's Note: number has since been reduced to 1,000,000, which is also a lie) in a single German concentration camp - that at Oswiecim (Auschwitz) in Poland, near Cracow from 1939 - 1944. The Germans thus accomplished with scientific efficiency the greatest incidence of mass murder in recorded history.

This slaughter exceeds in barbaric intention and method not only the greatest brutalities of such infamous conquerors as Genghis Khan but also surpasses even Germany's own record in previous prize exhibitions at Maldenak, Dachau and Buchenwald.

Such is the miserable tale made public today - on the eve of the official end of the European War - by the Soviet Union's Extraordinary State Commission investigating the extermination center at Oswiecim.....these are the first statistical data of the camp's record.

According to the Soviet Commission, "more than 4,000,000 citizens of the Soviet Union, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia and other countries.....were exterminated at Oswiecim. The methods used were "shooting, famine, poisoning and monstrous tortures."

The report states that gas chambers, crematoria, surgical wards, laboratories and clinics were erected around Oswiecim to accomplish this mass production monstrosity.

.....Public baths were installed for group cyanide poisoning

....The report states that in 1943 the frugal Germans decided to sell the unburned bones to the firm of Schterheim....in addition to the 113 tons of crushed bones, loads of women's hair were sold for industrial purposes.

.....human guinea pigs were kept alive for experimentation. (Editor's Note: The Myth of Dr. Mengele)




Think about it --- An absurd and even comical "Fake News" Soviet report about "gas chambers," "mass shootings" and  Dr. Mengele's "live experiments" is the key pillar of the Fake News/Fake Academia/Hollyweird Auschwitz mythology which endures to this day.

Sugar, who loved riding in the car, used to always say: "Fake Hisstory is the Fake Newss which hass passed into the rearview mirror."

Stalin and his "Extraordinary State Commission" (cue dramatic music) would never lie to us, right?

Of course, besides the "anti-fascist" Communists, there were other powerful factions with great incentive to accept and promote the Soviet report on Bullschwitz at face-value for their own reasons. What a clever way for the Zionists to drum-up sympathy for finally making occupied Palestine a "Jewish State." And from the perspective of the Globalist governments of the United States and the United Kingdom, the Bullscwitz lie was the perfect instrument for preventing, among their own citizens, the sort of post-war historical second-guessing which occurred soon after World War I. Who could ever oppose the sacrifice needed to destroy the monstrous Germans after this?! And speaking of the Germans, what better way to shame this once-great people into eternal docile submission than by brainwashing their youth with eternal guilt over this invented garbage.

And all that, boys and girls, is why (((they))) are "recalling" Bullschwitz down in Jerusalem this week and next.  Oy stinkin' vey!

1. Without the tall tales of Jewish suffering and deaths, Hiroshima Harry Truman could not have been maneuvered into bringing about the "State of Israel" in 1948. // 2. Angie does Auschwitz. The big LIE has kept Germany in a pathetically paralyzed state of self-hatred for 75 years, and counting. 3. Germany's National Football (Soccer) Team forced to grovel at Bullchwitz.

Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that world leaders have gathered in Jerusalem to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz.

Boobus Americanus 2: The world must never forget that Adolf Hitler murdered six million Jews.


St Sugar: Dammit Boobuss! What are tryin' to do? Kill me again?!

Editor: Say 'Hi" to The Great One for me, will ya, baby girl? 


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January 22, 2020

NY Times: Putin the Immortal

The Russian leader is maneuvering to stay in power indefinitely. Why stop there?

By The Times Editorial Board

Andrew Rosenthal (cough cough) -- that shadowy little Wicked Weasel of Oz who poses as “The Times Editorial Board” -- is pontificating about "authoritarianism”   in Russia again. Sulzberger’s ghoulish gaggle of gefilte-gobbling greaseballs were so looking forward to the final departure of Putin in 2024 and the ascendance of a more “moderate” figure like Dmitri Medvedev. But Vlad the Bad’s proposed reforms of a system which was artificially imposed upon Russia during the down-and-out Yeltsin years may mean that Putin will be running the show for as long as he wants to.

The Anti-New York Times dissects, translates and rebuts the latest bit of Luciferian libel from "The Editorial Board."

Be neither afraid nor impressed by all the smoke and noise. It's only a pathetic little word-smith typing out lies from behind the curtain. 

Rosenthal, er, "The Editorial Board" - Old autocrats rarely resign, nor do they just fade away.

Analysis: Rosenthal’s ilk will hypocritically whine about “autocrat” Putin’s long run as President-Prime Minister-President; yet they still worship Franklin Demono Rosenfeld who, had he not died in office at the start of his 4th term, would have been U.S. President for 16 years, and possibly more.

Nor did they complain about “autocracy” when endorsing Killary Rotten Clinton for president in 2016. Two full terms of that filthy harridan, plus the 8 years that she had already misruled America as her husband's "co-President," would have equated to 16 full years of Clinton Family rule.

Rosenthal, er, "The Editorial Board" -  So when Vladimir Putin slipped proposals for a few changes to the Russian Constitution into his annual state-of-the-nation talkathon …

Analysis: What Rosenrectum mocks as Putin’s annual “talkathon” is actually -- for someone who has seen these events with translated subtitles – an annual masterpiece of intelligent and engaging communication coming from a true intellectual with a firm grasp of reality and superior communication skills. Neither Rosenscum nor any of his favorite Demonrats, or even Trump for that matter, could pull off what Vlad the Bad does each year.

Rosenthal, er, "The Editorial Board" -  … followed immediately by the resignation of the entire government…

Analysis: That means that whatever “fifth column” pro-westerners that were operating in the Russian government have been cleansed. Wonderful!

Rosenthal, er "The Editorial Board" - … the presumption was that the president, who is 67, was laying the groundwork to extend his 20-year reign past the expiration of his current term in 2024.

Analysis: If the Russian people love Putin (80% + approval), then what bloody business is it of yours, Mr. Rosenslime, if Putin governs for life?

1. Because he was a Globalist, Roosevelt's  FOUR very "authoritarian" terms were no problem for the NY Slimes.   // 2. Putin's "talk-a-thons" are highly informative and packed with logic. // 3. Putin's extreme popularity and gradual neutralizing of internal traitors has made Russia invulnerable to CIA-Soros "color revolutions."

Rosenthal, er "The Editorial Board" - What he proposed, however, was changing the two-consecutive-terms limit set by the Russian Constitution.”

Analysis: After the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the 1993 “Russian Constitution” was modeled, in large part, after the constitution of Globalist-Marxist France. Given the degree of influence which agents of New York’s Council on Foreign Relations had over Russian politicians like Boris Yeltsin at the time, some degree of western influence was surely at work here. The Constitution -- approved by a referendum mob-vote -- is therefore about as legitimate a document as the post World War I Treaty of Versailles which ruined Germany a century ago.

Rosenthal, er "The Editorial Board" - the last time he pulled a fast one to prolong his stay in power – the infamous office swap with Dmitri Medvedev

Analysis: … “pulled a fast one,” eh Rosenvomit? What do you call 8 years of Bill Clinton and then, years later, another 8 years (almost happened) of Killary Clinton (total of 16 for the duo, which the Slimes supported), when the limit for an American president (post FDR) is just 8 years? Kill & Killary are like those annoying couples at the supermarket express checkout line who pose as strangers while they each purchase the 15 item limit, one after the other.

Rosenthal, er "The Editorial Board" - … Russians took to the streets in indignation

Analysis: No. Not exactly, Rosenfeces. It was only a small minority of CIA assets, urban libtards and paid “protesters” who took to the streets "in indignation.

Rosenthal, The Editorial Board: … What that means for the West is that there will be no change in policy until 2024, and possibly very little after that.

Translation: We’ve lost Russia, and it ain’t comin’ back anytime soon.

***End of rebuttal***

From his unexpected appointment to the presidency of an utterly ruined, traitor-infested, Jewish crime boss-looted, and totally supine Russia on New Year’s Eve 1999 to the present day, the recovery of Russia’s domestic economy and the transformation of the geo-political power balance have truly been astonishing. And Putin’s Russia, now in league with Xi’s China and (behind the scenes) Trump, will only grow stronger.

Well played, Mr. Putin, well played.

1. The Russian Constitution of 1993 is too "western" and leaves Russia vulnerable to subversion. // 2. 1999: The drunken fool and western patsy Yeltsin did one thing right before stepping down with just 3% approval -- he positioned Vladimir Putin as his successor. 3. "The War Against Putin," an amazing saga -- by yours truly -- (Find it here)

Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that Putin wants to stay in power even after his constitutional term is up.

Boobus Americanus 2: Putin is the new Hitler..


St Sugar: Not quite, Boobuss.  I like Putin a lot --- but there'ss only one "Great One."

Editor: I don't think Boobus was trying to be complimentary. 


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January 21, 2020

Marxist Loser King Day

An Editorial by The Anti-New York Times

Yesterday, upon noticing that the local post office was closed, we realized that it was that "time of year again. " Though the birthday of the man-of-the-hour was actually January 15th (1929), the nation government solemnly observed the 91st anniversary of the pooping-out of that holiest of American icons the following Monday.

With the possible exception of comrade Einstein, the "Reverend" "Dr." Martin Luther King -- whom we non-affectionately like to refer to as the Irreverand Marxist Loser King -- has got to be the most puffed-up charlatan of the past 100 years. We can think of no higher (or would that be "lower?") honor to bestow upon this bellowing Bolshevik bum than to judge him according to the very standards he himself set forth in his famous "I Have a Dream" speech of August, 1963.

Preaching poetic platitudes penned for him by his Jewish-Communist handler / ventriloquist, Stanley Levison, (cough cough) the man born "Michael King" (uggggh!) thundered before the quarter-million-strong mob of commies, libtards, anti-Whites and other assorted well-intentioned dupes of every stripe:

"I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character."

Judged by the "content of character," eh Marty? Amen to that preacher! Let us do exactly that with a bullet point review of your Red resume!

"Man of God, my asss! I don't ssmell that dirty red-rat-basstard anywhere up here!"

  • Plagiarized as much as 1/3 of his doctoral thesis at Boston College, including punctuation errors.
  • Attended the Highlander Folk School, a communist-front training academy in Tennessee.
  • Had adulterous sex with countless women and white prostitutes whom he used to "get rough" with. (First Lady Jackie Kennedy was disgusted by MLK's sexual perversion, and referred to him as a "terrible" man.)




1. A FAKE "scholar" -- New York Times, October 11, 1991: "Boston U. Panel Finds Plagiarism by Dr. King" (here) // 2. King attended communist training school // 3. The Daily Mail (UK): "Jackie Kennedy hated Martin Luther King so much she could barely look at photographs of him."  In interviews taped in 1964 but only just released, she said the black civil rights leader was a ‘terrible man’ and a ‘phony.'" She claimed King bragged of being drunk at her husband John F Kennedy’s funeral and had been caught trying to set up an orgy

  • Accused Senator Barry Goldwater, the great conservative and 1964 candidate for president, and his followers of "Hitlerism"
  • Openly associated with known communists, even after President Kennedy had told him to stop.
  • Agitated in favor of the power-grabbing Civil Rights Act of 1964 which, in time, led to legalized discrimination against millions of White job applicants and candidates for promotion -- and has since been expanded to "protect" sodomites, bull-dykes and cross-dressers who demand 'equality."
  • Agitated in favor of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 which guaranteed penniless illiterates and morons the "right" to bloc-vote for communist Democrats. These "rights" have since been extended to include illiterate newly-arrived aliens (legal and illegal), convicts and dead people.

1. The honorable patriot Barry Goldwater was slandered by the beast MLK: “We see danger signs of Hitlerism in the candidacy of Mr. Goldwater.” (King was referring to the "evil" Hitler of Marxist mythology, not the real one that we know and love.) 2. 1964: LBJ signs the Civil Rights Atrocity with MLK at his side 3.1965: LBJ signs the Voting Rights Atrocity, again, with MLK at his side

And so, boys and girls, whether one chooses to judge Marxist Loser King according to his shocking personal vices (prostitute-mongering, serial adultery, sex orgies, slander, plagiarism, demagoguery, cavorting with known Communist Party members, drunkenness etc.), or just by his critical public pressure role in helping to pass two of the absolute worst laws in American history, there is no reason to honor this filthy communist pig just because he was made a martyr by an assassin's bullet. To the contrary, he merits the contempt of all decent Americans, of all colors and creeds.

1 & 2: The ONLY "American" with a Federal "holiday" solely in his honor also has a Washington DC monument now. The pile of petrified cow dung is actually larger than the sculptures of Jefferson and Lincoln. 3. Known communist Stanley Levison (cough cough) was MLK's stage manager and speech writer. He is the one who should get the "holiday" in his name!

1. Nasty gruesome Communist Eleanor Roosevelt presents an award to MLK. 2. MLK accepts an award from Red Rabbi Jacob Rothschild (cough cough) of Atlanta. 3. The "usual suspects" used MLK as a tool to wage war against White gentile America They still are.

Boobus Americanus 1: My bank was closed yesterday for Martin Luther's King's birthday.

Boobus Americanus 2: What a great orator he was.


St Sugar: Orator my asss! He wass nuthin' but  hiss ventrtiloquisst's dummy.

Editor: Levison gave him the words -- Loser King boomed out the vocals.


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January 20, 2020

NY Times: As Libya Descends Into Chaos, Foreign Powers Look for a Way Out

Sulzberger's Slimes -- long the lead vehicle of the Fake News commie convoy -- is notorious for cheer-leading the nation (and the world) into this or that disaster and then, a few years later, whinging and whining about the very same sorry state of affairs which it had so enthusiastically advocated for in the first place.

A few examples:

In August of 1964, the Piranha Press approved of Lyndon Baines Johnson's fateful decision to escalate the Vietnam presence into a full scale war. In the November presidential election of that same year, the Slimes' high & mighty "Editorial Board" even endorsed the bastard. But years later, (((they))) declared the war to be a failure, blamed it on the military, and demanded an end to the war which they helped advertise for.

In 2009, Fake News enthusiastically promoted Obongo's ironically-misnamed "Affordable Care Act." Now, years later, (((they))) declare that the health care is even more unaffordable than ever, blame it on the insurance companies, and demand still bolder new action, including total government takeover.

The same dynamic of promote - criticize - blameshift was observable with NAFTA, the Iraq War, the Afghanistan War, the Obongo "stimulus" recovery scam and now, with regard to Libya. And no matter how many times (((they))) run this same play, the dumb-as-dirt normies -- who obediently gulp down the fecal droppings raining down from the Manhattan Mendacity Factory at 8th Avenue -- can never put two and two together and figure out the Slimes' critical role in bringing about everyone one of these fiascos in the first place!

1. The Slimes went along with LBJ's "Tonken Gulf" false-flag hoax and subsequent escalation of the Vietnam War. Years later, they blamed the military for the disastrous war. // 2. The Slimes went along with Colon Rectum Bowell's deceitful anti-Iraq presentation before the U.N.. Years later, they blamed Republicans for the disastrous war. // 3. The Slimes championed "ObamaCare" while dutifully ignoring the warnings of many well-informed critics of the scheme. Years later, (((they))) blame insurance companies for skyrocketing prices.

Buried deep within this article about the sad state of affairs in formerly stable Libya is this little truth-gem which most of the Slimes' lazy-ass headline readers won't even get to, let alone catch the significance of. From the article:

"Libya has struggled to emerge from chaos since NATO forces ousted the dictator Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi nine years ago. The power vacuum made Libya a tempting target for ambitious foreign powers eyeing its vast oil reserves and long Mediterranean coastline. Its permeable desert borders have also made it a pressure point for the West, as both a haven for extremists and a jumping-off point for thousands of Europe-bound migrants." (Emphasis added)

The article doesn't follow through on that point -- so we will, with some Q & A.

Who is NATO?

Answer: In 2011, NATO, which wrecked Libya, could be defined as the USA under President Barry Obongo, Secretary of State Killary Clinton, and various European Junior partners.

Why was Qaddafi murdered?

Answer: Because both the Globalist and the Zionists wanted him dead -- the former because Qaddafi's Libya did not have a Rothschild controlled Central Bank and wanted to lead Africa into gold-backed currency; and the latter because, among other reasons, he publicly fingered the Israeli Mossad for killing John F. Kennedy.

Which newspaper led the pack in praise of every action and utterance of Black Jesus and the sainted hag Killary?

Answer: The Jew York Slimes!

Which newspaper, for about 25 years, led the pack in routinely vilifying and falsely accusing Qaddafi of various crimes and acts of terror?

Answer: The Jew York Slimes!

It is no exaggeration to say that without the protective cover of the Slimes and other Fake News, (((they))) would not have been able to kill Qaddafi and plunge once-stable Libya into the current state of chaos which the Slimes is now lamenting over. It's quite a trick, ain't it? Dirty lying bastards.


1. Obongo cordially greeted Qaddafi in 2009. All the while, he knew he was going to kill him. // 2. The brutal murder of Qaddafi by CIA-Mossad mercenaries was directed by Obongo & Killary (themselves directed by Rothschild-Soros) -- and it plunged Libya into chaos. // 3. Killary, upon hearing news of Qaddafi's murder, cackled on CBS: "We came. We saw. He died!"

1. The tragedy of Libya -- a product of The Jew York Slimes. // 2. The Soros & CIA-funded African invasion of Europe came mainly through chaotic Libya, after Qaddafi's death.

The 25-year media Fake News smear of Qaddafi -- without which, he'd still be alive today -- includes some of the ugliest libels and slanders ever devised by "the usual suspects." In 1984, (((they))) falsely accused his henchman of gunning down a British police officerette, Yvonne Fletcher. In 1986, (((they))) false accused him of bombing a Berlin Night Club. In 1988, (((they))) falsely accused him of blowing up Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland.

The accumulated false changes stuck in the minds of the mob and left a permanent stink to Qaddafi's name. So, when (((they))) finally murdered the rebellious nationalist leader in 2011, instead of moral outrage there was, incredibly, among most normies, a sense of justice having finally been served! Lies led to murder and murder led to Libya in chaos today -- as Sulzberger's Slimes just keeps chugging along to the next big lie and the next big disaster that will be its consequence.

Uggh!  This is so maddening.

1. The murder of Yvonne Fletcher -- falsely blamed on Qaddafi // 2. The Berlin Disco Bombing -- falsely blamed on Qaddafi // 3. The bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 -- falsely blamed on Qaddafi

Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that Libya has descended into chaos.

Boobus Americanus 2: Well, Qaddafi was a brutal tyrant and a mass murdering terrorist, of course. But he did maintain stability.


St Sugar: And who was it that told you Qaddafi wass "a mass murdering terrorisst," eh Boobuss?

Editor: The very same Jew York Slimes that is now whining about chaos in Libya. That's who!


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January 17, 2020

"Death Squad" Scene from "Operation Finale" / 2018

NY Times: Nazi Death Squads Focus of Latest War Crime Cases in Germany

Rebuttal By

Now that the "Nazi Hunters" have tracked down and imprisoned just about every last surviving nonagenarian "war criminal" even remotely associated with "zee gas chambers" of Bullschwitz and other "extermination camps" , more creative means have been devised for the purpose of moistening the insatiable blood thirst of the "usual suspects."

From the article:

"German prosecutors are investigating a suspected former member of Adolf Hitler's mobile killing squads for involvement in World War II massacres carried out by the "Einsatzgruppen," part of an 11th-hour effort to bring elderly ex-Nazis to justice, The Associated Press has learned.

It's the third case to be opened in Germany recent months targeting individuals who are believed to have been part of the death squads. All three are being investigated under a new legal argument, recently upheld by the country's top criminal court, that someone who helped the Nazi killing machinery run can be convicted of accessory to mass murder, even if they can't be linked to specific deaths."

Look out, you German great grandpas who so valiantly fought in the east and were nowhere even near any of the internment camps! You too could soon be falsely accused of having been a member of a "mobile killing squad." ( Pending)

The Latest Twist on the Holohoax --- Bullets!

1. A scene from the latest Holohoax movie -- "Operation Finale" -- depicts Einsatzgruppen death squads massacring terrified Jewish women and children in trenches below. 2. Museum display (Los Angeles): "Holocaust by Bullets" 3. Museum display (Berlin): "Holocaust of the Bullets"

AP / Slimes: Extending the legal standard on complicity from death camp guards to the Einsatzgruppen raises the possibility of a fresh wave of investigations,

Analysis: "A fresh wave of investigations." You see that?! They can go after any living German veteran they want to now!

AP / Slimes: ... said Efraim Zuroff, the head Nazi hunter at the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Jerusalem, who alerted German authorities about the new suspects.

Analysis: And all it takes is for some nasty Jew to drop a dime on any old German great grandpa he wants to imprison.

AP / Slimes (quoting the Israeli Jew): "It was a very significant decision, but it's only one that has been reaching fruition in recent months after we helped them find now three people who fit the category.

Analysis: Uggh!!! Your raving reporter here is shaking with anger and what The Great One (that's Hitler for all you newbies & normies) referred to as "Holy Hatred" -- and St. Sugar is cussing up a storm over this. Need a break, and a stiff drink. Be right back boys and girls.

1. Self-proclaimed "Nazi Hunter, Efraim Zuroff. -- Just one phone call from this demon will suffice to put any SS or Wehrmacht veteran in a German prison. 2. Oskar Groening is helped into court as he arrives for his trial in 2015. He died just before sentencing, this past March. Zuroff described Groenig's death as "unfortunate" because the old man "escaped" being officially sentenced! (here) 3. The Great One said it best: "Centuries will pass away, but out of the ruins of our towns and monuments the hatred against those finally responsible whom we have to thank for everything, international Jewry and its helpers, will grow." (Final Testament, April 29, 1945)


AP/Slimes: The Einsatzgruppen were the Nazis' opening salvo in the Holocaust — SS units and police personnel who followed behind the regular army as it pushed into the Soviet Union in 1941, slaughtering perceived racial or political enemies in mass executions.

Analysis: Stalin's Bolshevik partisan terrorists (same types who had murdered millions of Russians and ran the gulags) were sometimes executed as war criminals. These were not innocent civilians!

AP/Slimes: Estimates vary, but experts agree ....

Analysis: "Experts agree," eh? (rolling eyes)

AP/Slimes: ... they were responsible for well over 1 million killings.

Analysis: Where are the remains of these "1 million" bullet victims buried in trenches? Hmmm?

AP/Slimes: The Nazis later established their system of death camps partially due to concerns about the psychological effects the up-close mass killings were having on the Einsatzgruppen troops themselves.

Analysis: Makes prefect sense -- because herding, "poison gassing," gathering up mass numbers of dead women and children one by one, and then "cremating" them all must have been sooo much easier on the psyche than firing squads. (rolling eyes)


The Germans switched from bullets to "gas" because it was much easier on the psychology of the soldiers! (Image 2: Scene from Swindler's List)

AP/Slimes: "The death camps and concentration camps ... became the iconic images of the Holocaust, but it was the Einsatzgruppen that were maybe even a more stark manifestation of the Nazi ideology and the Final Solution,"

Analysis: This strategic shift away from "zee gas chambers" ™ towards the Einsatzgruppen "death squads" is also a clever way to keep the inflated number of dead at "6 million" ™. You see, even if they are forced to concede that the "zee gassings" weren't as deadly as previously believed, the numbers can be made up by inventing new "bullet" victims on the eastern front.

AP/Slimes: Zuroff said. "The number of active (Einsatzgruppen) participants is much greater than the number who actually carried out the murders in the death camps."

Analysis: From the devil's own mouth! The new lie is going to lead to a new wave of old men being rounded up and hounded out of their remaining years of life.

AP/Slimes: Though the Wiesenthal Center only has names and dates of birth for 1,069 people who served in the Einsatzgruppen, some estimates suggest the number could be as much as eight times higher, meaning dozens more might be alive.

Analysis: "Dozens more might be alive" --- and then, after hounding these last few dozen "war criminals" to a stress-induced death in imprison, perhaps they will start filing reparations lawsuits against their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren? Don't put it past them. These Sons of Satan are indeed capable of any cruelty.

***End of Analysis***

Also featured in this atrocious article is an ambitious, virtue-signaling German federal prosecutor named Jens Rommel (no relation to General Erwin Rommel) who, on the basis of Jewish "research," has already referred eight very old men to local jurisdictions to face prosecution. Whatever justified hatred we may feel towards the usual suspects who call themselves "chosen," let us "never forget" ™ that were it not for the Jens Rommels and Angela Merkels of Germany, none of these injustices would be possible.

Jews only do what Jews do, but ambitious scum like Jens Rommel and Merkel are the true betrayers of their people (assuming they are not cryptos themselves)

Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that Nazi hunters are now going after members of the mobile firing squad units who started the Holocaust. Experts now estimate that they killed at least one million Jews.

Boobus Americanus 2: Wow. When you add that to the gas chamber victims, that would take the final total up to seven million Jews. Awful.


St Sugar:  Boobuss! You frickin' retard! If a million Jewss had been gunned down in trenchess, the Holohoax museumss of the world would be filled with their boness and artifactss by now!

Editor: That's right, Sugar. Whereas mass graves from the wars against Napoleon have been discovered in the east, not a single mass grave of this "Holocaust by Bullets." But why let logic get in the way of a fairy tale?


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January 16, 2020

Michael T. Flynn, President Trump’s former national security adviser, in 2018 in Washington

NY Times: Michael Flynn Moves to Withdraw Guilty Plea in About-Face After Extensive Cooperation

Rebuttal By

We have maintained all along that the highly public prosecution / persecution of General Michael Flynn is part of an elaborate Q-Anonish ruse designed to launder evidence obtained by military intelligence and filter it into the legal process so that such evidence becomes, well, legal! For Flynn, you see, as former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, "knows where all the bodies are buried."  The fact that he is now "withdrawing his guilty plea" over some minor "process crime" -- after unloading whatever damaging data he had been tasked with unloading -- was to be expected.

From the article:

"President Trump’s former national security adviser Michael T. Flynn moved late on Tuesday to withdraw his guilty plea on charges of lying to investigators in the Russia inquiry, accusing prosecutors of “bad faith” and vindictiveness after they asked a judge to sentence him to prison for backing out of a deal to cooperate with them.

The last-ditch request means that more than two years after first pleading guilty and after spending dozens of hours answering the questions of investigators for the special counsel, Mr. Flynn would take his chances at trial if a judge agrees to grant his motion."

So, in addition to what Flynn already gave "in cooperation," an actual trial will soon enable more discovery as part of his defense. The Flynn move looks like a "twofer."

1. If Flynn was really being abused and persecuted as many on our side have been led to believe, then why did Trump abandon him? Answer: It's all part of the plan. // 2. Flynn's mission was to "cooperate" by helping "wash the fruit of the poisoned tree" -- meaning to take unusable evidence (obtained by military spying)  and make it legal by injecting it into a legal matter. // 3. As head of Defense Intelligence, Flynn, much like former NSA chief Admiral Mike Rogers, has got dirt on many Deep Staters.

One of those little facts which give us big hope for something big being in the works is the fact that Flynn's very outspoken son, Mike Flynn Jr.,  appears to be a full-blown "conspiracy theorist™." In one cryptic tweet from May of 2018, the junior Flynn tweeted:

"You're all going down. You know who you are. Mark my word...."

One year earlier, Flynn the Younger, a member of Trump's transition team at the time, really kicked up a firestorm by citing the "PizzaGate" child-sex-torture scandal as well the Satanic e-mails of Demonrat bigshot, Killary campaign manager and suspected child-sex-monster  John Podesta. Flynn tweeted:

"Until #Pizzagate proven to be false, it'll remain a story. The Left seems to forget #PodestaE-Mails and the many "coincidences" tied to it."

Flynn's PizzaGate tweet drew condemnation from Killary Rotten Clinscum herself (here). Hmmm. Methinks the Fighting Flynns know something -- and might some of that something have already been injected into the legal system, legally, under the cover of something else? We believe so.

1 & 2. Flynn and his boy know about the Pizzagate child-sex-monsters. // 3. Comet Pizza's Homosexual James Alefantis (French for "I Love Children" and suspected pedo-monster Tony Podesta (brother of John) -- who was ruined by Robert Mueller's "anti-Trump" investigation (here).

1. Just one of the MANY sick paintings (a mild one, actually) by one of Tony Podesta's "favorite artists" (his words, here) // 2. Just one of the MANY sick images (a mild one, actually) from the Instagram page of James Alefantis (PizzaGate)

Timed perfectly to coincide with the coming QFS (Quadrennial Freak Show), a lot of interesting developments have been set up (by design) to unfold over the course of the coming months. In addition to the Flynn saga, we have the imminent impeachment hearings which, we maintain, are part of a clever Trump trap that will blow up in the Demonrats' ugly faces. Sometime this Summer, the Epstein civil trial is set to begin. Will we learn the names of the "elite" who visited his island and exploited the young girls (and boys?) of that wicked Mossad blackmail agent?

Spring / Summer 2020 should also bring to public knowledge damaging revelation from investigator John Huber and prosecutor John Durham. And what might Attorney General William Barr be cooking up as an October Surprise? We have a feeling that Trump and the "White Hats" are engineering the chronological flow of "The Plan" in such a manner as to inflict maximum destruction upon the Demonrat Party in the November election. Cautious optimism remains our official position --- but it sure is starting to look like a mighty blow of historic proportions against the Globalist Deep State is being set up for 2020.


The investigations of Huber -- Durham and Barr continue to plow away -- without leaks! What shock waves, if any, will  their respective final products send throughout America and the world?

Boobus Americanus 1:   I read in the New York Times today that Trump's former National Security Adviser took back his guilty plea.

Boobus Americanus 2:  That's weird. Why didn't he just plead not guilty in the first place?


St Sugar: All part of the plan, Boobuss.

Editor: "The Plan" has more twists and turns than any spy novel ever written.


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January 15, 2020

Students demonstrated Friday in Beijing against a change in leadership of a Marxist group at Peking University

NY Times: Students Defiant as Chinese University Cracks Down on Young Communists.

Rebuttal By

A while back, a popular TomatoBubble/ANYT stand-alone, open-to-the-public editorial titled, "An Englishman in China" (here) triggered a big response from "youse guys" -- about 90% of it positive. The few dissenters, however, ripped into yours truly pretty hard -- suggesting that TB/ANYT had suddenly gone soft on Communism, or somehow forgotten the bloody history of Communist China under Mao Tse Tung. One well-intentioned gentleman even demanded that an "apology" be issued to the readers!

"The Editorial Board" has said it many times before and will repeat again now: China's retention of the term "Communist" and its propping-up of the image of Mao are just empty gestures -- a necessary bowing to the old mythology that is no different that Russia's continued honoring of "The Great Patriotic War," or, for that matter, left-leaning America's empty honoring of Washington, Madison, Jefferson and the 4th of July. Look at the substance, boys and girls -- not the symbolism.

Now, this article about China's crackdown on Marxist college students, illustrates and confirms what we are saying, specifically, that China's stunning advancement is the direct consequence of market-oriented / culturally conservative fascism -- not "Communism." Indeed, somewhere deep in the pit of Hell, Mao is getting a double-dose of agony by witnessing this. Not surprisingly, in regard to this tussle between the "young Communists" and the Chinese fascist government under Xi Jinping, Sulzberger's Slimes is siding with the radical Maoist "social justice warrior" commies.

Let's analyze a few excerpts:.


1 & 2. Be not alarmed by China's Communist Party label, Red symbolism, and images of Murderous Mao hanging in public squares and on its currency. Old entrenched myths are often, out of necessity, appropriated for new causes. In reality, after Mao's death in 1976, a faction of true reformers outmaneuvered the hard-core Maoists in a bitter internal struggle. // 3. Xi Jinping was a young man at the time who later rose through the ranks of reformist, pro-business China. Xi is a fascist (a complement) not a "Communist."

Slimes: "Students at one of China’s most prestigious universities denounced the government’s efforts to crush a student-led campaign for workers’ rights ..... More than a dozen students from Peking University in Beijing, in a rare rebuke of authority, protested Friday on campus to draw attention to the university’s attempts to punish students for taking part in the campaign. The students are part of a small but tenacious group of young communists using leftist ideology to shine a light on labor abuses across China and to call for better protections for the working class."

Analysis: Typical Alinsky tactics. The "students" ™ are using "labor rights" ™ in their pathetic attempt to undermine the government.

Slimes: The students have put the government in an awkward position because they are invoking the teachings of Mao, Marx and Lenin, which President Xi Jinping has championed, to point to problems in Chinese society including inequality, corruption and greed.

Analysis: You see that! The commie "students" know that Xi's lip-service to Mao, Marx and Lenin is not sincere. Xi's "Communist Party" is not interested in state-imposed Marxist "equality" ™. His goal is the progress and advancement of his people, and he's smart enough to know that a private property driven market -- in spite of its unequal outcomes -- is the surest way to unleash the creativity and industriousness of a population.

Slimes: Peking University officials moved swiftly to contain Friday’s protest, holding the students in classrooms and keeping them through the night for questioning, activists said. They were released on Saturday morning.

Videos posted online by students showed security guards shoving protesters and teachers grabbing students.

Analysis: Good for China, but this version might also be embellished by the "young Communists" as a way of gaining western sympathy.

Slimes: The stern reaction by the authorities reflects the party’s deep anxieties about the young communists.

Analysis: "Deep anxieties?" Keep dreaming! Xi is very popular among young people. Unlike the Red-infested universities of America and Europe, these Marxist malcontents constitute a tiny minority --- but you wouldn't know it from the way the Slimes portrays the situation.

Slimes: The party has long feared student-led protests, especially since the 1989 pro-democracy movement, which had deep student involvement and was crushed in a bloody crackdown around Tiananmen Square.

Analysis: The exaggerated "massacre" at Tiananmen Square was forced by the CIA-Soros rent-a-mobs. After the crackdown, George Soros' (cough cough) organizations in China were kicked out.

Slimes: “They don’t want to take any chances about students organizing politically,” said Eli Friedman, a labor scholar at Cornell who in October suspended an exchange program with Renmin University in Beijing because of the recent crackdown.

Analysis: Imagine that. An Ivy League egghead named "Friedman" (cough cough) stirring up shit with another country. We're shocked.

The amazing economic and cultural progress of nationalist China is not to Professor Friedman's liking. The Cornell Commie sides with the young Maoists instead.

Slimes: The protest on Friday came after Peking University officials tried to block a Marxist student group from organizing a celebration for Mao’s 125th birthday. On Wednesday, the president of the group, Qiu Zhanxuan, was taken in for questioning by security officials.... In celebrating Mao’s birthday this week, for example, they sang socialist anthems and chanted slogans like “Long live Chairman Mao! Long live the working class!”

Analysis: We don't know the full context here because, well, this is The Slimes reporting. But it does seem like China, little by little, is beginning to downplay some of the old Communist symbolism. The Mao persona itself is being co-opted in order to adapt the old mythology for the new era. And that's got the hard-core purist Marxist-Maoists pissed.

Slimes: The university did not respond to requests for comment on Friday.

Analysis: Evidently, "the university" doesn't give a rat's ass about what a greasy gang of Manhattan Jews has to say about its alleged maltreatment of a small handful of "young Communist" scum. Good for Peking U.!

Slimes: “The message is clear,” said Patrick Poon, a researcher at Amnesty International in Hong Kong. “No one can avoid control, even the Marxists.”

Analysis: The mere fact that the Globalist criminals of the Soros/CIA "Amnesty International" are propagandizing in favor of the young Maoists and against Xi's regime, is alone evidence that the "Englishman in China" was right --- and that a few of "youse guys" owe TB/ANYT a wee-little apology. (But in light of how PayPal & & YouTube & Amazon & FakeBook have so badly damaged our financial standing, we'll settle instead for a few much-needed shekels, wink,wink-- here)

1. Soros is a funder of the anti-China Amnesty International -- which is also siding with the "young Communists."

2 & 3. Notice the difference between China's 18th National Party Congress (2015) and the 19th National Party Congress (2018)? The traditional communist hammer & sickle was replaced with 5-stars.

Boobus Americanus 1:   I read in the New York Times today that Communist China is cracking down on Communists.

Boobus Americanus 2:  (scratching head): I'm confused.

Boobus 1: Me too.


St Sugar: Boobuss, you were born confussed, and sstupid as a frickin' rock too! Xi Jinping iss a "CINO."

Editor: Communist-In-Name-Only. Good one, baby girl.


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January 14, 2020

NY Times: F.D.R. Got It. Most Democrats Don’t.


Rebuttal By

Ironically, the persistent economic mythology of the deceitful tax & spender Franklin Delano Rosenfeld rescuing America from The Great Depression (which his Jewish banker political handlers deliberately engineered in order to get him elected in 1932)  is much easier to sell today than it was during FDR's time. Today's and even yesterday's students of Fake History have never learned what everyone who lived through that period could see firsthand -- namely, that two full terms (8 years) into FDR's reign of ruin, the economy was still in dismal condition. Indeed, the 1938 Congressional midterm election was a backlash massacre -- with FDR's Democrats losing 72 seats in the House, and 7 in the Senate, and 12 state governorships. Hmmm. Evidently, many people who had voted for FDR in 1932 & 1936, after 6 full years of New Deal scammery, didn't seem too excited about the "progress."

But why allow facts to get in the way of a warped and demented political-economic ideology? From the article:

"Since taking office in 1933, Roosevelt hadn’t only rescued the country from the Great Depression. He had made sure that the country knew he had rescued it. His projects were big, tangible and unmistakably the work of the federal government. The projects changed how Americans thought about government." (emphasis added)

Note the word, "tangible." You see, boys and girls, the beneficiaries of government spending are always tangible. The victims of that same wasteful spending are intangible.




1. The con-man sold his tyrannical and counter productive schemes as "public welfare."// 2 : But after 6 years of empty promises, an anti-FDR backlash led to a disastrous Congressional election for the Demonrats in 1938.  // 3. "Planned Economy ... or Planned Destruction" --  1934 cartoon mocks the New Deal for wasting resources. Figures resembling Stalin and Trotsky look on in approval.

Either by ignorance or by design, the writer, David Leonhardt (cough cough), in praising FDR's make-work projects, falls into what 19th Century French economist Frederic Bastiat dubbed as "The Broken Window Fallacy." Forget about ever re-educating the dogmatic econo-eggheads of Academia about basic macro-economics. But methinks "youse guys" would surely appreciate the simple logic behind Bastiat's "Parable of the Broken Window" (From "That Which Is Seen and That Which Is Not Seen"). It's a timeless classic -- very short and sweet too. Here it is:

"Have you ever witnessed the anger of the good shopkeeper, James Goodfellow, when his careless son has happened to break a pane of glass? If you have been present at such a scene, you will most assuredly bear witness to the fact that every one of the spectators, were there even thirty of them, by common consent apparently, offered the unfortunate owner this invariable consolation – "It is an ill wind that blows nobody good. Everybody must live, and what would become of the glaziers (glass cutters / installers) if panes of glass were never broken?"

Now, this form of condolence contains an entire theory, which it will be well to show up in this simple case, seeing that it is precisely the same as that which, unhappily, regulates the greater part of our economical institutions.

Suppose it cost six francs to repair the damage, and you say that the accident brings six francs to the glazier's trade – that it encourages that trade to the amount of six francs – I grant it; I have not a word to say against it; you reason justly. The glazier comes, performs his task, receives his six francs, rubs his hands, and, in his heart, blesses the careless child. All this is that which is seen.

But if, on the other hand, you come to the conclusion, as is too often the case, that it is a good thing to break windows, that it causes money to circulate, and that the encouragement of industry in general will be the result of it, you will oblige me to call out, "Stop there! Your theory is confined to that which is seen; it takes no account of that which is not seen."

It is not seen that as our shopkeeper has spent six francs upon one thing, he cannot spend them upon another. It is not seen that if he had not had a window to replace, he would, perhaps, have replaced his old shoes, or added another book to his library. In short, he would have employed his six francs in some way, which this accident has prevented."

Tell it, Monsieur Bastiat. Tell it!

1: With simple logic, Bastiat fought the same liars and idiots that we are up against today. // 2. Broken windows are good for the economy? That is essentially what modern-day "Keynesians" teach.

The lesson is this: Money taken from taxpayers to inject into one sector of the economy deprives another sector of the economy of that same investment. And if the "public" expenditure does not add to the net wealth (GDP), society is actually poorer because of the transfer scheme. (An exception to this would be if the money is invested in critical infrastructure that has long term economic benefits -- such as Hitler's Autobahn Highway system).

Bastiat's clear, concise and passionate writings were penned at a time when many French "intellectuals" were becoming smitten with Marxist-style foolishness. His books are essential and understandable reading for free-market / sound currency liberty lovers. It's a damn shame that most of today's economics majors will never be exposed to Bastiat.

In closing, getting back to the subject of FDR and his failed New Deal, we quote another brilliant economist (and statesman, philosopher, leader, architect, artist, speaker, writer etc) -- The Great One of Germany (that's Hitler for all you newbies and normies).

December 11, 1941 // Excerpts of Speech Before the Reichstag:

"After the war, while Mr. Roosevelt tested his skills in financial speculation in order to profit personally from the inflation, that is, from the misfortune of others, I still lay in a military hospital along with many hundreds of thousands of others. Experienced in business, financially secure and enjoying the patronage of his class, Roosevelt then finally chose a career in politics. During this same period, I struggled as a nameless and unknown man for the rebirth of my nation, which was the victim of the greatest injustice in its entire history.

The powers that supported Mr. Roosevelt were the same powers I fought against, out of concern for the fate of my people, and out of deepest inner conviction. The "brain trust" that served the new American president was made up of members of the same national group that we fought against in Germany as a parasitical expression of humanity, and which we began to remove from public life.

And yet, we also had something in common: Franklin Roosevelt took control of a country with an economy that had been ruined as a result of democratic influences, and I assumed the leadership of a Reich that was also on the edge of complete ruin, thanks to democracy. There were 13 million unemployed in the United States, while Germany had seven million unemployed and another seven million part-time workers. In both countries, public finances were in chaos, and it seemed that the spreading economic depression could not be stopped.

From then on, things developed in the United States and in the German Reich in such a way that future generations will have no difficulty in making a definitive evaluation of the two different socio-political theories. Whereas the German Reich experienced an enormous improvement in social, economic, cultural and artistic life in just a few years under National Socialist leadership, President Roosevelt was not able to bring about even limited improvements in his own country.

This task should have been much easier in the United States, with barely 15 people per square kilometer, as compared to 140 in Germany. If economic prosperity is not possible in that country, it must be the result of either a lack of will by the ruling leadership or the complete incompetence of the men in charge. In just five years, the economic problems were solved in Germany and unemployment was eliminated. During this same period, President Roosevelt enormously increased his country's national debt, devalued the dollar, further disrupted the economy and maintained the same number of unemployed.

The New Deal legislation of this man was spurious, and consequently the greatest error ever experienced by anyone. If his economic policies had continued indefinitely during peace time, there is no doubt that sooner or later they would have brought down this president, in spite of all his dialectical cleverness. In a European country his career would certainly have ended in front of a national court for recklessly squandering the nation's wealth. And he would hardly have avoided a prison sentence by a civil court for criminally incompetent business management.

Many respected Americans also shared this view. A threatening opposition was growing all around this man, which led him to think that he could save himself only by diverting public attention from his domestic policies to foreign affairs."

*** End of excerpt***

Tell it boss. Tell it!


1: You'll never find the text of The Great One's post-Pearl Harbor Speech (quoted above) in modern textbooks. Why is that? // 2: By 1937, Germany had achieved full employment with rising wages. // 3: Meanwhile, in FDR's USA, unemployment stood at 17%

So many great Hitler speeches can be found in "Mein Side of the Story," by M S King


Boobus Americanus 1:  I read in the New York Times today that Democrats need to get back to FDR's vision if they are to be successful.

Boobus Americanus 2:  Those are some mighty big shoes to fill. FDR got us out of the Great Depression.


St Sugar: Wrong again, Boobuss. FDR's communisst schemess actually prolonged the Great Depresssion .

Editor: Fake History is the Fake News which has passed into the rear-view mirror.


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January 13, 2020

NY Times: In Blow to Beijing, Taiwan Re-elects Tsai Ing-wen as President

Rebuttal By

We here at "The Editorial Board" of The Anti-New York Times (St. Sugar and me) do not profess to be experts on the domestic politics of Taiwan, aka, The Republic of China. Yet, all it took for us to discover everything we needed to know about Ms. President Tsai Ing-wen was less than 60 seconds of Internet searching. Here's all "youse guys" need to understand about the unmarried, childless, libtarded shrew who now nannies over the rapidly degenerating / depopulating island nation of Taiwan.

1. Represents the "Democrat Progressive" Party of Taiwan -- itself part of the "Pan Green" coalition

2. Holds a degree from Cornell University in New York State

3. Holds a Phd. from Rothschild's "prestigious" London School of Economics and Political Science

4. Opposes China's sensible proposal to reunite under a "one country, two political systems" arrangement

5.  Supports LGBT filth and brought same sex "marriage" to Taiwan (first Asian country to do so)

6.  Promotes Global Warming / Climate Change Hoax

7.  Is a darling of the American Fake News / Piranha Press

Enough said.


1. Puff-piece cover story in Slime Magazine -- That alone proves that she is no good! // 2 : Under the Globalist Ms. Ing Wen, Taiwan became the first Asian nation to surrender to the abomination of "same sex marriage."  // 3. The "authoritarian" nationalist social conservative Xi Jinping of China represents everything that Leftist "western wannabee" scum such as Ms. Ing Wen despise.

This story provides us with a "teachable moment"   for addressing an interesting yet mostly forgotten historical question - namely, what is this controversy about "one China" vs "two Chinas" all about? Like so many other of the world's hot spots and problem areas, this situation was engineered by the Globalists -- specifically, traitors such as Hiroshima Harry Truman's Secretary of States from New York's notorious Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) -- George Marshall and Dean Acheson. Providing important intellectual cover for their treason was CFR "scholar," Owen Lattimore (now known to have been a secret Communist), The New York Slimes and The Washington Compost.

1: The traitor George Marshall (2nd from left), as Special Envoy to China and later as Secretary of State, was among the handful of US Globalists who deliberately engineered the fall of China to Stalin's agent, Mao Tse Tung (on right) // 2. The "two Chinas" controversy remains a challenge because the US is committed to the "defense" of Taiwan.

During World War II, China's American-allied Nationalist government (led by Chiang Kai Shek) and China's Stalin-allied Communist rebels (led by Mao Tse Tung) put aside their differences (at least partially) and focused on fighting the Japanese. Unbeknown to Chiang, Franklin Demono Rosenfeld and the gang of Communist moles who accompanied him to the historic Yalta Conference in February of 1945 were already planning to betray him and hand disputed Manchurian (Northern Chinese) ports -- which Chiang thought China would get from Japan -- over to Joe Stalin's jurisdiction upon completion of the war. The "price" that Stalin had to pay to get his foot in Manchuria was to break his non-aggression treaty with Japan, and join the war in Asia no later than 90 days after the end of the war in Europe which was rapidly coming to an end. The deal also stipulated that the US would supply hundreds of boatloads of additional arms to help the Soviet effort in Asia.

True to his word, (heavy on the sarcasm there) Stalin joined the war exactly 90 days after Victory in Europe Day, on August 9, 1945 -- the same day as the 2nd atomic bomb was dropped on Japan, an already defeated nation that has been trying to negotiate a surrender. "Thanks Joe! We couldn't have done it without ya!" (extra heavy on the sarcasm there.) Faced with the dreadful prospect of firebombs and atomic bombs raining down upon their defenseless cities and a Soviet declaration of war, Japan had no choice but to surrender unconditionally. Soon afterwards, the Soviets opened up their strategic Manchurian ports and supplied free American-made arms to Mao's boys. Captured Japanese munitions depots were also turned over to the Reds.

1: At the 1943 Cairo Conference, FDR & Churchill promised Chiang that China would get Manchuria after the war with Japan ends. // 2: But at the 1945 Yalta Conference in Crimea (USSR), the two slimeballs, behind Chiang's back, agreed to give those key Manchurian ports to Stalin! // 3: In August of 1945, Mao (l) and Chiang (r) set their difference aside to toast to Japan's defeat. Poor Chiang -- who had foolishly waged war against Japan at FDR's behest -- had no idea what his "allies" had in store for China.

The years between 1945-1949 witnessed further betrayals of Chiang's Nationalists by the US State Department. Under the protective cover of NY Slimes & DC Compost puff-pieces about the "agrarian reformer" Mao and the "corrupt" Chiang, the Globalists / Communists at State tilted the playing field towards Mao. Thanks to a US arms embargo, the Nationalists began to run low on ammunition as the Reds remained Soviet-supplied. In 1948, Congress voted $125 million in military aid to Chiang. The Communist-infested Truman administration responded by delaying the aid with bureaucratic "red tape" for 9 months. During that time, China collapsed and the demoralized Nationalists escaped across the Taiwan Strait to the Chinese island of Formosa, which became known as Taiwan, or "free China."

In a 1950 speech, the great Senator Joseph McCarthy (R-WI) minced no words in talking about the tragedy that had just befallen China. Speaking of the scum in the Truman's State Department, McCarthy stated:

"Communists and queers have sold 400 million Asiatic people into atheistic slavery, and have the American people in a hypnotic trance, headed blindly toward the same precipice."

Did St. Joe nail that prediction, or what?!

Saint Joseph McCarthy of Wisconsin sacrificed his life (apparently poisoned at age 49) in exposing the 'Communists and queers" who were subverting America. His speech on the Senate floor, later published as "America's Retreat From Victory," ripped the "war hero" George Marshall to shreds for "losing China."

Chaing's Taiwan became free and prosperous as Mao's mainland descended into genocide and remained relatively backward for decades to come. And that, dear reader, is why many (not all) of the folks in Taiwan say that there are "two Chinas," while the mainland Chinese insist that there is only "one China."

From our perspective, though we are sympathetic to "One China," this is a matter for the Chinese people to resolve, not America. Given the ironic fact that the modern incarnation of "Communist China" is now so pro-business, pro-tradition, pro-religion and pro-peace that Chiang would actually like it, while Mao wouldn't even recognize it, the "two Chinas" should reunite with Taiwan retaining a degree of autonomy -- as is the case with Tibet and Hong Kong. America's interference in Asia has caused enough harm. And to this day, the Soros / CIA Deep State maintains a hand in keeping the two Chinas apart.

Boobus Americanus 1:  I read in the New York Times today that Taiwan re-elected a President who opposes reunification with mainland China.

Boobus Americanus 2:  I never quite understood how this one-China / two-China controversy came about.


St Sugar: It's very ssimple, Boobuss Boyss. The ussual ssuspectss have f***d-up every region that have ever touched around the world.

Editor: Darn straight, Sugar baby! And not by accident either.


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January 11/12 Weekend, 2020

Crisis actor?


NY Times: (Letters) President Trump responsible for 176 deaths, along with the Iranians.

NY Times: Iran Says It Unintentionally Shot Down Ukrainian Airliner

NY Times: Canada's Trudeau Says He Wants Full Investigation Into Plane Crash

Rebuttal By

Do "youse guys" remember when a Malaysian Airliner was shot down (or was it a hoax shoot-down?) over Ukraine in July 2014? In unison, the worldwide Piranha Press pinned the blame on the Big Bad Putin in an obvious effort to trigger a NATO vs Russia War. In case you forgot, here are some images:


1. 2014: MH Flight 17 -- the images look sort of hoaxy. // 2 & 3: A failed "Deep State" attempt to blame Putin and trigger war with Russia.

Do you "youse guys" remember when a Russian Airliner was shot down (or was it a hoax shooting?) over the Sinai in Egypt in October 2015? The CIA-Mossad creation known as "ISIS" took credit for it as the worldwide Piranha Press called for direct US-NATO involvement in Syria -- in order to "fight ISIS" (code for overthrowing Assad). In case you forgot, here are some images:


1. 2015: Metrojet A321 -- again, kind of hoaxy looking. // 2. Blown up by an "ISIS" soda-can-bomb smuggled on board -- ha ha ha ha // 3. If the scary ISIS man in black pajamas said that he did it --- well --- it must be true, right?

Going back in time, there were other such cases in which the Deep State blew up airplanes in an effort to trigger a war or a bombing. There was Pan Am 103 in 1988 (falsely blamed on Qaddafi) and UTA 772 in 1989 (also falsely blamed on Qaddafi). There was TWA 800 in 1996 (blamed on "mechanical failure" when it was probably the Israelis). The moral of these stories is? Answer: The recent crash or fake crash in Iran was the work of the Deep State -- not the Iranians.

Adding further weight to our belief knowledge that Trump and the Iranians -- behind the strategic huffing & puffing, economic sanctions, fake "assassinations" and harmless missile exchanges (here) --  are actually working together (along with the Russians) to avoid the war which the worried Deep State is out to incite, is the fact that Trump wasted no time at all in suggesting that the alleged shoot-down of PS 752 (Ukraine) was "a tragic mistake." But now that "international pressure" is mounting, Trump, out of strategic necessity,  has upgraded to "having suspicions."

Trump's position stands in sharp contrast to the false accusations of the despicable Globalist traitor, Justine Trudeau of Canada -- who would have us to believe that the alleged incident was a deliberate act. That's because the Globalists want a war -- any war -- so that they can blame Trump for it as they divert from the ongoing investigations into Biden, Clinton, Kerry, Obongo and even Soros himself. Yet at every turn, Trump and the patriots have them checked.

Think people, think! It's very obvious now. If Trump was truly out to attack Iran for the sake of the shitty little state of Israel; then this airplane nonsense would have afforded him the perfect pretext. But instead, as he did after the Deep State attack on the U.S. embassy, Trump once again defused the situation. There will be no war.


1. Pan Am 103 was blamed and Qaddafi. The decades-long vilification of the Libyan leader finally enabled Obongo & Killary to murder him in 2011. // 2. The demonic Trudeau of Canada is blaming Iran for this latest Deep State event. // 3. "Rising Tensions," eh? --  Everybody just relax and enjoy the show --- because that's all that it is.

1. Iran Plane Crash Vigil in Toronto, Canada: They sure do put together these vigils and photo collages quick, don't they? // 2. How staged and corny can it get? A little girl's single red shoe, standing on its sole. (red shoes are also a child-sex-monster symbol)

Boobus Americanus 1:  I read in the New York Times today that Trudeau of Canada has evidence that Iran deliberately shot down that passenger jet.

Boobus Americanus 2:  This horrible tragedy is all Trump's fault for over-reacting.


St. Sugar: Don't cry, Boobuss. It was all fake.

Editor: I was thinking the same thing -- the bizarre wreckage photos, the teary-eyed crisis-actors, the instant flowers and cheesy vigils popping up so quick etc..


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January 10, 2020

Washington Examiner: New York Times Columnist Suggests QAnon Downloaded Child Porn via His Computer Connection

Rebuttal By

It doesn't surprise us in the slightest to learn that the computer connection of Little Paulie Krugman (cough cough) of the Jew York Slimes has been downloading child pornography. As a hyped up "Pulitzer Prize winner"   and "Nobel Prize (economics) winner", that type of filthy stuff is to be expected from the "elites" -- indeed, almost "normal" for that greasy bunch.

What's interesting to note here is that Krugman himself called attention to this matter by "alerting the Times" of the alleged "hacking" of his system. Was it really a hack-job by a Q Anon follower as he speculates? (Don't look at me. I'm still trying to master Microsoft Word!) Or did Little Paulie just act preemptively because he sensed he was under suspicion? Who can be sure? But we'd be willing to bet a Manhattan bagel that it was him.


"Well, I’m on the phone with my computer security service, and as I understand it someone compromised my IP address and is using it to download child pornography," he tweeted Wednesday. "I might just be a random target. But this could be an attempt to Qanon me. It’s an ugly world out there."

1. Krugman protested his innocence before anyone had even heard that his IP address had downloaded child pornography. // 2. Krugman's suggestion that the event may be Q-Anon-orchestrated actually brings more attention to the Q phenomenon which -- for a "baseless conspiracy theory" --  sure is drawing more and more condemnation from the Fake News these days.

Degenerate reprobates with an inclination to prey upon children can be found in all races and ethnic groupings. Yet whether Krugman is innocent or not (we really think not), this story does offer us an excellent "teachable moment"   about the grossly disproportionate involvement of members of a certain "tribe" in this sort of predatory perversion. 

One notable historic case, among sooo many, was that of factory owner Leo Frank (cough cough) who, in 1913, raped and brutally murdered 13 year old Mary Phagan in Atlanta. The "usual suspects" (many from New York) protested vehemently that Frank was innocent and thus were able to spare him of the death penalty. But the good ol' boys of Georgia weren't havin' any of that. They stormed the prison and then lynched Lecherous Leo from a tree -- an act of "anti-Semitism" which led to the founding of the highly defamatory Anti-Defamation League.

1. Leo Frank raped 13-year old Mary Phagan, strangled her to death with a wire, and then tried to frame a Black employee for the crime. // 2. When men were men! Leo Frank was snatched from his prison cell as guards "looked the other way." The righteous mob then lynched him and took photos // 3. The ADL was formed to make sure that "innocent" Jews like Leo Frank never get "falsely accused" again. The true mission of the ADL is to silence critics of Marxism / Globalism by denouncing them as "anti-Semites."

Much more recently and closer to home, we have this story about Rabbi Jonathan Skolnik (cough cough) from the Jewish Daily Telegraph (September 2019):

"Administrator at NY Jewish Day School Arrested for Production of Child Pornography" (here)

The rancid Rabbi, a school principal,  was sexually abusing Jewish students at his own "elite" school and producing porn with the images. That same story tells of an earlier abuse scandal at the same school involving an elderly teacher named Stanley Rosenfeld (cough cough) who later admitted to abusing hundreds of boys over the course of his adult lifetime! We can only wonder how many of those Jewish boys later grew up to repeat onto others what was done to them.

Then, of course, there is the still-unfolding saga of Mossad operative Jeffrey Epstein (cough cough), his girl procurer, Ghislane Maxwell (cough cough) and their evil island for the high & mighty only. Oh we just can't wait to find out what will come out of this summer's trials regarding that case!

Unconfirmed allegations of child-sex abuse have also been directed at Congressman Adam Schiff (cough cough), Harvard Law Prof Alan Dershowitz (cough cough), Film Directors Steven Spielberg (cough cough) and Carl Reiner (cough cough) -- and many others of the Tribe. So, for anyone wondering where the invisible force behind all manner of sexual depravity which has been flooding the West is coming from -- all you have to do is look upward and follow the Star of David toward the predatory "elites" (cough cough) who dominate Hollyweird, the Fake News and Academia.

Is Little Paulie Krugman actually a pedo-monster too, or really a victim of "Q Anon?" What do "youse guys" think?

1. Skolnick (cough cough) preyed upon his own Jewish students and produced child-porn with the images. // 2. Lusty-looking Adam Schiff (cough cough) tweeted this image of himself with a Haitian baby. // 3. It has been alleged that the type of child abuse which took place on Jeffrey Epstein's (cough cough) Island included Satanic ritual killings.